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Aluminum Profile Baler Machine

Aluminum recycling is proven to be good to both environment and natural resource saving. Almost 75% aluminum production is in use and it thanks to the durability of the metal and its excellent recycling characteristics. Sorting system and size reduction machines like aluminum shredder and
aluminum profile baler are quite helpful to efficient aluminum recycling process.

Aluminum profile balers in the market

Aluminum profiles are one of the typical aluminum scraps in aluminum recycling. Before any size reduction process, the careful sorting of aluminum waste helps to ensure that aluminum can be reused repeatedly to make the same type of products. So this helps to achieve the most optimal utilisation of aluminum resource. Also aluminum profile baler machine helps these aluminum scraps to be used in other industrial sectors through complete aluminum recycling process. It plays great function to reduce the scrap size during transportation and handling.

There are three type of aluminum profile balers which are the most popular ones in the aluminum recycling world. According to the different compressing force level, they are vertical heavy duty baler, fully automatic horizontal baler and metal scrap horizontal baler. So you can choose the right size aluminum profile compactor per the original size of aluminum profile, output capacity, financial budget and other individual requirements.

Aluminum profile baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has both vertical aluminum profile baler and horizontal aluminum profile baler for different options. Heavy duty dual ram baler is the typical vertical aluminum profile baling machine in our product range. It has strong structure frame and enhanced hydraulic power to make sure producing enough compressing force. If you want higher capacity and automatic running of the machine, our L-type twin ram automatic horizontal baler is the right machine to go. This fully automatic baler has flexible wire tie system which avoid many tying and twisting problems in traditional automatic balers. Less downtime and maintenance can save you much cost. So contact SINOBAELR today to tailor your own aluminum profile baling press machine.

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