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Automatic Drum Crusher Set

  • Automatic Drum Crusher Set
  • Automatic Drum Crusher Set
  • Automatic Drum Crusher Set
  • Automatic Drum Crusher Set
  • Automatic Drum Crusher Set
Crush 55 gallons (up to 220L) oil drums.


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Compared to traditional drum crusher, this automatic drum crusher set does not need any manual operation for loading drums into the compression chamber or taking out the crushed metal disc from the compression chamber. The entire operation cycle including drum feeding, crushing, ram returning and metal-disc ejecting is fully automatic once the feed conveyor is started and scrap drum is placed on the conveyor. This automatic drum crusher set is composed by a rolling conveyor, a drum crushing unit, and a hydraulic-driven ejecting mechanism. The conveyor and the crushing unit are interlocked electrically, that is, the conveyor will automatically stop or start again according to certain action of the crushing unit.

This automatic crushing system can crush almost all types of metal drums & barrels of up to 220Litre (58 gallon) volume. Customization on the chamber size of the crushing unit can also be done by us in the case that your drum size does not fit our standard compression chamber size. With the installation of infrared ray sensor, the operation safety of this machine is well ensured because the crushing process will immediately stopped if the infrared ray detects that anything approaches to the compression chamber.

For some plants or yards that generate large quantity of scrap metal drums every day, this automatic crushing system is an optimal solution to efficiently reduce the size of the drums and subsequently saves storage room and transportation cost. Especially in some areas where labor cost is very expensive, this system can help much save labor cost on crushing the drums.

Baling Press Applications For Automatic Drum Crusher Set:

Oil drums, paint drums/barrels, and any other types of steel/aluminum drums.

Choose from our various models available, or contact us for a customized baling solution.

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Model Bale size Bale weight Throughput Strapping
Length Width Height

760 mm

(30 inch)

760 mm

(30 inch)

100-120 mm

(4-5 inch)

kg ( lbs)

 60-70 pcs/hr

Main Features

arrow feature Fully Automatic 0peration
makes almost labor free and meanwhile maximizes the productivity
arrow feature Liquid Drainage Channel
receives and drains out the residual liquid that was originally contained in the drums, keeping the working area dry and clean
arrow feature Spikes/Perforating Needles on the Platen
help perforate the drums to make the crushing easier
arrow feature PLC Control
automates the operation and promotes accuracy
arrow feature Long Ram Stroke
enables the drums to be crushed in a high compaction ratio, further reducing waste footprint