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Textile Type and Textile Recycling

What types does textile have?

Textile material is classified according to their composed fiber. Generally speaking, there are two types of textile fiber – natural fiber and artificial fiber.

Natural Fiber is taken from plants, animals as well as geological processes. Cotton fiber, flax fiber, jute fiber, ramie fiber etc. belong to Vegetable origin textile fiber. Silk fiber, wool fiber, and rabbit are animal fiber. Asbestos fiber is mineral fiber.

Artificial Fiber, also called manufactured fiber or synthetic fiber, generally is from synthetic materials like petrochemicals. Acrylic fiber, nylon fiber, polyester fiber, polyethylene fiber, polyurethane fiber and polyvinyl fibers are produced from Polymers synthesized from chemical compounds; Alginic and cellulose-based fibers such as acetates fiber and rayon fiber are produced from Modified or transformed natural polymers; Glass fiber is Minerals but it is chemically produced fibers, which distinguishes them from the truly natural fibers.

Are all waste textiles recyclable?
Clothing textiles are nearly 100 percent recyclable if they are clean and dry.

What is waste textile (clothes) used for?
– Donate second-hand textile like clothes to charities
– Re-sell to some backward countries
– Cut textiles like shabby towels, T-shirts, pants etc. into wiping cloths, which can be used for our daily household and office cleaning
– Process textiles back to fiber, for producing paper, yarn, carpet, filler, etc.

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