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Horizontal Baler For Sale

Baler machine can be vertical baler or horizontal baler. Normally vertical baler is more suitable for small or medium amount of materials’ baling purpose. Horizontal baler is more suitable for medium or large amount of materials’ baling purpose. Of course, not all horizontal baler for sale are big machines. There are still some small horizontal balers specially for baling some specific materials.


Horizontal baler for sale in domestic market and international market

Here we introduce some popular horizontal baler for sale in the market.

  1. – Manual tie horizontal baler is a closed end horizontal baler. It can be considered as a semi-automatic horizontal baler machine. Manual tying and other processed are automatic. Also automatic feeding conveyor is optional. This machine is very popular in domestic market as well as international market.
  2. – Fully automatic horizontal baler is very ideal for the facilities who want efficient and automatic baling of different materials. PLC system controls the electrical functions. De-jamming cylinder and fluffer is optional. Normally it works with automatic feeding conveyor for efficient material feeding. If you want a large amount of materials and also want labor cost saving, this machine is the right choice.
  3. – Baling and bagging machine is very suitable for small and loose materials. If you need to bale wood shavings, sawdust, rice husks, rags, straw or mineral cotton fibers, this kind of machine is the good option. If you also want to bag these bales, this kind of machine is ideal. SINOBALER has three kind of baling and bagging machines in our product range. If your space is very limit, vertical baling and bagging machine is the best choice. If you want to make sure each bale has same weight, scale weighing horizontal bagging baler is ideal one. And if you have larger amount of materials for baling, heavy duty horizontal bagging baler is your best choice.
  4. – Horizontal briquetting baler is to compress materials into a hard briquette without any packing or strapping. It is only suitable for some specific materials like sawdust.


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