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Baling Press Machine Price

Baling press machine is to help save the transportation cost or storage cost by compressing materials into much smaller size. How to choose the most price favorable baler machine? So you should know better about the factors which affect baling press machine price.


Know better about your baling requirements before purchase

There are so many different baling press machines in the market. You can have hundreds of baler manufacturers for choices all over the world. Before contacting these baler manufacturers, you would better to figure out the exact baling requirements first. The basic questions about baling requirements can be listed as below:

  1. – What waste material are you baling, is it cardboard, plastic bottles or something else?
  2. – Is there any specific bale size, bale weight, baling capacity per hour requirement?
  3. – What type of tying method you prefer? Manual or automatic?
  4. – What type of tie material you prefer? PP strap or steel wire?
  5. – Do you need to pack bales by plastic bag?
  6. – Where do you want machine to be installed? Warehouse?
  7. – Do you want bales to be transported by a container?


Baling press machine price

Now we assume you have complete information about your baling requirements. Then we can talk about how to choose the most favorable price based on your exact baling requirements.

First, choose the right model to match your baling output. Take cardboard for example, from mini cardboard baler to fully automatic cardboard baler, there are huge price difference. So you should choose the right model to match your baling needs. Normally the model with low force is cheaper than the model with higher force. Because higher compressing force needs higher hydraulic level and stronger steel framework.

Second, choose the baler manufacturer with better cost control. Cost factors can be raw materials, hydraulic parts, electrical parts, labor cost and baler design etc.. Each baler manufacturer has different cost levels. So it is very difficult for purchaser to identify it. A good customer reference is a good solution to understand the baler supplier better. Please pay more attention to the machine details and try to test the machine if possible. You should understand the quality is always prior to the small price difference. If you are a new brand in this industry, you can simply choose a good brand baler manufacturer like SINOBALER.

Third, please do not forget the freight cost to your location. Especially for small vertical baler, the freight cost is not a small factor in whole baling press machine price. If the oversea baler DDU cost is close to that from local baler manufacturers, most purchasers will choose to buy baler from local market since after sales maintenance is much easier and efficient. But if the oversea baler manufacturer has local service support, it is also a good option.


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