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Kiln Dried Pine Shavings Baler Machine

Kiln Dried Pine Shavings are the quite good bedding material for the widest range of animals. For example, they are available as bedding for small animals like hamsters, chinchillas, rabbits, chickens, pigs and horses etc. This is because kiln dried pine shavings are highly absorbent shavings since they are cut from virgin lumber and then kiln dried to a very low moisture level. Another reason is this material can last so long in the stall. From absorption and animal health point of view, kiln dried pine shavings is the perfect choice. But how to pack kiln dried pine shavings? A kiln dried pine shavings baler is a good choice to pack such small and loose material into a bag with required size.

How to pack kiln dried pine shavings?

In order to save or maximize the utilization of natural resource, pine shavings are not directly from trees. Normally they are the byproducts of lumber production. Since kiln dried pine shavings are dusty and irritating, baling and bagging them into a bag is the ideal solution for packaging. Loading, measuring, compressing and sealing are the main processes for whole baling and bagging. If you have big amount of material for loading, a large receiving hopper together with a belt conveyor can help for efficient loading. If you want a bale with required size and weight, scale weighing before compressing is necessary to make sure each bale reaches final result. Then when materials come to compressing chamber, hydraulic cylinder will push and compress the material to the bale exit. A sealing machine can be helpful for easy sealing of each bales.

Kiln dried pine shavings baler in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has three type of baling and bagging machines for different capacity levels of baling kiln dried pin shavings. Scale weighing baler, vertical bagging baler and heavy duty baling and bagging machine are all available for choices. So just send SINOBALER your own inquiry or baling requirement today, we will recommend the most suitable kiln dried pine shavings baler within one working day.

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