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Carton Baling Press Machine

What is carton baling press?
Carton baling press has another name “carton baler”. It is for compressinbg cartons into dense blocks. Carton are hollow and occupy a lot of space. So using a carton baling presss can significantly reduce the volume. Even you unfold the cartons into cardboard, a baling press can also greatly reduce the volume. The compression ratio for carboard can reach above 5:1. There are both horizontal carton baler and vertical carton baler. And which one to choose mainly depends on your baling scale. Carton or cardboard is easy to be pressed, so almost all balers can handle them. If you are a reycling plant, you most probably need a horizontal one. However if you will use a baler to handle internal carton waste, you can choose a small vertical one.

How to choose a proper carton baling press?
Firstly, you need to know what amount of carton you expect the baler to handle per day. If the amount is above 15 tons, you definitely need to go with a horizontal cartoin baling press. However if the amount is less than 5 tons, you can go with a vertical unit. Also, you should be clear what approx. bale weight you want to make. If you have forklift, you can make big bales. However if you don’t have forklift, you’d better go for a small one. Because small one makes small bales, so you can handle with manpower. Last thing, whether the amount of carton will expand in the future. If it will largely expand, you can go with a relatively big machine.

Carton baling press in SINOBALER
Most baling presses in SINOBALER can handle waste cartons. Sinobaler’s mill size baler is a typical baler for handling cartons. Secondly, Sinobaler’s twin-ram vertical baler is also very popular with carton reyclers. Because it makes very high density bales. Thirdly, manual-tie horizonal baler in Sinobaler is good for middle-scale carton reycling plant. Sinobaler’s auto-tie horizontal baler is super efficient. It is ideal choice for big scale carton reycling plants. For details, you can refer to

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