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Recycling Balers For Sale

Recycling balers for sale can be manual baler, fully automatic baler, metal baler or manual-tie baler etc. The handling materials covers a wide range including cardboard and paper, plastic containers, plastic films, plant fiber and animal fiber, tires, old clothes, cotton, metals, wood shavings, sawdust, rice husk, hay and straw, and other solid waste.


Recycling balers for sale in the market

From mini baler to large fully automatic baler, recycling balers for sale in the market have so many options. Normally different materials baling needs different structure baling machine for better baling result. Take tire baler for example, heavy duty vertical tire baler is different from normal vertical baler. There are some specific features especially suitable for tire baling purpose. Also long stroke baler is the same. The long stroke design is especially suitable for hollow plastic bottles for complete compressing purpose. Of course, the same material with different baling output requirement should choose the right size baler machine. Take cardboard baling for example, mini baler, mill size baler, heavy duty dual ram baler, manual-tie horizontal baler and fully automatic horizontal baler are all suitable for cardboard baling purpose. So you should choose the right cardboard baler with your space, expected output and financial budget.


Recycling baler development trend

Recycling baler can compress the waste materials into dense bales which bring great benefits to both economy and environment. With the enhancement of environment protection and domestic waste recycling, recycling balers have good demand in China. Most baler manufacturers in China are busy with production schedule in 2017. Manual-tie horizontal baler has good market in China. But fully automatic baler has an increasing demand in the international market especially in advanced countries. People prefer to have easier tying system, more strapping material option and more stable and efficient hydraulic system. The multi-functional hydraulic baler will integrate new technologies to improve the solidity of the various components. So the machine can become more intelligent and effective in improving labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower and reduce transportation cost. Also it can achieve custom processing and automatic packaging.


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