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Horizontal Auto Tie Baler Machine

What is a horizontal auto tie baler?

Horizontal auto tie baler is a baling press machine which can fully automatic bale a variety of materials through a horizontal press. From material feeding to tied bale exit, it provides the fully automatic operation. What you need to do is collect enough material to the hopper through conveyor, cyclone system or even forklift. Then you can receive the finished bales well at the bale exit. The whole operation is in a high efficient way and it increases baling capacity.

Who needs a horizontal auto tie baler?

Generally speaking, horizontal automatic baler is possible for purchase when your baling capacity exceeds 120 tons per month or 4 tons per day. So if you have large amount of materials for baling, such automatic baler is the most efficient and labor saving option. As such, it is quite ideal for manufacturing facilities, RDF plants, MRF plants, distribution centers, min to large size printing facilities, paper or cardboard recycling facilities, scrap traders, exporters etc.

The wide applications of horizontal auto tie baler?

The traditional auto tie baler has wire threading and twisting structure, so not all the materials are ideal. The most popular applications are paper, cardboard, plant fiber such as coconut fiber, plastic bottles or containers, plastic films, unchopped straw or hay etc. But we now have L-type two ram automatic baler, it has individual wire tying system which is totally releasing from the limitation of wire threading and twisting. So almost all the different materials are applicable for baling in this case. For example, textiles are not easy for traditional auto baler, but it is quite easy for L-type auto baler.

Horizontal auto tie balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has two types of horizontal auto tie balers for options. You can choose either traditional automatic baler or L-type automatic baler. Both of them are high volume and efficient balers with touch screen capabilities built into the machine. The main difference is the wire tying system. If you want a flexible wire tying system with both plastic strapping and steel wire options, L-type automatic baler is preferable. If you want a cost effective and only bale common materials like cardboard, PET bottles and plastic films, traditional automatic baler is more suitable. So contact SINOBALER to tailor your case today.

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