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Fully Automatic Grass Baler Machine

Grass baling can be in different solutions. Whatever round baler, square baler and rectangular baler are all feasible. But fully automatic grass baler is the fastest and most efficient press machine.

Grass baling

Knowing when to bale grass is very important. Because baling too early and too late are both not ideal. Once straw is cut and dry, it is time to consider grass baling. Baling can help to make straw more compact for easy storage and transportation. Grass baling machine is the right machine to do this job. Whatever round bales or rectangular bales, it depends on the type of baling machine and personal preference.

What is the ideal grass baler for your grass baling? It depends on your baling size and the destination of grass. If your harvest is small, you may not be necessary to bale straw at all. If your harvest is large and you want to sell grass, grass baling is necessary. But how to choose the right grass baling machine? You should know your ideal bale size and bale weight, baling capacity and shape of the bale. When you have huge grass harvest and only have less labor, fully automatic grass balers are the ideal solution.

Fully automatic grass baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has two type of fully automatic grass balers in product range. Whatever single-ram automatic baler or L-type two-ram automatic baler are both perfect to bale straw. They can produce rectangular or square bales in different sizes and weights. Also they are the most efficient grass press machine in our baler line. You can benefit from some advantaged features or functions to achieve smart baling process. Both grass balers have PLC system to operate panel and electrical components. Our L-type two-ram automatic straw baler is highly competitive in the market because it has versatile applications and both plastic strapping and steel wire are workable. A good calculation is necessary because the best baling solution is to maximize the bale weight in same container. Contact SINOBALER today and our professional team will figure out the best solution for your own grass baling requirements. View more size reduction machines.