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Automatic Wire Tie Baler Machine

What features does an automatic wire tie baler have?

An automatic wire tire baler is a horizontal baler that does the whole baling processes automatically. Take single ram automatic wire tie baler for an example, once the baler detects that material inside the compression chamber has reached certain height level, the hydraulic ram can automatically start compressing and returning repeatedly until the bale length reaches the set value. At that time, the automatic tying system can automatically thread the steel wire into the strapping slots and then cut the wire and finally tie the wire by twisting. Thereafter, the hydraulic ram will automatically push the bale towards the exit port. In conclusion, the features of an automatic wire tie baler are 1. The entire baling processes are fully automatically without any manual involvement 2. The bale tying material is steel wire but no other tying material is workable 3. It is a horizontal baler.

What material can an automatic wire tie baler handle? 

Automatic wire tie baler has two types, one is single ram automatic wire tie baler, and the other is two-ram automatic wire tie baler. Single ram unit is a “一” shape baler and there is no door at the bale exit port. This type of baler is very suitable for handling solid material like paper, OCC, film, hay, etc. If using it to bale hollow plastic products like PET bottles, the bale density won’t be too high. Two-ram automatic wire tie baler is a “L” shape baler that has two hydraulic rams, one is for compressing the material into bale and the other is for ejecting the bale out of the chamber. The wire tying system is a separate system, sitting at the bale exit port. This machine can handle almost any kind of solid material into dense bale, including plastic bottles, municipal waste, natural fiber, etc.

Which facilities will choose automatic wire tie baler? 

Automatic wire tie baler is very much costly. It is for big scale baling. Big scale recycling plants, manufacturing plants that generate more than 10 tons of waste daily, farms that plant large amount of grass or hay for export purpose, etc. need an automatic wire tie baler.


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