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Marine Waste Press Machine

Marine waste here only refers to the waste produced on ships or shipyards. This kind of marine waste is different from marine debris or marine litter created by human and released in lake, sea, ocean or waterway. So it is easy to understand what is a marine waste press machine. It is a marine waste compressing machine aiming to reduce the storage space as much as possible.

Why we need to enhance marine waste management worldwide?

1. Marine waste is a threat to environment

Marine waste can be all kinds of plastic products, cardboard or paper products, textile products or any other packaging materials. Some of these scraps are not biodegrade. So if we leave it as it is now, it is a serious threat to fish, seabirds, marine reptiles and marine mammals. Also such large amount of marine waste gives a big pressure for landfill because landfill space is not no limit. White pollution is a big problem to the environment.

2. Marine waste is a threat to human health

If we cannot handle the marine waste management in a better way, water pollution will be a big problem for this earth. So it will have a big risk to human health too because people continue to use water and eat marine food.

3. Reduce marine waste size on ships and save waste disposal cost in port

Marine waste press machine is a good solution to reduce marine waste size on ships. So it is good for keeping ship cleaning and improve ship environment. Therefore, it is a waste disposal cost saving for ship.

In a word, all of above reasons are the bases for more specified protection policies and regulations on marine waste management in more and more countries.

Marine waste press machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has typical marine waste press machines for different options. You can choose standard models, water proof models and explosion proof models for wide choices. The marine waste press machine can even have a compaction ratio of 12:1 which is drastically reduce the storage space for ships. So it is quite popular in marine industry and almost it is a must-have equipment on each ship. These marine waste press machines feature with superior press force but low overall height. Also they are easy to use and maintain. So contact SINOBALER today to have a marine baler.

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