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Vertical Compactor Machine

Vertical compactor is using a vertical compaction to compress the dry and wet materials. So it is ideal for the location where space is tight. Vertical compactors are versatile and most of them are easy to operate.


The difference between vertical compactor and vertical baler

Both vertical compactor and vertical baler can help you to reduce the waste materials handling cost. Vertical baler normally is helping to compress recyclable materials into dense bales for easier storage and transportation. These recyclable materials like cardboard, paper, PET bottles and tires are the source of income for recycling facilities. Vertical compactor is also reducing the compressing large volume of materials into a contained area. But it is always handling trash materials which do not create new income. So vertical compactor only reduce the handling cost and transportation cost by reducing the trash size. When you know the difference, you can make the right decision.


The main features and benefits of vertical compactor

  1. – Vertical compactors can handle a variety of trash materials and they are in different sizes to meet different compacting needs.
  2. – Most vertical compactors are heavy duty units. The feed door can be set up on the right, left, back or front position. It is easier for loading and transporting waste after compacting. Take front door for example, it is better to serve a nearby disposal area.
  3. – Vertical compactors are ideal for the locations like small restaurants, hotel-motels, nursing homes, and fast food etc.
  4. – Vertical compactors save your inside storage space and outside parking space.
  5. – Maintenance cost is relatively low.
  6. – Regarding to electrical power, vertical compactors are available with standard power options like 3 phase or single phase.
  7. – Vertical compactors comply with safety standards and they are environment friendly.
  8. – Vertical compaction can ensure the higher compaction and higher load density. So vertical compactors also has high performance and can save money for you by less energy.


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