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Cottonseed Hull Recycling

Cottonseed hull is the outer covering of cottonseed. It is one of the by-products of cotton seed oil extraction process. Being low in protein, calcium, phosphorus and energy and high in fiber, cottonseed hull serves as an excellent digestive sources for livestock. It is one of the best roughages used to add bulk to diets rich in protein and energy, in order to reduce digestive upsets. Besides animal feeding, cottonseed hulls can also be used as substrate for mushroom cultivation and as mulch in garden.  So cottonseed hull recycling is quite necessary and make sense. Some recycling machines like cottonseed hull baler machine are helpful in cottonseed hull recycling.

Cottonseed hull baler machine in cottonseed hull recycling

Due to its low density, cottonseed hulls used to be difficult to be transported and are thus confined to a fairly restricted market radius. This is where baling machine comes into play. A cottonseed hull baler can compress loose materials into dense and regularly shaped bales, greatly saving storage and transportation space.

Unlike the regular balers used for baling common materials like cardboard, textiles, plastic bottles etc., balers for cottonseed hulls is different and is called bagging baler which compresses material first and then push the compressed bale into bags instead of strapping the bales. This is because cotton seed hulls are small in piece size and if using regular baler which straps up the baled material, the compressed cotton seed hull can easily come off and result in the bale out of shape. Bagging balers are specially designed for making bagged and compressed bales for such small and loose materials. Cotton seed hull bales produced by bagging baler can be easily loosened. And the material normally keeps its original form after the bale is broken up.

There are totally three different types of bagging baler available in SINOBALER range of baling press products. You can refer to our sales team to get more information. Get a quote now!


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