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Compact Waste Baler Machine

Compact waste baler machines normally are versatile baling press machines which suit small and low height space facilities. They are fantastic space and cost saving machines for those who want to reduce big waste to small size. The process of baling itself is not so complicated. Because it only compresses loose materials into dense and rectangular bales for easy handling, transportation and storage. But when it comes to a whole baling operation with other processing functions and considerations, it is another story.

How to choose a compact waste baler?

There are some considerations before making a decision to purchase a compact waste baler. For example, space size, manpower requirement, energy cost, baling output requirement and the type of baling materials. Normally we will recommend a bit oversize baler which allows for some space in case you have an increasing demand in near future. Of course, it means more investment in this purchase. But it can avoid the replacement cost if you really have an expanding need. It is the best solution if you can set up a baling operation with maximum output, efficiency and minimal maintenance.

Compact waste baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has several compact waste balers for options. Mini baler, drum crusher and mill size baler are all fine for choices. Mini balers are ideal for small space and low height facilities. It has versatile baling applications in textile, paper, cardboard, film, cans, bottles and any other soft packaging materials. Metal drum crusher is ideal for crushing metal drums piece by piece. If you need automatic drum transportation system, automatic drum crusher set is your best choice. Small compressing force mill size balers are especially popular for paper mills and supermarkets. Contact SINOBALER today to find or tailor your own compact waste baling machine.

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