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Hydraulic Scrap Baling Press Machine

Hydraulic scrap baling press machine is an integration unit of steel frame, hydraulic system and electrical system. Different baling requirements will need different system design for each part. Manual vertical baler is much easier than fully automatic horizontal baler. Because their technology and design of hydraulic system is quite different.


Hydraulic system in hydraulic scrap baling press machine

For a hydraulic baling press machine, the most important part is the hydraulic configuration. Hydraulic system can be very simple in vertical mini baler. Of course, it can be a whole complicated system connecting and working with electrical system and cooling system.  You can see that oil tank, oil pipes, cylinder, pump, different kind of valves, pressure gauge, oil suction filter, as well as oil temperature & level meter are working together in the whole hydraulic system. Among them, oil sealing and oil cylinder are the most important parts in whole system. Good quality hydraulic system is very reliable in this aspect. Overall metal hydraulic balers have much stronger framework and higher level hydraulic system to get higher compressing force. More automatic functions will need more advanced hydraulic system.


Hydraulic scrap baling press machine applications

Hydraulic baler has a very wide range of material applications. It can press cardboard and paper waste, PET bottles, HDPE bottles, aluminum cans, tires, plant and animal fibers, used clothes, wood shavings, sawdust, cotton, straw and hay, city solid waste and even metal scraps.


Hydraulic scrap baling press machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER offers a wide range of hydraulic baling press machines to suit customers different baling requirements and various baling materials. Our hydraulic balers range from mini vertical balers to fully automatic horizontal balers. We can also tailor your project by taking into account of space, financial budget, material, bale size and bale weight, output and feeding method etc. Today we have achieved an excellent position of technology in China through our efforts to satisfy worldwide customers’ need and consistent development strategy. Contact SINOBALER now.


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