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PAS 108 Tyre Baler Machine

Every day there are huge amount of worn tyres are taken off cars and trucks. So the disposal of used tyres is a significant problem all over the world. UK is a typical country in this case. PAS 108 sets out to provide a specification to produce tyre bales which potential customers can produce a construction material of consistent and verifiable quality. So PAS 108 tyre baler is an ideal baling solution to produce tyre bales which can meet PAS 108 standard in UK.


Why we need PAS 108 tyre bales?

The European Union Landfill Directive is an important driver for used tyre recycling. Because it bans the tyre even shreded tyre disposal. So all the tyres including car tyres, commercial tyres, motorcycle tyres, aircraft tyres and industrial tyres are all in this range. The compression of many tyres into bales offers a number of ways to put post-consumer tyres into good use. PAS 108 collaborates with tyre reprocessing industry to provide a specification for producing compact tyre bales of a consistent and verifiable quality and dimension. The core of PAS 108 addresses the production, handling, storage, transportation and placement of standardized tyre bales. Tyre bales have significant advantages in construction projects due to their high permeability and low bulk density. Also they provides good frictional response and stiffness.


PAS 108 tyre baler in SINOBALER

SINOBALER offers two type of PAS 108 tyre baler machines. Before we recommend the most suitable tyre balers to our potential customers, normally we will ask some questions first to better understand baling requirements. For example, What kind of tyres you need to bale? Passenger tyres or heavy truck tyres. If you have both tyres need to bale, what about the proportion? How many tons of the tyres you want to bale per day (under 8 working hours). Mode SVB2-TB-1000 is mainly for baling passenger tires but you can incorporate 2 heavy truck tires in each bale, while SVB2-TB-1500 is mainly for baling heavy truck tires but you can incorporate some passenger tires in each bale if you wish.


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