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Industrial Cardboard Compactor

For the environment protection consideration, China refuses to import 24 types of trash products which mainly is plastics ,cardboard and paper waste. Previously China is the world’s largest raw material recycling center and largest waste materials importer. About 30-40% of cardboard and plastic scrap are imported to China. Now this new policy affects the entire related industries in the world especially Europe and the United States. Also this new policy stimulates the waste recycling within China. For example, paper mills is very difficult to import cardboard scrap from oversea countries under new policy, they need to find a new replacement for raw material. This is why cardboard scrap price is increasing a lot and cardboard recycling develops well. Also recycling facility can have a good profit from cardboard collection and recycling. This is the reason why domestic industrial cardboard compactor manufacturers have hot sales in the past year 2017.

 The huge potential cardboard recycling market in China

Thanks to the fast development of China’s express delivery industry. This creates huge cardboard packaging needs. But this also brings the cardboard scrap problems. At present, the actual cardboard recovery is less than 10%. Take year 2016 for example, the courier consumed the corrugated cardboard and paper about 46 million tons which is equivalent to 72 million trees. So you can imagine how many new landfills are created and how many trees are cut. We need to find new solutions to protect our environment and preserve our energy. If the cardboard packaging reuse is not feasible or in difficulty, cardboard scrap recycling is a good solution.

Now top end online business companies begin to use recyclable boxes as green packaging and launch the ”Shared Express Box”. At the same time, they start the carton recycling program in many big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou etc. We can expect the huge potential cardboard recycling in coming years.

 Industrial cardboard compactor in SINOBALER

SINOBALER offers a wide range of industrial cardboard compactors for different baling requirements. From manual vertical industrial cardboard compactor to fully automatic industrial cardboard compactor, you can always find a suitable baler machine to suit your own baling need. Contact us today for more information. View more industrial cardboard shredders and granulators.