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Magazines Baler Machine

Magazine is a quite popular event promotion and advertisement solution. What are magazines made of? They are often printed on the coated paper which is mostly wood fiber similar as common paper. So magazine paper actually is made on paper machines from pulp. Previously a great number of magazines go into landfills and dumpsters. But actually magazines are good recyclable materials and many recycling centers accept them for recycling. Then a magazines baler is a good size reduction solution to save transportation cost and make handling easier.

How to reuse and recycle magazines?

There are many solutions to reuse magazines. For example, children can use magazines in collages and other craft projects. But finally recycling magazines is the last and best solution for both economy and environment. Collectors who collect magazines can earn money from selling of these old magazines. Of course, the selling price depends on the demand and supply market. Also magazines’ age and condition are factors to affect the price. These old magazines bales compressed by a baler finally will go to paper mills for making paper pulp.

SINOBALER magazines baler

SINOBALER has various type of balers and models for baling magazines. From vertical baler to horizontal baler, manual baler to fully automatic baler, you always have different options for different capacity requirements. For example, you can choose mini baler, mill size baler and heavy duty dual ram baler in our vertical baling machine range. You can also choose manual-tie horizontal baler, common fully automatic baler and L-type two ram automatic baler in our horizontal baling machine range. Each type baler has several models to better suits different capacity, bale size and bale weight. So if you have any magazines compacting requirement, please do not hesitate to contact our SINOBALER team for professional advices and best suitable baler recommendation.

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