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Automatic Packing Baler Machine

Packing machines are in different forms for different applications and facilities. The best packing machine is that it can suit your facility and meet your packing requirement. Automatic packing baler machine here refers to hydraulic compacting machine which actually is a combination of compacting and packing machine. It can compress the recycling materials into dense bales and also pack them with plastic straps, steel wires or even bags.

The type of automatic packing baler machines in the market

From material point of view, there are many different material automatic packing balers in the market. For example, you can see rags packing machine, plastic bottle or container packing machine, cardboard and paper packing machine, animal or plant fiber packing machine, straw or hay packing machine, and wood shavings packing machine etc.

From the direction of hydraulic force point of view, automatic packing balers can be either vertical automatic packing balers or horizontal automatic packing balers.

Automatic packing baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER specializes in providing different automatic packing baling solutions for different baling requirements. All of these automatic baling machines greatly reduce the cost in storage, handling as well as transportation. Also they give convenience to move material from one place to another which makes waste recycling possible and efficient.

Three kind of baling and bagging machines can work with sealing machine to achieve the automatic baling and bagging functions. Additionally, a weigh hopper design can ensure each bale has the standard bale weight. Single-ram fully automatic baler can work with steel conveyors to achieve the whole material feeding, twisting, tying and bale exit in automatic process. L-type two ram automatic baler has the same automatic function with single-ram fully automatic baler. But it has much wider baling applications and even plastic strapping is optional for this machine.

SINOBALER has the extensive list of previous automatic packing balers and systems installations for our customers. Contact us today to tailor your own automatic baling solutions.

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