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Why use a baler?

Materials that were once waste in past decades are now reusable.  And almost every conceivable type of waste that can be reused or recycled is either too bulky, or too small and loose to handle efficiently.  In order to effectively handle your recyclable waste or resources, you need a baling machine to compress the waste material into bales.


Baler takes large quantities of recyclable material (like plastic bottles or cardboard or similar) and make them smaller.  The speed and ease in which waste can be compressed into a manageable form makes every aspect of handling more effective and thus, more friendly to the bottom line.


Neat and tidy bales not only reduce your storage space, it also reduces your transportation cost because you can certainly load more cardboard bales into a container or truck, as compared to the loose ones.  Recyclable materials nowadays carry a definitive dollar value; hence efficient handling of these waste materials is increasingly important.