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Corn Stalks Baler Machine

Corn stalks can be either one kind of livestock feed or natural fertilizer. Normally corn stalk bales can be available for feed or animal bedding. Corn stalks baler is the right compressing machine to produces these corn stalks bales whatever they are round or square. But is it a good investment to purchase a corn stalks baler for bales? Actually it is a question about cost and benefit analysis.

What are corn stalk bales worth?

Corn stalk removal can reduce soil organic matter, increase erosion risk, and increase soil water evaporation. Nutrients removed by stalk bales may need to be replaced with extra fertilizer. Many people think baling corn stalks is a waste of time and money because corn stalks have little protein. It just doesn’t make sense to mow, rake, bale and transport an almost worthless feed. But a protein test can help to improve the value of corn stalks because we can have better results to assure the quality of bales. So in this case, corn stalk bales can be one kind of solution for livestock feed. Also it is a good solution for animal bedding material. For easy handling and movement for corn stalks, baling corn stalks to dense bales is a worthy task although it is much harder on equipment than baling grass.

Corn stalks balers in the market

Making corn stalks bales is a time consuming process. So it is very important to choose a right corn stalks baler for more efficient work. Of course, whether the price is cost effective or not is also essential for investment decision making. Normally corn stalks balers are in heavy duty type because they are able to bale even the toughest crop quickly and efficiently. The durability and efficiency are the key concerns to ensure the baler can work under tough environment in high productivity. Just send your individual baling requirement to professional baler manufacturers and select the most suitable baler for your case.

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