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Single Box Baler / Single Box Baling Press Machine

Single box baler is also known as single box baling machine, single box baling press, one box baler or single chamber baler. It refers to the baling machine that only has one chamber to process the baling task. Most of the vertical balers and horizontal baler are single box baler machines. This single box or chamber design is simple and easy to operate. It is cost effective and has less maintenance cost. As such, it is the most popular baling press machine design in the market.


The typical single box baler machines in SINOBALER product range

Single box balers have many different designs based on the requirements from different materials and output. Here we just list some typical single box vertical balers for your easy reference:

  1. Single box lifting chamber baler

Lifting chamber baler can be single box lifting chamber baler and double box lifting chamber baler. It is mainly designed for textile waste baling purpose. Single box lifting chamber baler needs to load materials first and then press and strap them. Double box lifting chamber baler has two boxes. One box is used for loading and the other is for baling at the same time.

  1. Single box mill size baler

Vertical mill size baler normally is in single box design. It is mainly designed for cardboard and other packaging materials baling purpose.

  1. Single box mini baler

Vertical single box mini baler is mainly designed for small amount and limited space baling purpose. It is popular as marine baler.

  1. Single box heavy duty dual ram baler

This baler is designed with large press force in vertical baler series.

  1. Single box long stroke baler

This baler is designed for hollow plastic bottles and containers.

  1. Single box drum crusher

This baler is especially designed for metal barrel pressing purpose.

  1. Single box vertical bagging baler

Bagger baler can be vertical bagging baler and horizontal bagging baler. This vertical bagging baler is especially designed for baling in limited space.


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