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Single Press Baling Machine

The number of compressing times your materials need

How many compressing times does your materials need to create the dense bale? This mainly depends on the nature of waste materials, and bale density level. Single press baling machine here refers to the machine which operates in one-time feeding and one-time compressing. Actually all the balers are no problem to do this one cycle operation but in real operation they are requested for more cycles to create higher density bales.

The typical single press baling machine in SINOBALER

1. bagging baler for rags

Take small compressing force scale weighing bagging baler for example, the default mode is one-time compressing mode. ┬áBut you can have 1 time compressing, 2-time compressing and 3-time compressing for options. Since rags are not loose materials, normally it only requires one time compressing to reach satisfactory density. You can load rags onto the scale till it reaches your desired weight. Then you can open the feeding door and start loading rags on the scale into the compressing chamber. After pressing ‘PRESS’ button on control panel, the machine will start the complete cycle including compressing and ram returning to home position. Also bale ejecting will be carried out automatically. For some materials such as wood shavings, few customer will choose one time compressing because it is difficult to achieve the desirable bale density.

2. oil filter briquetting machine

Baling steps for oil filter is also quite simple. You start the motor and switch to ‘Auto’ mode. Then you can feed the material into the baler. Once the chamber is fully filled with materials, the machine will automatically start compressing and ejecting bales out of the machine. So one complete cycle can make a good shape oil filter compressed block.

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