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HDPE Bottle Compactor / HDPE Bottle Baler Machine

HDPE bottle refers to a high-density polyethylene plastic bottle. Normally they are heavier plastic containers like milk containers, laundry detergent bottles, bleach bottles, shampoo bottles, and motor oil bottles etc. It is widely used in our daily life and become increasingly important to recycle this kind of plastic.  Hence adding a HDPE bottle compactor or HDPE bottle baler machine will greatly enhance your HDPE bottles recycling.


The benefit from HDPE bottle recycling

  1. – HDPE bottle recycling decrease the waste stream which is for landfill.
  2. – It provides revenue source from recycled plastic sales.
  3. – HDPE bottle recycling can help workplace safety and neatness.
  4. – HDPE bottle recycling can save disposal cost and labor cost in removing the plastic waste.


How to recycle HDPE bottles?

HDPE plastic bottles are very popular at recycling centers because these plastic bottles recycling can definitely reduce the cost of products made from new plastics. Therefore recycling plastic is much more cost effective. When the HDPE bottles are recycled, they can be made into new products like piping, plastic lumber, rope, toys, trash cans and recycling bins. Many plastic recycling facilities have the need to dispose large amount of scrap HDPE bottles. So HDPE bottle baler machine or HDPE bottle compactor is the right machine to make it feasible.


HDPE bottle baler machine or HDPE bottle compactor in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has several types of plastic bottle balers which are ideal for hollow plastic baling purpose. In conclusion, vertical long stroke baler is more suitable for small scale of HDPE bottles recycling. Manual-tie horizontal baler is more suitable for medium scale of HDPE bottle recycling. For large scale HDPE bottles recycling, you can choose our single –ram fully automatic baler. Or you can also choose two-ram fully automatic baler for more efficient baling purpose. Furthermore we also custom design the HDPE bottle baler machine or HDPE bottle compactor based on your specific requirements.


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