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Feather Baler Machine

Most feather is from poultry slaughterhouses. You can found large amount of feather there. Feather especially poultry feather has many non-food industrial applications. So do not dispose it as waste directly. We can further recycle it and use it in a better way. Feather baler is a compacting machine to save your transportation cost and storage cost during whole process.


Feather applications

Not all of the poultry slaughterhouse products are edible for human. About 15–20 % of the slaughterhouse by-products contains keratin, while 7–9 % is the proportion of feather. Poultry feather has many useful applications. For example, chicken feather has high protein content and can be the raw material for biogas production. Feather can be for electrical and electronic applications. They can also used as biofertilizers and textile yarn sizing agent. Other applications are films from feather keratin, absorbents from feathers, composites from poultry feathers, flame retardants from feathers, production of keratinases using feathers, micro and nanoparticles from feather keratin, thermoplastics from chicken feathers, and regenerated protein fibers from feather keratin.


Feather baler machine

Feather is light but it consumes much space without compacting. So feather baler machine is the right machine to compact loose status feather into dense bales for easy handling. It really saves your transportation cost and storage cost.

SINOBALER has several type of feather baler machines for your options. Lifting chamber baler, standard vertical baler, manual-tie horizontal baler and L-type twin ram automatic horizontal baler are all available for your different baling output purpose. If you want to bale and bag the feather, single lifting chamber baler as well as swivel twin lifting chamber baler are both ideal choices for you. If your feather baling output is a little big, you can think about manual-tie horizontal baler. When you have very large amount of feather waiting for baling, our L-type twin ram automatic horizontal baler is your ideal option. So contact us today to find your own baling solution. More size reduction machines from here.