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PET Trays Compactor Machine

What is PET tray?

PET is a very light material but it can package a large quantity of product. PET tray is produced by transforming the PET sheet and it is a type of recyclable packaging. Due to the safety and protective packaging, PET trays are quite popular in food packaging since they can be in compliance with existing legal framework. Also PET trays can extend the average conservation time of fresh foods or dry foods. This makes PET tray an ideal material for different kinds of food products. Of course, PET tray has great opportunity to be recycled back into plastic packaging and this makes it more popular in market value. During PET tray recycling, a PET trays compactor or baler is quite important to save cost in transportation and handling.

PET trays recycling process

1. Collect all kinds of PET trays and compress them into bales through a PET tray compactor or baler.

2. Deliver baled PET trays by truck or shipping container to Material Recovery Facility.

3. Shred and grind the PET trays into small pieces through a shredder, a grinder or the combination of them.

4. Sort different kind of PET trays through physical delamination process. If PET trays use carbon black pigments instead of detectable colorants, sorting equipment may not be able to sort them into correct polymer streams. So it is quite likely PET black trays will end up as residue and disposed of in landfill or incinerated.

5. Separate PET and polyolefins.

6. Use an optical separator to remove impurities such as colour PET flakes and get the final products PET flake and PE pellets.

7. Then you can sell high purity PET flakes to PET sheet producers and PET pellets to PE product manufacturers.

PET trays compactor in SINOBALER

SINOBALER provides versatile balers for the compaction of a wide range of materials. Our mill size baler, heavy duty dual ram baler, manual-tie horizontal baler and L-type automatic baler are all suitable for baling PET trays. Contact SINOBALER to find your ideal PET trays compactor or baler.

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