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Sinobaler Blog

Blog is a discussion or information site for waste recycling world especially for baler machines. Sinobaler as a baler manufacturer pioneer affords vertical balers and horizontal balers for different waste material baling requirements. This blog aims to share our all kinds of baling solutions for waste recycling world. Share or comment your ideas with us from here.

Strapping is an essential part of baling process. There are two basic substrates used for strapping material, plastic and steel. From these two substrates, a number of different strapping products have been developed to meet a wide variety of packaging requirements. Steel is the most traditional and highest strength strapping. It is used to bear […]
How do you deal with the old shoes that you are no longer wearing? Throw away?Actually almost all the old shoes can be recycled or reused. There are many benefits to recycle and reuse the old shoes. For example: firstly, you can use the old shoes to make into a new product such as flowerpot […]
Automatic Drum Crusher ( also called auto barrel crusher ) is a newly developed baling machine  designed by SINOBALER engineering team. It is designated for crushing or flattening metal container/drum/barrel up to 58 gallon or 220 Liter size. Compared to traditional Drum Crusher which requires operator to manually load drum or barrel into baling machine and then discharge the […]
Greige, also known as greige cloth, greige fabric and grey fabric, is an unfinished fabric taken directly from woven or knitting machine. It has not been bleached or dyed, and can be used for upholstery, window treatment, clothes and more. For economical and efficient storage and transportation, the greige/grey fabric should be pressed and packed […]
Mostly the plants, vegetables and flowers we find in our daily life are produced in open-field soil. As we all know, field soil acts as a reservoir providing nutrients and water to the plant, and providing support for the plant’s root system. This is a traditional way for growing plant, but sometimes this traditional way […]