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Automatic Cardboard Baler Installation

Cardboard waste is huge and cardboard recycling is one of the most popular waste recycling in the worldwide. Baler machine aims to compress materials into dense bales for easy transportation and storage. So cardboard baler is very important size reduction machine in the transportation to paper mills or recycling centers. Cardboard baler can be from mini vertical baler to large fully automatic horizontal baler. Mini vertical cardboard baler installation and automatic cardboard baler installation process can be totally different.


Automatic cardboard baler installation

For simple vertical cardboard baler, the machine is shipped in almost completed assembled condition. So customer only needs to connect wires to the power supply and the machine can work. But for automatic cardboard baler installation, we suggest to send one engineer to baler location for direct installation and training. You can read our suggestions related to baler installation preparation at


Why you need an engineer from baler manufacturer for automatic cardboard baler installation?

First, automatic cardboard baler is not in a completed assembled unit. Also it normally works with conveyor system and cooling system. So the whole installation is not easy because engineer should reconcile all parts and system in the best working conditions. Only oral or written instruction is not enough for such complicated work.

Second, engineer from automatic cardboard baler manufacturer can give workers or operations a direct onsite training. It is very good for following operation and maintenance plan.

Third, although sometimes customer can find a person or company to install the whole system, but normally engineer from automatic cardboard baler manufacturer knows best for his machine. So he should be the best option for best installation. A good installation is a good start for machine operation.


Automatic cardboard baler installation from SINOBALER

SINOBALER provides direct engineer service for fully automatic baler installation. We only charge cost dollars from our real customers. Our engineer installation service is very professional. Welcome to contact our engineering team for direct service. Inquiry shredder from here.