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Cotton Linter Baler Machine

Cotton linters are fine, silky fibers which adhere to the seeds of the cotton plant after ginning. This cotton is the fuzz on cotton seeds which have been combed out the long fiber cotton used for cloth. This fuzz or linters is cut off the seeds before the seeds are made into cottonseed oil. Cotton linters are the short fibers on the cottonseed, not removed by the cotton gin. Baling of cotton linter is quite important to make movement easy and save cost in transportation. So a cotton linter baler is a good baling solution in this case.

The wide application of cotton linters

Cotton linters are a versatile fiber for manufacturing of many products. Also chemical linters are mainly in the manufacture of rayon and acetate fibers, plastics, explosives, paper, and sausage casings.

Cotton linter is a popular fiber for papermaking in paper board industry and as a raw material in the manufacture of cellulose. An expanding use of cotton linters is in the production of fine writing paper and specialty paper. Use of linters for making paper has developed primarily because it is becoming more and more difficult to get sufficient quantities of pure cotton rags because of the growing practice of blending natural and synthetic fibers. Thus it saves wood pulp and other natural resources.

Cotton linters are in sheet form. When cotton is ginned, the long staple cotton is removed from the seed and used in the textile industry to make cloth.

SINOBALER cotton linter baler

Because of the demand for large quantities of linters, cotton linter bales have very good market. Different grade of cotton linters have different prices. Baling cotton linter becomes a good and necessary solution for easy handling of light weight but big volume linters. SINOBALER provides several baling options for cotton linters. So just send us your own cotton linter baling requirements today for the most suitable cotton linter baler recommendation.

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