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Reasons To Use Cardboard Baler

In many manufacturing businesses, a big amount of money is paid to deal with the internally generated waste like scrap packaging, production scrap, etc.  So we have very good reasons to use cardboard baler. To reduce the transportation and storage cost for those waste, it is very necessary to invest a cardboard baler to neatly compress the waste into dense bales before delivering to any cardboard recycling facilities. What exactly a manufacturing business can benefit from owning a cardboard baling machine?

Here are some reasons to use cardboard baler:

• Reduce waste handling cost

With a baler, you can greatly reduce the waste volume and save space as well as saving transport cost.

• Create revenue

Waste after sorting and baling can be sold to recycling facility. In addition, if you do not too much waste to handle in your own facility and therefore do not use the baler regularly, you can rent it to other company by charging rent fee. A cardboard baler can press not only one type of waste but various types. A normal vertical baler has no problem to handle almost all types of general waste including paper, cartons, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, soft plastic packaging, etc.. Hence, you have considerable options when deciding which types of company to rent your baler.

• Save time

In the traditional way of waste handling, normally the waste handlers take time to manually flattens some bulky scraps like carton and bottles so as to reduce volume. However with a baler, it is no longer necessary to flatten bulky scrap and you just need to throw the waste into the baling machine for pressing.

• Do good to the environment

Without a baling machine, the waste generated is very probably discarded outdoors and pollute the environment.

• Create comfortable working environment

With all the waste baled and properly placed, the staff can walk around freely and also reduce the risk of causing fire.

• Improve company image

Company image is very important for any business. Customers have more interest in cooperating with companies that have clean environment and have green concept.

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