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PP Super Sacks Baler Machine

What is PP super sacks?

Super sacks are a kind of flexible intermediate bulk containers. They are used for transporting and keeping large quantity of goods and save cost compared to a pallet of sacks. Many super sacks are produced from a woven polypropylene(PP) material. This is a type of light weight polymer which dries rapidly and resistant to mildew as it does not absorb water. Overall, PP has the advantage of its moderate resistance to heat, shrinking and stretching. So PP super sacks can be available for numerous purposes in many industries due to its properties of strength, durability, reliability and eco-friendliness.

PP super sacks waste recycling

If PP super sacks become old, it is better to think about reusing first. However, when PP super sacks are out of service, recycling is the ideal choice because virgin PP are recyclable.

But how to recycle PP super sacks? Collection, sorting and cleaning, shredding, separation and compounding are main processes. PP super sacks baler play its role in collection and transportation to recycling center or manufacturer. It helps to make collection easy and cost effective, because it can compact PP super sacks into bales. Sorting and cleaning is necessary because sacks carry a wide range of materials such as sand. Also zips and buttons should be removed before going to next step shredding. Shredding aims to shred sacks into small flakes for further processing. Separation is to separate sacks into different sizes, shapes, color, and melting point etc. Compounding is to put regrinds through an extruder and melt them into uniformed granules.

SINOBALER PP super sacks baler

SINOBALER manufactures several type of balers which are quite suitable for compacting PP super sacks into high density bales. Lifting chamber baler, swivel twin lifting chamber baler, mill size baler, heavy duty dual ram baler, baling and bagging machine and even L-type automatic baler are all your choices for super sacks baling. So contact SINOBALER now if you have PP super sacks baling requirement.

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