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Coir Fiber Baler Machine

What does a coir fiber baler do?

Coir fiber, also known as coconut fiber. It is a very natural and healthy material that we can use to make various products, such as mattress, ropes, brushers, nets, etc. Coir fiber is very fluffy, so it occupies a lot of space if not compressing it. A coir fiber baler is for pressing the loose coir fiber into neat and dense bales for saving transportation cost and storage room. Moreover, it makes the loading and unloading much easier. A Coir fiber plays a critical role in the transfer of coir fiber. Without using a coir fiber baling machine, coir fiber products will become extremely expensive which will greatly reduce the market share.

What features does a coir fiber baler have?

Coir fiber baler usually has large pressure force ranging from at least 120tons to up to 200tons. The higher pressure-force, the compressed bale will be of higher density. The compression chamber size of a coir fiber baling machine usually is quite small, normally no bigger than W1100 x D700mm. The smaller chamber section size, the higher bale density the coir fiber baling machine can make. What compression chamber to choose depends on the container or lorry size that you will use to transport the coir fiber. Take loading coir fiber in a 40’HC for an example, chamber size of W820 x D540mm is quite suitable to maximize container loading. Due to the high pressure force of a coir fiber and also the high rebounding force of coir fiber, the machine adopts a back door instead of using back channel steel wall to ensure the strength and convenience of strapping.

Who needs a coir fiber baler?

The ones who need to transport coir fiber in bulk to somewhere else all need a coir fiber baling machine, no matter it is for inland transportation or for overseas transit. A coir fiber farmer needs a coir fiber baling machine to compress the coir fiber for selling to some coir fiber dealers or some local manufacturers of coir fiber products. A coir fiber exporter also needs a coir fiber baling machine for selling the fiber to overseas.

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