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 Baler Blog is a discussion or information site for waste recycling world especially for baler machines. Sinobaler as a baler manufacturer pioneer affords vertical balers and horizontal balers for different waste material baling requirements. This  baler blog aims to share our all kinds of baling solutions for waste recycling world. Share or comment your ideas with us from here. View more size reduction machine blog here.

Cottonseed, a valuable byproduct of cotton ginning, holds significant importance across various industries, particularly in agriculture and animal feed. Efficient handling and packaging of cottonseed are paramount for maximizing its utility. This is where cotton seed bagging baler proves indispensable. These machines offer a streamlined solution for compacting and directly bagging cottonseed into plastic or […]
What is a Lid Style Metal Baler? A lid style metal baler is a specialized piece of equipment designed to compact metal scraps such as aluminum, steel, copper, and other ferrous or non-ferrous materials into dense, manageable bales. Unlike traditional balers, which may lack a lid or cover mechanism, the lid style metal baler features […]
A bagging press machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed for packaging and compressing various materials into bags or containers. This type of machine is commonly used in industries such as agriculture, waste management, recycling, and manufacturing where bulk materials need to be efficiently packaged for storage, transportation, or further processing. Many bagging press […]
Bagasse is the fibrous residue left behind after extracting juice from sugarcane. Traditionally, bagasse has been utilized as a raw material for paper and board production due to its fibrous composition. However, the pith content in raw bagasse can pose challenges in processing and end-product quality. Enter depithing technology, which involves the removal of the […]
A horizontal baler with a cyclone typically refers to a type of waste management equipment used in recycling facilities, manufacturing plants, or other industrial settings. The primary purpose of this equipment is to compress and bundle various materials into compact, manageable bales for easier handling, transportation, and recycling. A horizontal baler is a machine designed […]
As the automotive industry continues to grow, so does the challenge of handling and disposing of end-of-life tires. Standard car tires have long been the focus of recycling efforts, but the larger 18-inch wheel diameter tires present unique challenges due to their size and weight. This is where the 18 Wheel Diameter Car Tire Baler […]
A Hydraulic Drive PET Bottle Baler is a specialized machine designed for compacting and baling PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles, which are commonly used for packaging beverages, food, and other consumer products. The purpose of such a baler is to efficiently manage and reduce the volume of PET bottles for easier storage, transportation, and recycling. These […]
PET is a commonly used plastic for beverage and food containers. A PET bottle waste baler is a machine designed to compress and bundle PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles for easier handling, transportation, and recycling. The baler works by compressing the PET bottles into compact, dense bales that can be more efficiently stored and transported to […]

Metal Spring Baler02/01/2024

A metal spring baler, also known as a scrap metal baler, is a machine designed to compress scrap metal into compact, manageable bales. This process is crucial in recycling operations, as it helps reduce the volume of metal waste, making it easier to handle, transport, and recycle. Metal spring balers are commonly used in scrap […]
A paper pulp baling machine is a piece of equipment designed to compress and bundle paper pulp into compact and manageable units, commonly known as bales. Paper pulp is a fibrous material derived from wood or recycled paper products, and it is a crucial raw material in the paper and packaging industry. The baling process […]
Foam cold press machine is primarily used for processing various types of foam materials, such as expanded polystyrene (EPS), polyurethane foam, and other foam-based materials. The term “cold press” refers to the method of molding or compressing foam materials at lower temperatures compared to traditional hot press methods. This helps prevent the material from melting […]
A baling and bagging machine is a combination of a baler and bagging system, allowing for the compression and packaging of materials in both bale and bag forms. These machines are versatile and find applications in various industries, including recycling, waste management, and agriculture. It plays a crucial role in managing and transporting bulk materials […]
The Craft Carton Box Baler is a specialized piece of equipment designed for bundling and packaging craft Carton boxes. This machine features to efficiently compress and secure multiple boxes together, streamlining the packaging process. A Craft Carton Box Baler could be useful for various businesses and industries involved in the production, packaging, or recycling of […]
To buy a suitable downstroke baler, consider the following steps: Many balers are renowned for their versatility, capable of processing a wide range of materials. Alternatively, machines like the mill size balers for cardboard or the long stroke balers for bottles and cans are purposefully designed for specialized applications. If your backroom or designated area […]
Cardboard compactors for sale are machines designed to compress and compact cardboard materials into more manageable and space-efficient forms. These compactors are commonly used by businesses, recycling centers, and industries that generate a significant amount of cardboard waste. By reducing the volume of cardboard, these machines make storage, transportation, and recycling more efficient. When searching […]
Mattress steel springs, commonly known as mattress coils or springs, are the internal components of a mattress that provide support and contribute to the overall structure and comfort of the mattress. These springs are typically made of steel and come in various types, such as Bonnell coils, pocket coils, and continuous coils, each with its […]

Wood Wool Baler27/11/2023

Wood wool, also known as excelsior, is a type of wood product that consists of thin, curled strands or fibers obtained by cutting or shredding wood. A wood wool baler is a machine designed to compress and package wood wool or wood shavings into compact and manageable bales. Typically, wood wool balers are used in […]
A Triple Action Baling Machine is a type of recycling equipment designed for compressing and bundling various materials into compact and manageable forms. The term “triple action” refers to the three crucial stages in the baling process. These machines are commonly used in waste management and recycling facilities to process materials efficiently. Metal balers are […]

Coco Pith Baler15/11/2023

Coco pith, also known as coir pith or coir dust, is a byproduct of the coconut fiber industry. It is the material that remains after extracting coconut fibers from the husk. Coco pith is often used as a growing medium in horticulture and gardening due to its water retention properties. Coco pith is known for […]
A double-action baler, in the context of waste management and recycling, is a type of baler machine used to compress and tightly bind materials such as small loose materials like wood shavings, and other recyclables into compact, manageable bales. The double action refers to the use of two cylinders in the baling process. One cylinder […]

Scrap Iron Baler08/11/2023

A scrap iron baler is a machine used in the recycling industry to compress and bundle scrap iron and steel materials into compact, manageable bales. This process makes it easier to handle, transport, and store scrap metal, while also reducing the volume of space required for storage and transportation. Scrap iron balers are an essential […]
A palm oil fiber baler is a machine used to compress and bale palm oil fiber, which is a byproduct of the palm oil extraction process. Palm oil fiber is obtained from the mesocarp of oil palm fruits after the oil extraction process. It is a fibrous material that has several applications, including as a […]

HDPE Jugs Baler30/10/2023

An HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) jugs baler is a machine designed to compact and bundle used or empty HDPE jugs, bottles, and containers for recycling or disposal. HDPE is a common plastic material used in the production of items like milk jugs, detergent bottles, and various other consumer and industrial packaging containers. Balers help in the […]
A post-industrial textile waste baler is a machine used in industrial settings to compress and package textile waste generated in various manufacturing processes. This waste can include scraps, trimmings, defective products, and other materials left over from textile production. The primary purpose of a textile waste baler is to reduce the volume of waste materials, […]
A Horizontal Auto-Tie Baler is a type of industrial machinery used for compacting and baling various materials, typically recyclable materials like cardboard, paper, plastic, and other similar commodities. This equipment is commonly employed in recycling facilities, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants to process and manage waste materials efficiently. This type of balers have some features […]

Steel Chips Baler19/10/2023

A steel chips baler, often referred to as a metal chips baler or metal scrap baler, is a piece of machinery used in the recycling and waste management industry to compact and bundle steel chips, shavings, and other metal scraps into manageable and transportable bales. These machines are essential for the efficient handling and recycling […]

Craft Paper Baler18/10/2023

Craft paper, often used for packaging, wrapping, or crafting purposes, can accumulate in large quantities, especially in industrial or commercial settings. A baler helps in efficiently managing this paper waste. A craft paper baler is a machine used to compress and package craft paper or other types of paper materials into compact and manageable bales […]
An automatic continuous baler, also known as an auto-tie baler or continuous baler, is a machine used in recycling facilities and waste management operations to compact materials into manageable and transportable bales. This type of baler is designed to streamline the baling process by automatically tying and ejecting bales, allowing for a continuous and efficient […]
A Metal Shavings Baler, also known as a Metal Shavings Compactor or Metal Shavings Press, is a machine designed to compress and compact metal shavings, chips, or scrap into dense and manageable blocks or bales. These bales are easier to handle, store, transport, and recycle. Metal shavings balers typically work by compressing loose metal shavings […]

Kraft Paper Baler28/09/2023

Kraft paper is a type of paper made from chemical pulp produced in the Kraft process, and it’s commonly used for packaging materials and various industrial applications. A Kraft paper baler is a machine used to compress and bundle Kraft paper or cardboard into compact and manageable bales for easier handling, transportation, and recycling. Benefits […]
A vertical press baler, also known as a vertical baler or vertical compactor, is a machine used to compact various materials into dense and manageable bales. These machines are commonly used in recycling facilities, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, retail stores, and other industries that generate a significant amount of waste or recyclable materials. A vertical […]
An open-end auto-tie baler is a piece of heavy machinery used in recycling and waste management facilities to compact various materials into compact, manageable bales. The term “open-end” refers to the design of the baler, which allows for continuous feeding and compaction of materials. Open-end auto-tie balers have become increasingly popular for several reasons, primarily […]
A Closed Door Manual Tie Baler is a type of baler used in recycling and waste management to compact various materials, such as paper, cardboard, plastics, aluminum cans, and other recyclable materials, into compact bales for easier transportation and recycling. The term “closed door” refers to the design of the baler, where the loading door […]
A baler machine for cardboard, also known as a cardboard baler, is a specialized piece of equipment used to compact and bundle cardboard waste for easier storage, transportation, and recycling. Cardboard balers are essential in various industries, retail stores, warehouses, recycling facilities, and any business that generates a significant amount of cardboard waste. Types of […]

Marine Compactor19/09/2023

A marine compactor, also known as a marine waste compactor or marine baler, is a specialized piece of equipment used on ships and vessels to efficiently manage and compact waste generated during voyages. These compactors are designed to handle various types of waste, including paper, cardboard, plastics, and other recyclable materials. Marine compactors, designed for […]

Sesame Husk Baler15/09/2023

A sesame husk baler is a specialized machine used in the agricultural and agro-industrial sector to compact and bale sesame husks. Sesame husks are the outer shells or hulls that encase the sesame seeds. After sesame seeds are harvested, the husks are often left as waste or byproducts of sesame processing. Baling sesame husks can […]

Can Metal Baler14/09/2023

Can metal baler is designed for compressing and recycling beverage cans. Can metal balers are specialized machines used to compact and bale aluminum beverage cans such as soda cans and beer cans for recycling purposes. Aluminum is a highly recyclable material, and recycling cans helps conserve energy and reduce waste. These machines are commonly employed […]
A hydraulic pressure hay baler is an essential piece of equipment in modern agriculture, used to efficiently compress and bundle hay or straw into compact bales. These bales are crucial for various agricultural purposes, including livestock feed, bedding, and storage. Hydraulic hay balers utilize a hydraulic system to achieve the compression needed for forming tight […]
A cotton bale press machine, also known as a cotton baling press, is a piece of industrial equipment used in the cotton processing industry. Its primary purpose is to compress raw cotton into dense and standardized bales for easier storage, transport, and handling. Cotton Processing and Baling Process Cotton bale press machines are a crucial […]
Cardboard baler manufacturer produces machines designed to compress and bundle cardboard and other recyclable materials for more efficient storage and transportation. These machines are commonly used in recycling facilities, manufacturing plants, retail stores, and other businesses that generate a significant amount of cardboard waste. Cardboard baler types and functionality Cardboard balers come in various sizes […]
A PET bottle press machine, also known as a PET bottle baler or PET bottle compactor, is a piece of industrial equipment used to compress and compact empty PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles into manageable bales or bundles. PET bottle press machines are used primarily for recycling purposes. They help reduce the volume of empty PET […]
A Horizontal Baling Press, also known as a horizontal baler, is a machine used in recycling and waste management facilities to compact and bale materials like cardboard, paper, plastics, metals, and other recyclable materials into dense, manageable bales. These bales are easier to store, transport, and sell to recycling centers or manufacturers, which helps reduce […]
A 55-gallon drum crusher, also known as a drum compactor or drum flattener, is a machine designed to reduce the volume of large drums or barrels to make them easier to transport and dispose of. These machines are commonly used in industrial and commercial settings where large quantities of drums or barrels need to be […]
A scrap baling press machine, also known as a scrap baler or hydraulic baling press, is a piece of industrial equipment used to compress and bundle various types of scrap materials into compact and manageable bales. These machines are commonly used in recycling centers, scrap yards, manufacturing facilities, and other industries where large volumes of […]
A tinplate scrap baler is a specialized machine used in recycling facilities and metal processing plants to compress and package tinplate scrap into compact, manageable bundles or bales. Tinplate, also known as tin-plated steel or simply “tinplate,” is a thin sheet of steel coated with a layer of tin. It is commonly used for packaging […]
In the world of textile recycling, where every inch of cargo space and every shipping dollar count, Clothes Compressing Machines have emerged as indispensable allies for recyclers. These machines offer a range of benefits, especially for those who specialize in exporting used clothing to developing countries. Let’s delve into how Clothes Compressing Machine enhances the […]

Straw Compactor31/08/2023

In the world of agriculture, efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand. One crucial aspect of this balance is waste management, especially when it comes to materials like straw. Straw, a byproduct of grain cultivation, serves various purposes on the farm but can also pose challenges in terms of storage, transportation, and environmental impact. This […]

Fuel Filter Baler30/08/2023

From automotive maintenance facilities to recycling centers, responsible waste management practices are crucial for sustainable operations. A fuel filter baler is a specialized machine designed to transform used fuel filters into compact bales. Fuel filters, which are essential components in vehicles, accumulate impurities over time and need to be replaced. The challenge arises in efficiently […]
“Rubber crumbs” typically refer to small granules or particles of rubber that are often used as a material in various applications. These rubber crumbs are generally obtained from the recycling of rubber products such as tires, conveyor belts, and other rubber materials. When old tires are no longer suitable for use, they are often shredded […]

Dry Grass Baler24/08/2023

A dry grass baler, also known as a hay baler or straw baler, is a piece of agricultural machinery used to compress and bundle dry grass, hay, straw, or similar materials into compact and manageable bales. These bales are easier to store, transport, and feed to livestock. Functionality Dry grass balers are designed to pick […]

Scrap Wire Baler22/08/2023

A scrap wire baler is a specialized machine designed for compacting and bundling various types of scrap wires and cables into manageable and transportable bales. These machines are commonly used in recycling facilities, scrap yards, manufacturing plants, and other industries dealing with large quantities of discarded wires and cables. The primary purpose of a scrap […]
A Synthetic Rubber Baler is a specialized type of baling press machine used to compress synthetic rubber materials into compact and manageable bales. These bales are easier to handle, transport, and store. The process of using a synthetic rubber baler typically involves the following steps: Loading: Synthetic rubber materials are fed into the baler’s chamber […]
A double box baler for textiles is a specialized machine used in the recycling and waste management industry to compress and bale textiles, such as clothing, fabric scraps, and other textile materials. The term “double box” refers to the dual compartments or chambers within the baler that allow for efficient baling and processing of materials. […]
A tire baling machine, also known as a tire baler or tire compactor, is a specialized piece of equipment used in the recycling industry to compress and compact waste tires into bales or bundles. These bales are easier to handle, transport, and store compared to loose tires, which can take up a significant amount of […]
Marine waste, often referred to as marine debris or ocean litter, encompasses a wide range of materials that find their way into oceans and waterways. The culprits include plastic items, fishing gear, packaging materials, and other discarded objects. Over time, these materials break down into smaller pieces, known as microplastics, and pose a severe threat […]
A plastic measuring jugs baling machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed for efficiently compressing and packaging plastic measuring jugs, typically made from materials like HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) or PP (Polypropylene), into compact and manageable bales. These machines play a crucial role in the recycling and waste management industry by facilitating the processing of […]
A carpet pad, also known as an underlay or cushion, is a layer of material that is placed between the floor and the carpet. It serves several important functions in the context of carpet installation and use, such as cushioning, insulation, protection, sound absorption, and moisture barrier etc. Recycling carpet pads is crucial for reducing […]
Cellophane is a transparent film made from regenerated cellulose, offering excellent moisture resistance and airtight properties. It has historically been used in various applications, including food packaging and display wrapping due to its transparency and biodegradability. Paper waste is a significant concern for industries and communities alike, given its abundance and environmental impact. Proper management […]
In the maritime industry, safety is paramount. The efficient management and disposal of waste aboard ships are crucial to preventing pollution and maintaining a clean marine environment. One significant concern during waste management processes is the potential for explosions, especially in hazardous environments where flammable gases or vapors may be present. To address this safety […]
The Chopped Animal Fodder Baler is a game-changer in animal feed management. Traditional methods of handling fodder often involve laborious and time-consuming processes. However, with this baler, farmers can efficiently collect, compress, and package chopped animal fodders into compact bales, simplifying storage and transportation. The result is improved fodder management, ensuring a steady and nutritious […]
Beverage cartons are commonly used for packaging beverages like milk, juice, and other liquid products. These cartons are made from a combination of paperboard, plastic, and aluminum, making them a bit more complex to recycle than simple paper or plastic materials. The Beverage Cartons Baler is a marvel of engineering designed to tackle the complexities […]
The fashion industry has long been criticized for its massive waste generation. A significant portion of clothing produced eventually ends up in landfills, contributing to environmental pollution and resource depletion. Addressing this challenge requires innovative approaches that extend the lifespan of textiles and divert them from landfills. One significant step towards reducing textile waste and […]
A stationary press machine, also known as a stationary press or hydraulic press, is a versatile industrial machine used to compress various materials into specific shapes or forms. It is a powerful mechanical device that utilizes hydraulic force to exert pressure on the material being processed. Structure and Hydraulic System A stationary press machine typically […]
Tractor inner tubes are a type of rubber tube designed to fit inside tractor tires. Are you tired of dealing with heaps of discarded tractor inner tubes cluttering your farm or agricultural facility? Say goodbye to inefficient waste management and hello to a groundbreaking solution – the Tractor Inner Tubes Baler! This innovative baling press […]
In the realm of poultry processing, the handling and disposal of feathers have long been a challenging issue. Feathers are lightweight, voluminous, and often regarded as waste material. Proper management of these feathers is crucial for minimizing environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices. Feather waste baling machine is a specialized machine designed to efficiently compact […]
HDPE is a commonly used plastic material for milk jugs due to its durability, strength, and ability to resist chemicals. To optimize the recycling process, the utilization of HDPE milk jugs baler has become increasingly important. HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) milk jugs baler refers to a specific type of baler used to compact HDPE milk jugs […]

Tuna Cans Baler14/07/2023

Tuna cans are small metal containers specifically used for packaging tuna fish. These cans are designed to preserve and store tuna in a convenient and long-lasting form. Tuna cans typically have a cylindrical shape with a removable lid or a pull-tab for easy opening. They are a widely recognized and utilized form of packaging that […]
A wood shavings baler for sale is a specialized machine designed to compress and package wood shavings into compact bales for easy storage, transportation, and recycling. Wood shavings are a byproduct of various woodworking processes, such as sawing, planing, or milling wood, and they are commonly used for animal bedding, as well as in the […]
A Tetra Pak container baler is a specialized machine designed to compress and bale Tetra Pak containers for recycling purposes. Tetra Pak containers, often used for packaging beverages such as milk, juices, and other liquid products, are made of multiple layers of different materials, including paper, plastic, and aluminum. The primary purpose of a Tetra […]

NBR Rubber Baler05/07/2023

NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber), also known as Buna-N or NBR rubber, is a synthetic rubber compound widely used in various industries due to its excellent resistance to oil, fuel, and chemicals. It is commonly found in applications such as seals, gaskets, hoses, O-rings, gloves, and automotive components. Do you find yourself struggling to manage and […]
When it comes to the safety and protection of your vessel, having the right tools on board is essential. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our top-of-the-line Waterproof Marine Baler. Designed specifically for emergency water removal, this reliable and durable device will give you peace of mind, ensuring your boat stays afloat even in […]
Plastic measuring cups, often made of materials like polypropylene or polycarbonate, are commonly used in various industries such as food production, laboratories, and household applications. However, due to their lightweight and bulky nature, they can take up a significant amount of space in recycling facilities. To address this issue, plastic measuring cup baler machines are […]
In industries that deal with large quantities of steel drums, storage and transportation can become a significant challenge. These drums, commonly used for storing and transporting various materials, can be bulky and occupy valuable space. However, with the advent of the 205L steel drums crusher, businesses can now efficiently and safely address this issue. What […]

Ship Waste Baler28/06/2023

Managing waste generated on ships is a crucial aspect of responsible maritime operations. With the increasing focus on environmental sustainability, ship owners and operators are seeking efficient waste management solutions. Ship waste baler has emerged as a valuable tool in this endeavor, enabling effective waste compression, storage, and disposal on board vessels. What is a […]

Canola Husks Baler27/06/2023

Agricultural waste management plays a crucial role in promoting sustainability and minimizing the environmental impact of farming practices. In the realm of oilseed production, canola husks are one of the primary byproducts generated during the extraction of oil. Efficiently managing these husks is vital for optimizing agricultural operations and reducing waste. Enter the canola husks […]
Agricultural practices have evolved significantly over the years, with technology playing a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency and productivity. Among the many innovations, straw baling machines have emerged as valuable assets for farmers worldwide. These specialized machines efficiently compress and package straw, opening doors to improved storage, transportation, and various applications. Let’s delve into the […]

Mini Balers21/06/2023

In the world of waste management and material handling, efficiency and convenience are paramount. Mini balers are compact machines used for compressing and baling various materials such as hay, straw, paper, cardboard, plastic, and more. They are designed to create small, manageable bales that are easier to handle, transport, and store. Here are some key […]

Biomass Compactor20/06/2023

In the quest for efficient waste management and sustainable resource utilization, biomass compactor has emerged as invaluable tools. These specialized machines are designed to compact and bale biomass waste materials, such as agricultural residues, wood chips, and food waste. By reducing the volume of biomass waste while maximizing its density, balers offer numerous benefits, including […]
Plastic water bottles have become a ubiquitous part of our daily lives, and their consumption has skyrocketed over the years. However, the improper disposal and accumulation of these bottles pose significant environmental challenges. Water bottle baler addresses these challenges by providing an efficient solution for compacting and preparing plastic bottles for recycling. A water bottle […]
In today’s fast-paced world, packaging plays a vital role in various industries. Corrugated boxes, known for their strength and durability, are widely used for packaging and shipping purposes. However, the disposal of used or empty boxes can present a logistical challenge. This is where a corrugated boxes baler comes into the picture. A corrugated boxes […]
In industries such as manufacturing, recycling, and waste management, efficient handling of empty drums and barrels is essential. These containers can take up significant space and pose logistical challenges during storage, transportation, and disposal. However, drum press, also known as drum crusher or drum compactor, offers a practical solution. By flattening and compacting empty drums, […]
In today’s world, where environmental sustainability and efficient resource management are critical, businesses and industries face the challenge of managing large volumes of cardboard waste. Enter industrial cardboard compactors, also known as cardboard balers, which offer an effective solution for organizations dealing with significant quantities of cardboard waste. These machines are designed to compress and […]

Recycling Balers08/06/2023

Recycling has become an increasingly important aspect of waste management in our modern society. As we strive to reduce our environmental impact and conserve resources, recycling balers have emerged as essential tools in the recycling industry. These powerful machines efficiently compress and bundle recyclable materials into compact and manageable units called bales, making storage, transportation, […]
Agricultural baler machines are indispensable machines in the agricultural industry, offering an efficient and practical solution for the harvesting, storage, and transportation of crops. By compressing and binding agricultural materials into bales, these machines optimize the use of resources and contribute to the overall efficiency of the agricultural process. The Purpose and Function of Agricultural […]
In today’s fast-paced world, the need for efficient packaging and waste management is more crucial than ever. One remarkable invention that addresses these needs is the baling machine. What is a baling machine? A baling machine is a versatile device designed to compress and bind various materials into compact bundles, making them easier to handle, […]
A paper baling machine, also known as a paper baler, is a specialized piece of equipment used to compress and package large quantities of paper waste into compact bales. It plays a crucial role in the recycling industry by facilitating the efficient handling and transportation of paper for recycling purposes. The process of paper baling […]
In the world of agriculture, efficiency and productivity are key factors in ensuring a successful harvest. One of the machines that has revolutionized the farming industry is the hay baler machine. This remarkable piece of equipment has simplified the process of collecting and bundling hay, making it easier for farmers to handle, transport, and store […]

Bale Press Machine31/05/2023

In today’s world, where environmental sustainability is of paramount importance, efficient waste management and recycling processes are crucial. One significant aspect of waste management is the compression and packaging of recyclable materials into bales. This is where the bale press machine plays a pivotal role. A bale press machine, also known as a baling machine […]
In the realm of waste management, finding effective solutions that optimize space utilization while ensuring environmental sustainability is crucial. Small footprint baler has emerged as a game-changer in this field, offering an innovative approach to compacting and managing various types of waste materials. A small footprint baler is a specialized machine designed to compact and […]
Marine pollution has emerged as a significant environmental concern in recent years. One of the major culprits behind this problem is the extensive accumulation of garbage and waste in our oceans. To combat this issue and promote sustainable practices, various innovative technologies have been developed, among which the marine garbage compactor stands out as a […]
In today’s world, efficient waste management is of paramount importance. From manufacturing facilities to recycling centers, businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to handle and process waste effectively. One such technological advancement is the automatic horizontal baler with a chain belt conveyor. This powerful combination offers numerous benefits, revolutionizing the way waste is handled, compacted, […]
Wool production is a significant industry worldwide, with sheep farmers and wool mills continuously seeking ways to streamline the packaging and transportation of raw wool fibers. One essential tool in this process is the wool press. These robust machines are designed to compress raw wool into bales, optimizing storage space and simplifying logistics. If you’re […]

Jumbo Sacks Baler22/05/2023

Jumbo sacks, also known as bulk bags, are large containers used for the transportation and storage of bulk materials. They are typically made of woven polypropylene, a durable and strong material. Jumbo sacks are commonly used in industries such as agriculture, construction, and manufacturing to handle and transport items like grains, fertilizers, chemicals, sand, and […]

Steel Drum Baler17/05/2023

Steel drums, commonly used for storing and transporting various substances, play a vital role in many industries. However, when these drums reach the end of their life cycle, proper recycling becomes crucial to minimize environmental impact. This is where steel drum balers come into the picture. Here we’ll explore the significance of steel drum baler […]

Memory Foam Baler10/05/2023

Memory foam is a popular material used in many bedding and furniture products due to its unique ability to contour to the shape of a person’s body. It was originally developed by NASA in the 1960s to improve the safety and comfort of aircraft cushions. Today, memory foam is commonly used in mattresses, pillows, and […]
A mattress topper is a layer of cushioning material that is placed on top of a mattress to provide extra comfort and support. As mentioned earlier, mattress toppers come in a variety of materials such as memory foam, latex, wool, down, and others. Mattress toppers can be used to modify the firmness or softness of […]
As the demand for hemp-derived products continues to grow, the industrial hemp processing industry is facing new challenges and opportunities. One of the key challenges is how to efficiently manage the waste material generated during the processing of hemp stalks. This waste material, known as hemp core, is a fibrous material derived from the central […]
A paint drum is a type of container used for storing and transporting paint and other liquid coatings. These drums are typically made of steel or other durable materials, and are designed to be strong and leak-proof. Paint drums come in a variety of sizes, from small containers used for household paint storage to large […]
A towel baler is a machine used to compress and bale towels, sheets, and other linens for easy transport and storage. Towel balers are used in hotels, hospitals, and other businesses that generate large amounts of used linens. They help to save space, reduce transport costs, and make it easier to manage and dispose of […]
Garlic is a versatile and flavorful ingredient that is used in many cuisines around the world. Garlic skin refers to the thin, papery layer that surrounds individual cloves of garlic. It is usually removed before cooking with garlic. However, these garlic skin residues are often discarded as waste. But did you know that while it […]
An industrial waste baler is a machine used to compress and compact large amounts of waste materials into a smaller, more manageable size. The process of baling waste materials involves feeding them into the machine, where they are compressed and shaped into tight, uniform bales using a hydraulic ram or other compressing mechanism. The baled […]
A marine garbage baler is a specialized type of waste compaction machine designed to handle solid waste generated on ships and other marine vessels. These machines are typically used to compact and bale a variety of waste materials, including plastics, metals, cardboard, paper, and other types of solid waste. Marine garbage balers are designed to […]
Daily waste refers to the waste that is generated by households, businesses, and other institutions on a daily basis. This can include food scraps, paper and cardboard, plastics, glass, and other materials that are discarded as part of daily activities. Daily waste is a significant environmental concern, as it can contribute to pollution, greenhouse gas […]
Hemp hurd is a byproduct of the hemp plant. It’s the inner woody core of the stalk, which is left behind after the fibers and seeds have been removed. Hemp hurd is a sustainable, versatile, and eco-friendly material that has many potential uses. It’s becoming increasingly popular in a variety of industries, including construction, agriculture, […]
An oil drum is a type of container used for storing and transporting oil and other liquids. It is typically made of steel or other durable materials, and is designed to be both strong and leak-proof. Oil drums come in a variety of sizes, from small containers used for household oil storage to large industrial […]
Fly husk, or fly pupae, is the discarded outer shell of the fly larvae as it metamorphoses into an adult fly. Fly husk can be a source of valuable nutrients and can be recycled into animal feed or fertilizer. To recycle fly husk, it is important to ensure that it is collected and stored properly. […]
Paddy husk, also known as rice husk, is the outer layer of rice grain. It is separated from the grain during the milling process and is considered a byproduct. Paddy husk is rich in cellulose and lignin, which makes it a valuable source of renewable energy. It is commonly used as fuel for boilers, furnaces, […]
Mineral wool is a type of insulation material made from natural or synthetic minerals. It is commonly used in construction and industrial settings to provide thermal and acoustic insulation, fire resistance, and other benefits. Mineral wool is typically made by melting minerals such as basalt, diabase, or slag at very high temperatures and then spinning […]
Groundnut shell, also known as peanut shell, is the outer covering of peanuts that is removed during the process of shelling. It is a by-product of the peanut industry and is typically considered a waste product. However, groundnut shells have many potential uses, such as fuel for heating or cooking, animal feed, and as a […]

Rag Baler Machine30/03/2023

Rags are pieces of cloth that are no longer suitable for their original purpose, often because they are worn, torn, or stained. Rags can be made from various materials such as cotton, linen, wool, or synthetic fibers. In industrial settings, rags are commonly used for cleaning or wiping down machinery and equipment, while in the […]
Pallet stretch films are an essential component of modern logistics and supply chain management. They are used to wrap and secure goods on pallets for transportation or storage. The films are made from high-quality polyethylene and come in various widths and thicknesses to accommodate different types of goods. The films are stretchy, which enables them […]

Bast Fiber Baler27/03/2023

Bast fibers are plant fibers that come from the stem of certain plants, such as flax, hemp, jute, and ramie. They are classified as “soft fibers” because they are generally flexible and have a relatively low elasticity compared to other types of plant fibers. Bast fibers are used in a wide variety of products, including […]
Oil palm trunk fiber is a type of natural fiber that is derived from the trunk of the oil palm tree. These fiber are the residual waste produced from the palm oil industry, and they are generated when the palm fruit is harvested and processed. This type of fiber is commonly used as a raw […]
Mineral fibers are synthetic or naturally occurring fibers made from minerals such as glass, rock, slag, or ceramic. They are commonly used as insulation material in buildings, as well as in other industrial applications such as filtration, fireproofing, and soundproofing. Mineral fiber can be quite dense and difficult to compress, so you’ll need a baler […]
Plastic HDPE buckets are containers made from High-Density Polyethylene plastic material that are commonly used in various industries due to their durability, resistance to damage, and versatility. You can find HDPE buckets in a wide range of industries, including food packaging, chemical storage, and agriculture. The use of Plastic HDPE buckets baler is an important […]
Palm husks, also known as part of palm fronds, are a common byproduct of palm oil production. They are typically used as a source of fuel for boilers and other industrial applications. Also there are many ways to use palm husks in the home and garden. However, the disposal of palm husks can be a […]

Metal Drum Crusher16/03/2023

Metal drums are a common type of industrial waste that can be difficult to dispose of due to their size and weight. This is where a metal drum crusher comes in, as it can efficiently and effectively crush metal drums into smaller, more manageable pieces for disposal or recycling. What is a metal drum crusher? […]
Mustard husk is also known as mustard straw or mustard stalks. It is an agricultural waste product that is generated after the harvesting of mustard crops. It is an excellent raw material for producing the silica (SiO2). So it can be used as the industry fuel for heating the water in boilers for power generation. […]
Bale press for textiles is normally popular as textile baler. People who are in the market for a textile bale press machine, always need it to compress used textile before shipping or just for internal waste management. These textile bale press machines also provide an option to pack textiles in either plastic, PP or PE […]
Peat moss is made up of decomposed organic material salvaged from peat bogs. As one of the most valuable raw material and soil improver, it makes an excellent soil amendment to potting mix and garden soil, and mounds of peat moss can even serve as hydroponic growing media. So bagged peat moss in bales have […]
Balers can be in vertical or horizontal type. Each baler can equip with single cylinder, double cylinders or more cylinders for different compressing purpose. Here we just introduce vertical double cylinder baler below. What is a vertical double cylinder baler? Vertical double cylinder baler is a heavy duty dual ram baler in vertical type. Contribute […]
Many companies experience a growing interest in and need for sorting and compacting their waste recyclables. Vertical baler is an easy and cost effective choice as a start. Vertical balers have different door type for options. How to select your ideal door type? The type of baler door significantly affects the efficiency and comfort of […]
PET flakes come from post-consumption of PET bottles recycling line. After PET bottles are shredded, granulated and washed, clean PET flakes are obtained. When these PET flakes are further processed by blowing, injection and extrusion, they will have a new life for different products. PET flakes can be further produced to make bottles, film, fiber […]
What is compact size baler? Compact size baler requires little space since it features with small footprint and low height. This kind of balers provide effective volume reduction for small to medium sized volumes of materials.  It is quite easy to handle light weight bales for convenient handling and transportation. Who needs compact size balers? […]
What kind of cans and tins can be recycled? All metal food, beverage cans, tins from cookies, fruit cakes and popcorn, aerosol cans from non-hazardous products are all available for waste recycling. Beer cans are the important source of cans which are one of the most recycled materials in the world. How to transport and […]
Sunflower hulls are the by-product of the dehulling of sunflower seeds before they are used for oil extraction or as bakery ingredients. Sunflower seeds contain about 20-30% hulls. But these hulls are often removed before oil extraction due to their deleterious effects on oil presses. This is because they will reduce the quality of both […]
Paper strips refers to long and narrow pieces of paper. Most paper strips are recyclable and it can be reused. Having a paper strips baler is quite important to deliver these paper strips to paper mills. Dense bales make transportation convenient and cost effective. All the handlings will be much easier when loose paper strips […]
Normally metal cans are made of steel or aluminum. Compared with plastic containers, glass bottles and paper containers, metal cans have many good properties and they are widely used in packaging. When these metal cans become scrap or out of usage, how to dispose of them properly? Luckily metal cans are recyclable and the ideal […]
We always received inquiries for a versatile baler which is able to compress different kind of materials. Such versatile baler is quite cost effective because you do not need to purchase another baler for different materials. Except some particular materials like tires and drums, actually most of our balers are versatile balers which can compress […]
Sani-Chips are produced from superior hardwoods under the highest level of quality control system. As a long time staple in animal bedding, it is biodegradable and can be easily incinerated. Due to many product features and benefits, Sani-chips are widely used in heath research and institutes, breeding facilities, universities and major pharmaceutical companies. Direct transporting […]
Large bale machine and small bale machine, which one is more suitable for you? SINOBALER has both large and small bale machine for different options. Almost each baling material has many bale size options. In most cases, bale size is not the key factor in determining the exact baler. Generally speaking, customers focus on the […]
The introduction of bamboo fiber Bamboo fiber is also known as bamboo rayon, bamboo yarn, retting, bamboo linen etc.. The composition of bamboo fiber is semi-synthetic viscose cellulose extracted from bamboo or yarn made from bamboo fibers. It is a very breathable textile. Also it has high moisture-wicking abilities, stretchability and prone to pilling/bubbling. Countries […]
Generally speaking, bale size is flexible and can be customized per customer’s individual requirement. Different material has their own ideal bale size due to different purposes of purchasing a baler. Cardboard as one of most popular recyclable materials, has its ideal cardboard bale size for transportation cost and space saving. What is the ideal cardboard […]
Cardboard baling press machine is the compressing machine to make bales for all kinds of cardboard waste such as cartons, corrugated cardboard (OCC) etc. Different capacity requirements match different kind of cardboard baling press machines. There are vertical force and horizontal force cardboard balers in the market. Both of them are popular in their own […]
Bale size can be designed for different purposes. For same baling materials like alfalfa, both small bales and large bales are available. On the farm side, large bales will be more and more popular due to the labor cost. But still there is big market for small bales direct selling. The baling machine which can […]
Strapping baler is the most common and popular in baling press machines. Generally speaking, you can choose either steel wire strapping or plastic strapping in bale ties world. Here we focus on the description of steel wire strapping. In SINOBALER, we have three type of steel wires for strapping. They are black annealed wire, galvanized […]
About Timothy hay Timothy hay is a kind of grass hay instead of legumes. It requires very specific climate requirements to grow high quality Timothy. Then timothy will be baled by a timothy hay baler and used as animal feed. Different from high protein animal feed alfalfa, timothy hay features low protein, high fiber and […]
Why you need a waste can baler? Waste cans can be made of aluminum or steel. These cans are hollow and occupy much space. Investing into a waste can baler will significantly save your space and you can benefit from cost saving in handling and transportation. Waste can baler machines in SINOBALER SINOBALER has four […]
When copper millberry wires become scraps, they still have good residual value in the market. You can find many copper millberry wire compressed bales are selling in Alibaba, Indiamart, tradeindia etc. But the loose copper millberry wires are not easy to handle, store and deliver. So it is better to let them be packed in […]
The number of compressing times your materials need How many compressing times does your materials need to create the dense bale? This mainly depends on the nature of waste materials, and bale density level. Single press baling machine here refers to the machine which operates in one-time feeding and one-time compressing. Actually all the balers […]
What is pineapple leaf fiber? Pineapple is chiefly cultivated in coastal and tropical regions such as India and Malaysia. It is mainly for its fruits purpose. Tons of pineapple leaf fibers are produced each year, but only very small portions are being used in feedstock and energy production. Luckily, the expansion of biocomposites promotes the […]
Mixed rigid plastics differs to individual PET, LDPE, HDPE and PVC. It is a mixture of several different plastics. For example, plastic crates for milk or soda, laundry baskets, plastic drums, totes, empty garbage cans and plastic buckets. When large amount of scrap mixed rigid plastics accumulated, recycling is the ideal solution for proper disposal. […]
For compressed rectangle bales, you can tie them with strapping materials such as steel wires, plastic ropes or even bio-degradable hay ropes. Of course, you can also choose to bag them into plastic or non-woven bags without strapping. For some particular materials such as sawdust, block making machine can press them directly into blocks without […]
Soda drinks are very popular in our daily life. All of us are familiar with the top-selling soda drinks such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi. We consumed large amount of soda drinks worldwide. But how to dispose of these huge amount scrap soda bottles? Reusing or recycling soda bottles is the ideal solution for both environment […]
What is wood shaving baler?Wood shaving baler normally refers to bagging type baler. This type of baler has two chambers and two cylinders. One chamber is for compressing the material into block. And the other chamber and cylinder is for ejecting the blocks out. To well hold the blocks from breaking off, we use a […]
What is aluminum scrap baler?Baling machine is very common equipment in aluminum recycling field. We use this machine for compressing aluminum scraps. Auminum material has a lot of features. For example, low density, non-toxic, excellent electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc. And these features make the application of aluminum very wide. A lot of industries use […]
What can a plastic container baler do?Everyday we generate large amount of wate plastic containers. It includes shampoo bottles, milk bottles, food jars, etc.. Material of the cointainers usually are PET, HDPE, etc.. And these are all recylable. Recycling plastic containers requires reycling machines. A plastic container baler is one of them. It plays an […]
What is carton baling press?Carton baling press has another name “carton baler”. It is for compressinbg cartons into dense blocks. Carton are hollow and occupy a lot of space. So using a carton baling presss can significantly reduce the volume. Even you unfold the cartons into cardboard, a baling press can also greatly reduce the […]
What is top load baler?This type of machine refers to the baling presses that you can do feeding from the top. Normally this kind of baler is horizontal baler. For vertical balers, the feed aperture normally is on the front face of the machine. Hence, feeding for vertical baler usually is from front side. We […]
What is landfill waste baler?Such baler is for compressing landfill waste into dense bales. Recyling companies normally use big capacity balers to handle landfill. This is because landfill waste normally is in huge amount. When talking about landfill, we normally refer to municipal waste after taking away the reyclable part. Hence, landfill waste almost has […]
What is baling wire baler?Scrap baling wire baler is a machine for compressing and bale scrap wire. Beacuse scrap baling wire is very bulky and alway bridging with each other, it is very necessary to reduce the volume. With the help of a baling machine, the volume of scrap baling wire can reduce by more […]
What is milk powder can baler?Milk powder can baler is for compressing loose milk power cans into bales. We use this machine when we need to recycle milk powder cans, as it helps a lot with reducing the volume of empty cans. Milk powder cans are mainly made of aluminum alloy and iron. With the […]
What is corn cob press?Corn cob press is a machine for pressing loose corn cobs into dense bales. This machine makes the torage and transportation of the corn cob easier and less costly. Hence, corn cob baling press plays very important role in the operation of corn cob suppliers. <h2>Why we need to recycle corn […]
What is barley straw baler?Barley straw refers to barley plants removing barley particles. It generally includes leaves, stems, nodes, roots, etc. Barley straw baler is the machine for baling these straws and making them into bales. As agricultural waste, we normally treat the barley straws by returning them to the fields directly. However, barley straws […]
<h1>What is beverage can press?</h1>Beverage can press is a kind of baler machine which has the function of pressing beverage cans. What are beverage cans? Beverage cans are metal beverage containers. Most of them are made of aluminum or tin-plated steel. In our daily life, we normally use them for holding liquid like soft drinks, […]
What are wool yarns?Wool yarns are single twisted yarns that are made of wool and very fluffy. A wool yarns baler can greatly help reduce the volume. There are more than ten kinds of wool yarns. The most common kinds are very fine, medium fine, medium thick, and high thick. The extra fine is one […]
What is short fiber baler? Short fiber baler, understanding from the name, is a baler machine with the function of baling short fibers. It means to press the short fibers and make them into bales. Short fibers generally refer to chemical short fibers. We can also call it staple fiber. It means to cut the […]
What is waste newsprint baler?Waste newsprint baler is a kind of machine for pressing loose waste, can it save a lot of space of storing and transprot. As waste newsprint bales are more convenient and less costly for transportation, it plays an important roll in newspaper recycling field. Why do we need to recycle waste […]
Baler capacity is the essential factor to determine the size of baler you need to choose. Different capacity balers range from mini vertical baler to large fully automatic horizontal baler. So the financial budget between low capacity baler and high capacity baler has very big difference. Low capacity balers feature with small footprint and easy […]
Magazine is a quite popular event promotion and advertisement solution. What are magazines made of? They are often printed on the coated paper which is mostly wood fiber similar as common paper. So magazine paper actually is made on paper machines from pulp. Previously a great number of magazines go into landfills and dumpsters. But […]
When cars or vehicles are out of service, it is better to choose the best way which can maximize how much is reused or recycled. Many Auto parts from cars or vehicles can be either reused or recycled. Right disposal solution can save resource, protect environment and also create new cash inflow for economy. This […]
There are a number of key benefits to bring a baler to your business. It assists your business to sort at source, store, compact and bundle the waste materials when they generate. So it quickly pay its back since it brings cash savings on waste collection, transportation, storage and landfill taxes. Also you can earn […]
What does scrap yards take? Waste recycling are quite essential to reduce what goes to the landfill and save resources to produce new materials. Scrap yard is the place which bring unused materials to right place for recycling. Of course, scrap yards can make money from such activities. But what kind of useful materials do […]
What are HDPE pill bottles? Pill bottles also popular as pill containers, pill vials, pharmacy bottles or medicine bottles. They are designed to store medication. HDPE pill bottles are manufactured from HDPE and available in several typical sizes from 20ml to 150ml. Also they are always for use with desiccant cap. How to dispose of […]
What is PET tray? PET is a very light material but it can package a large quantity of product. PET tray is produced by transforming the PET sheet and it is a type of recyclable packaging. Due to the safety and protective packaging, PET trays are quite popular in food packaging since they can be […]
Typical HDPE drums recycling process HDPE means high density and high molecular weight polyethylene. Due to its thick, durable side-walls, UV resistant and leak-proof properties, it is quite useful in storing food, chemicals, phamaceuticals and other industrial containers. HDPE drums are available in open-head and tight-head, 15 gallon, 30 gallon, 55 gallon and even 95 […]
What is PP super sacks? Super sacks are a kind of flexible intermediate bulk containers. They are used for transporting and keeping large quantity of goods and save cost compared to a pallet of sacks. Many super sacks are produced from a woven polypropylene(PP) material. This is a type of light weight polymer which dries […]
What is HIPS? High impact polystyrene (HIPS) is considered as the best styrenic material for all kinds of load bearing applications. There are many typical applications such as food packaging, house wares, video and audio cassettes and office products. Also radio, TV housings and computer resins normally uses the ignition-resistant plastic grades. Why recycle HIPS […]
A thrift store baler in thrift store When you donate old or used things, your stuff will be quite likely in thrift stores and they will have their second life in new owners or new solutions. The typical donations are clothes. When the second hand clothes are collected in thrift stores, the experienced workers will […]
What are jute bags? Jute bags are manufactured with natural jute or burlap. They have wide applications in carrying vegetable, grocery, gifts, books, textiles etc. So you can find them in office, school, stores and many other daily purposes. Compared with plastic bags, jute bags are recyclable and biodegradable. Because jute bags may only need […]
What is a multi-chamber baler? Multi-chamber baler features with its two or more chambers in one baling machine. You can sort and bale different kind of materials in two or more chambers. This type of baler is quite suitable for small quantity but different materials.   The type of multi-chamber balers in SINOBALER SINOBALER has […]
What does Material Recovery Facility do? All kinds of waste materials are collected in material recovery facility(MRF). The main task of material recovery facility is to sort out recyclable materials into different categories for further waste recycling for each material. Then a material recovery facility baler is to compact each recyclable material into high density […]
Polycarbonate (PC) is made from natural resource oil. Since polycarbonate is strong, rigid and transparent, it has an increasing demand year by year all over the world. It covers many different applications and polycarbonate bottles are popular. When large amount of PC bottles become scrap, how to dispose of them in proper way? Luckily polycarbonate […]
Nylon foil is the good packaging material. During the production of nylon foil, there are some scraps and actually we could recycle and reuse them. Nylon foil scrap baler is the right machine to compress these loose and large amount of nylon foils scraps into dense bales for easy handling and transportation.   How to […]
What is cotton yarn? The most commonly spun fibers in the world should be cotton and polyester. Also cotton is the most common plant fiber and it can be spun into fine yarn for mechanical weaving or knitting into cloth. We can found cotton is grown all over the world and it is ginned and […]
What are plastic trays? Plastic trays are good solutions for storing food products and transporting goods from one place to another. This is because they are in different sizes, shapes and designs for different purposes such as lightweight design and easy stacking. When these large quantity of plastic strays are end of their service life, […]
Airbags are necessary installation for cars and trucks. But when large amount of vehicles leave the road through crashes, malfunctions or age, huge airbag scrap will be at the proper disposal. Actually these airbags are comprised of some recyclable materials such as nylon, plastic and metal. These materials can be well recycled for new usage. […]
What is a PLC control baler? PLC is short for programmable logic controller. It is installed on control panel and used to simplify the electrical system design for operator interface, safety and process control. A PLC control baler as its name indicates has PLC control system. It is quite necessary to have a PLC especially […]
What is plastic crates? Crates can be plastic crates, wooden crates or metal crates. Plastic crates are the most common in real world since it is lightweight, compatible in assembly line, reusable, recyclable and cost effective. Its properties help to do a good job in storage and transportation, organizing products in an assembly or production […]
What is fishnet waste?  In our daily life we can see various types of plastic nets, such as fishnet, safety net, net bags and so on. Most plastic nets, typically fishnets are used outdoors. With years of exposing to the sun or soaked in water, these fishnets get aged, damaged or corroded. As a result, […]
What are herbs?  Generally speaking , herbs are plants with savory or aromatic properties. Herbs are widely applicable for flavoring and garnishing food, for medicinal purposes, or for fragrances; Mostly the leafy green or flowering parts of a plant are processed into herbs. Why use herbs baler?  Herbs are small in size and they are […]
What is a single ram closed door baler?  A single ram closed door baler is a piece of baling machine with single hydraulic compression cylinder and closed door design. Single ram closed door baling machine can be either vertical baler or horizontal baler. Also it has wide applications including cardboard baling, plastic bottle baling, textile […]
What type of baler is an automatic baler  There are two basic types of baling machine designs available, horizontal balers and vertical balers. The basic difference between these two types of balers is how they compress the recyclable wastes. Vertical balers compress recyclable waste from above (vertically), while a horizontal baler compresses the waste from […]
The large best selling baler in SINOBALER As a versatile hydraulic baler machinery supplier, SINOBALER specializes in designing and manufacturing baling machinery for over a dozen years. Our balers are widely applied in industries and fields demanding the recycling of textile, paper, cardboards, PET, HDPE, plastic films, plastic bags, waste computer/TV shells, foam, cans, foils, […]
What is a manual control baler?  A baler is a piece of equipment that compresses loose materials (such as cardboard, plastic bottles etc.) into compact block. The compressed block get further strapped up to maintain its shape. We call such regularly shaped, compacted and strapped blocks bales. It is easy to store and moved around […]

MRF Baler Machine27/09/2020

What is MRF?  A MRF, also called as materials recovery facility, is a place where people sort and separate the various different types of solid wastes, shred and bale the sorted wastes and then send the waste to re-processors and manufacturers for creating new products. The main function of the MRF is to maximize the […]
What is a horizontal automatic tie baler? Horizontal automatic tie baler normally is for high volume applications. And it is fully automated in horizontal configuration. So it is quite popular in recycling centers or large businesses who need to recycle large quantities of versatile materials. Materials are input by a conveyor or other feeding system. […]
What is EPS foam?  EPS foam is short for Expanded Poly Styrene and is a white foam plastic material made from solid beads of polystyrene. EPS is very lightweight with very low thermal conductivity, low moisture absorption and excellent cushioning properties. Due to these properties, EPS foam is a popular material for packaging applications, cost-effective […]
PET juice bottle scrap recycling When empty PET juice bottles are discarded, they become post-consumer PET waste. Each year, we have huge amount of such waste worldwide. If they are not improper disposed of, white pollution will be there. Luckily juice bottles made of PET can be recycled after a complete processing line. So the […]
What’s the application of press briquette machine?  In the past, it was a headache when you need to handle small sized materials in loose status, like sawdust, chopped straw, rice husk, peanut shells, coco peat etc. These materials are difficult to compact and move, you simply cannot “tie” a bale of these loose and small […]
What is bale making machine? Bale making machine or bale maker actually refers to a baler. It can be pneumatic type or hydraulic type. Pneumatic bale maker needs an air compressor to drive, and pressure force that this type baler generates is quite small, normally below 3 tons. However, hydraulic bale maker uses hydraulic force […]
What features does an automatic wire tie baler have? An automatic wire tire baler is a horizontal baler that does the whole baling processes automatically. Take single ram automatic wire tie baling machine for an example, once the baler detects that material inside the compression chamber has reached certain height level, the hydraulic ram can […]
What is a double chamber press machine?  A double chamber press machine, as its name indicates, has two compressing chambers. Compared with traditional single chamber pressing machine, double chamber pressing machine is more efficient. When operator feeds one chamber, the other chamber can compress materials at the same time. Double chamber press machine from SINOBALER […]
What is EPS? EPS can be Expanded Polystyrene or Extruded Polystyrene. It is a lightweight closed cell insulation with endless applications. EPS and styrofoam are not the same thing. Actually styrofoam is only the trademark term for closed-cell extruded polystyrene foam made for thermal insulation and craft applications. However, EPS can be any form of […]
Where do the used oil filters come from?  Oil filters are for removing contaminants from engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil, or hydraulic oil. They are available in many industries, and also the major generation source of used filters is the automobile industry, other sources include hydraulic machines, dumpers, lawn mowers, motorcycles, generators etc. Why […]
What is double cylinder compactor? A double cylinder compactor refers to a baler that has two compressing cylinders. Double cylinder compactors can be either vertical balers or horizontal balere or even bagging balers. For a vertical type double cylinder compactor, normally it is a high-pressure machine of more than 80tons force. Also the compression chamber […]
Packaging waste from paper, aluminum, meal to plastic is inevitably formed. From consumable industry to industrial sectors, packaging scrap is in high volume and it takes up a lot of storage space. Many packaging materials such as cardboard boxes only have one time or few times service life. Metal barrel has longer life but still […]
What is a double cylinder baler?  A double cylinder baler is a piece of equipment with two cylinders for compression. It compresses loose waste materials (such as cardboard, plastic bottles etc.) into compact block. The compressed block get further strapped up to maintain its shape. We call such regularly shaped, compacted and strapped blocks bales. […]

Pit Baler Machine12/08/2020

What is pit baler or pit baling press machine? Either baler or baling system aims to find ideal baling solutions for all kinds of materials with different shapes, density and capacity requirements. Of course, the facility is also an important factor to decide which baler is suitable. Pit baler or pit baling press machine is […]
What is latex foam? Latex foam is a type of foam popularly used as mattresses material. There are 3 different types of Latex foam, which are natural latex, blended latex and synthetic latex. Like all other foam material, latex foam is also porous and expansive, and is difficult to store, pack, and ship in any […]

Clothing Compactor31/07/2020

Recycling of clothing  Secondhand clothing trading is very common and popular in the worldwide. After collection of used clothing, recyclers will first sort and divide the clothing into various types and grades. For example: winter or summer clothing, children or adult clothing, wearable or unwearable textiles, etc. Then those low quality clothing will be chemically […]
What is a channel baling press?  Based on the compression’s direction, there are vertical baling press and horizontal baling press. Vertical baling press are front loaded and compress materials vertically from top to down, whilst horizontal balers are top loaded and compress scrap materials from the side (horizontally). A channel baling press belongs to the […]
What does a coir fiber baler do? Coir fiber, also known as coconut fiber. It is a very natural and healthy material that we can use to make various products, such as mattress, ropes, brushers, nets, etc. Coir fiber is very fluffy, so it occupies a lot of space if not compressing it. A coir […]
Why recycle aluminum chips? Aluminum is an incredibly “reusable” material, and also because it is so versatile. You will find aluminum everywhere, from containers, vehicles, computers, cookware, transmission housings, radiators, buildings, engines,window frames, walls, ceiling etc. With the massive use of aluminum, there is a large quantity of aluminum scrap generated. Then recycling of aluminum […]
What are the features of automatic powerful cardboard baler? Automatic powerful cardboard baler is the most popular baler especially for the compaction of large amount of cardboard waste materials. Normally these fully automatic balers are suitable for a wide range of materials such as paper, cardboard, PET bottles, plastic films, plant fibers, hay and straws, […]
What is palm fiber?  Palm fiber is a type of natural fiber which comes from the palm plant. Palm fiber is a good substitute to coconut fiber. It has wide applications in mattress and cushion production, carpet and mats, brooms and brushes, medium density fiberboard manufacturing, filtering material in drainage industry, paper and pulp production, […]
What is a high power mega baler?  The high power mega baler is one of Sinobaler’s most popular down stroke hydraulic balers. These high power mega balers are standard-alone vertical baling machines, so they compress waste materials from up to down. This baler is quite suitable for baling a wide range of recyclable waste including […]
What is flax fiber?  Flax is a type of annual herb and natural plant fiber, and it mostly grows in cool areas. Flax fiber comes from the inner bark of the stem of flax plant. It is a natural, cellulosic, multi-cellular bast fiber. Flax fiber is stronger than cotton, and it is a popular material […]
Carton plants generate considerable amount of carton edge material in their daily production. We also call the carton edges “carton offcuts”. These offcuts are totally new material and of high quality. Hence, after recycling these scraps can turn to top class cardboard or kraft paper. The cardboard offcuts are fluffy and take big space. So […]
Printing scrap can be either waste paper or waste plastic. Both waste paper and plastic are recyclable to become new products. Waste paper recycling and waste plastic recycling greatly save natural resource and protect environment. Of course, recycling business creates new job opportunities and it is quite good to the society. Printing scrap baler is […]
What is molded fiber? Molded fiber also popular as molded pulp actually is a paper based material and it is made from 100% recycled newspaper and water. There are thousands of molded fiber package products in the market and they become more and more popular. For example, carryout food containers, cups, bowls, plates, milk cartons, […]

ABC Baler Machine23/06/2020

What is ABC baler? ABC baler refers to aluminum beverage can baler. It is used to press the aluminum beverage cans into compacted bales. ABC baler has different types, such as vertical type, horizontal type, manual type, semi automatically type, fully automatically type, etc. Also each type of them has different models based on machine […]
What is polo shirt? Polo shirt is a form of shirt with a collar, a placket neckline with three buttons, and an optional pocket. They are usually short sleeved. Polo shirt is a very popular type of clothing worldwide. There are men’s polo shirts, sportswear polo shirts, workwear polo shirts, children’s polo shirt, ladies polo […]
What is agricultural film?  Agricultural film is a thin sheet of plastic film for filming or covering things in the agricultural industry. Farmers use agricultural film to film up silage and hay bales. They also use agricultural film to mulch fruits and vegetables in the fields, as well as cover the greenhouses. Using agricultural film […]
Pizza is a savory dish, so it is quite popular all over the world. Global pizza sales can achieve USD144.7 billion in one year and it is in a growing trend especially in China. Pizza box is used for storing pizza for takeaway. So you can imagine there will be large quantity of pizza boxes […]
What is MSW?  MSW refers to Municipal Solid Waste, also known as trash, rubbish or garbage. It consists of everyday discarded items, such as food and kitchen waste, paper, glass, bottles, cans, toys, Tetra Packs, fabrics, clothes, batteries, electrical appliances, TVs, computers, construction and demolition waste, medical waste etc.. This waste stream comes from our […]
What is nylon?  Nylon is a man-made synthetic fiber that is strong while light in weight. It is one of the most popular manmade fibers used in the world. Nylon is strong and elastic, also it dries rather quickly and remains its shape well after laundering. Nylon is resistant to heat, UV rays and chemicals […]
What type of baler is a shrinking system automatic baler?  There are basically two types of balers available, horizontal balers and vertical balers. The basic difference between these two types of balers is how they compress the recyclable wastes. Vertical balers compress recyclable waste from above (vertically), while a horizontal baler compresses the waste from […]
Each country generates large quantity of used baby diapers every day. A typical baby needs about 6000 pcs of disposable diapers from the date of being born to around 2.5 years old when normally they no long use diapers. Besides the used diapers, diaper production plants also generate large volume of new defective diapers in […]
Polyurethane foam in our daily life There are mainly two types of polyurethane foam, either flexible polyurethane foam or rigid polyurethane foam. Flexible polyurethane foam is light, durable, supportive and comfortable. They exist in our mattresses, upholstered furniture, automotive interiors, car seats, carpet underlay etc. While rigid polyurethane is a popular insulation material which helps […]
Woven bag hereby refers to polypropylene (PP) woven bag. PP woven bags are widely applied in our daily life as well as in many industries due to their high strength, reliability, light-weight, and quick-dried characteristics. For waste PP woven bags, you can either reuse them or recycle them. If the bags are not much worn, […]
Why you need a printing waste paper baler?  The printing waste paper if left unattended, not only make the working environment look messy, but also bring safety concern. Workers would get tripped over by the waste paper on the ground, furthermore, the possibility of fire also increases. A printing waste paper baler compacts the loose […]
What is agricultural wrap?  Agricultural wrap is a thin sheet of plastic film for wrapping or covering things in the agricultural industry. Farmers use plastic film wrap to wrap up silage and hay bales. They also use agricultural wrap to mulch fruits and vegetables in the fields, as well as cover the greenhouses. Using agricultural […]
Bulk bag is also popular as flexible intermediate bulk container or super sack. It is normally available for industrial storing and transporting large quantity of goods purpose. Compared to common sacks, it is more cost effective because it can replace many sacks due to its big size. Tonne bags, jumbo bags or dumpy bags are […]
Foam scrap is generated in large quantity in mattress plants. Those foam scraps are mainly foam cuts or foam leftover bits. According to some foam plant’s figure, around 30% of the overall foam material becomes foam scrap during mattress production processes. Scrap foam is recyclable and can bring great benefit. Because you can use a […]
ABS is short for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. It is an opaque thermoplastic and amorphous polymer and most commonly polymerized through the process of emulsion. Since ABS is a thermoplastic material and thermoplastics liquefy which allows them to be easily injection molded, subsequently ABS can be easily recycled. You can simply understand that making ABS is […]
Waste tires, also called scrap tires, are generated in large quantity daily in every city and every country. The majority of them are passenger tires, while the rest are mainly truck tires. How to dispose these waste tires? There are quite a few different ways to turn waste tires into good value. Then waste tires […]
What are plastic jugs?Plastic jugs are available almost everywhere in our daily lives. Water, milk, cooking oil, medicine, shampoo, motor oil, detergents, bleaches etc. are normally packed with plastic jugs with various sizes. There are many different types of plastic materials made into plastic jugs depending upon application, such as HDPE, LDPE, PET, PVC, PP […]
Protective masks are one of the hygiene supplies. It is generally refers to the product which been wore in the mouth and nose position to filter the air. The protective masks can block harmful gases, odors and droplets from entering the wearer’s mouth and nose. During the COVID-19 outbreak, face mask is becoming a common […]
Coffee consumption is quite different among different countries. For example, American or Japanese can consume about 400 cups of coffee in average each year. But it is only 5 cups for Chinese. Of course, we can see it is growing at a rate of about 20 percent annually in China. Coffee as a world popular […]
OPMF is short for oil palm mesocarp fiber which consists of fruit fiber, crushed kernels and shells. It is also popular as PPF which is short for palm pressed fiber. Actually it is the biomass residue which can be gained after pressing the palm fruits for palm oil extraction. There are many benefits to have […]
As a by-product of agricultural crops, there are large amount of agricultural residues corn straw after the harvest of crops. People find increasing value of recycling these straws. Since corn straw consists of 61.2% cellulose, 19.3% hemicellulose, and 6.9% lignin, etc., paper making, animal bedding or feeding, ethanol production and biomass energy are all good […]
What is lemon peel? Lemon peel is the yellow colored outer skin of lemon fruit. We also know that lemons contain lots of vitamins and minerals. As a matter of fact, lemon peels contain 5 to 10 times more vitamins than lemon juice, because the peel is where the essential oils of the fruit reside, […]
What is pine straw? It is easy to know pine straw comes from the pine tree. When the needles drop to the ground throughout the year, it is ideal to rake, clean and bale them. Pine straw baler is your right machine in baling process. Different region may have different type of pine straw. Also […]
Palm fiber is also popular as oil palm empty fruit bunch fiber(long EFB fiber). Because it is from the oil palm’s vascular bundles in the empty fruit bunch (EFB). It is in low cost and low moisture content. Also it is non-carcinogenic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Normally it can have excellent year-round availability, no species […]
What’s linen? Linen is a woven fabric made from the fibers of the flax plants. Linen fabric is much stronger than cotton and dries at a much faster rate. It also hold dye colors better than some other materials. Linen is most common material in clothing. Because people like its lightweight, exceptional coolness and freshness […]
It is easily to understand that light duty baler refers to the small size balers which has small footprint or frame, less power driven requirement for small scale of material compressing purpose. Generally speaking, it is a vertical single ram baler or small mobile horizontal baler. But light duty baling machine still has a broad […]
Corn stalks can be either one kind of livestock feed or natural fertilizer. Normally corn stalk bales can be available for feed or animal bedding. Corn stalks baler is the right compressing machine to produces these corn stalks bales whatever they are round or square. But is it a good investment to purchase a corn […]
What is hemp fiber? Hemp is a plant-based fiber made from the hemp plant. Hemp fibers can be very strong and durable. This made it a very popular choice for use in rope and textiles. Today automotive industries widely use hemp fibers for reinforcement of door panels, passenger rear decks, pillars and boot linings. Hemp […]
Cotton linters are fine, silky fibers which adhere to the seeds of the cotton plant after ginning. This cotton is the fuzz on cotton seeds which have been combed out the long fiber cotton used for cloth. This fuzz or linters is cut off the seeds before the seeds are made into cottonseed oil. Cotton […]
Automatic balers are typically loaded from the top and you can link it to any skid load, in-feed conveyor, or air blown systems to achieve full automation from material feeding to tidy bales, and automatically discharged onto a rolling conveyor. These balers are ideal for baling large quantities of recyclables. These larger and faster automatic […]
Plastic bottles have very wide applications in the market. Plastic covers or caps of the bottles can keep fresh and prevent dust from falling into the bottles. Also they play important role the production of plastic. So you can find a variety of plastic covers to better suit different kind of plastic bottles. When large […]
What is standalone baler? Standalone baler is the baling machine which can be installed independently for use. That means this kind of baler can be operated independently without coordination with other equipment. What is the classification of standalone baler? There are many classifications for standalone balers. You can have either pneumatic baling press or hydraulic […]
How to make wool tops? After wool is scoured or washed, combed and sorted, you can get the long fiber which is also popular as tops and it is in a form ready for spinning. The spinning fibers are parallel and they are best suitable for worsted or semi-worsted spinning. So you can find wool […]
Aluminum extrusion profiles are very common in industrial automation applications such as automated motion applications on process lines and industries throughout manufacturing. These profiles are versatile and ideal for use in building automation applications such as frames of the doors or windows, because they feature with high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, long service life, […]
Basket is common and popular for harvesting, storing or transporting materials. In real life, you will find baskets in many applications. There are many materials available for making baskets. For example, wicker basket, straw basket, plastic basket, metal basket, bamboo basket, palm basket and carbon fiber basket etc. However, plastic basket is one of the […]
When we receive goods, the cardboard boxes, plastic bags or even wooden boxes coming become our liability because they occupy too much storage space. So how to minimize the storage, handling, disposal and transportation cost of these materials? That is the reason why baler exists. No other machine can produce such high density bales. Baling […]

Baler Parts20/12/2019

Purchasing a baler is a good investment for waste management and transportation. So excellent balers normally require periodic maintenance and inspection check. It will be a good idea to have some baler parts in stock for immediate replacement which can reduce the downtime as much as possible. What kind of baler parts you may need […]
What is a horizontal auto tie baler? Horizontal auto tie baler is a baling press machine which can fully automatic bale a variety of materials through a horizontal press. From material feeding to tied bale exit, it provides the fully automatic operation. What you need to do is collect enough material to the hopper through […]
Kiln Dried Pine Shavings are the quite good bedding material for the widest range of animals. For example, they are available as bedding for small animals like hamsters, chinchillas, rabbits, chickens, pigs and horses etc. This is because kiln dried pine shavings are highly absorbent shavings since they are cut from virgin lumber and then […]
What is a stationary waste compactor?  A stationary waste compactor is a piece of equipment that compresses loose wastes. The wastes in loose status take up lot of space. But by using a compactor machine, the volume of wastes can be greatly reduced. So it helps to create more space in your plant and facilitate […]
Paper box looks like cardboard box in shape but it is made of paper instead of cardboard. Also it is much smaller than cardboard box because you can easily understand cardboard box as heavy paper box. Paper boxes are practical and useful. People like to fold paper box for storing small treasures or gifts. Generally […]
What is towel bale press? Towel is a kind of cleaning products in our daily life. Also square cotton textiles are normal status. Since its usage is to wipe the skin after wet wring, it can achieve the removal of stains and keep skin clean and cool. The main raw material of producing towels is […]
When you have empty 200L drums waste, it is good idea to crush and then recycle them to save space and natural resources. There are different kind of China drum crusher machines in domestic market. It is also quite important to select a reliable drum crusher manufacturer for purchase. China drum crusher for sale in […]
Residential waste is also popular as household waste. It refers to any waste material typically collected from curbside or roadway at the home where it is generated. It includes garbage, trash and refuse derived from households. However, it excludes recyclable materials such as plastics or landscape waste. Residential waste burning is not the good solution […]
Thermal paper also known as audit roll, is quite popular in thermal printers, especially in some lightweight devices such as cash registers, credit card terminals and other receipts. It is a special fine paper which is coated with a material formulated to change color when exposed to heat. Thermal paper is a good paper source […]
Fishing net is available for fishing for long history. There are several types of fishing nets in the past. Baling fishing net has many benefits for both economy and environment. So a suitable fishing net baler machine is worthy investment. The type of fishing net Fishing net has different kind of types in the history. […]
Sorghum is a kind of warm season forage crops and cultivated in warmer climates worldwide. It is one of the most important staple foods especially in Asia and Africa because it grows quickly and yield well. Normally it is used for grain, fiber, fodder, and production of alcoholic beverages etc. Baling sorghum brings many benefits […]
Baling machine is one of the important size reduction machines in waste recycling world. It has different driving forces but hydraulic driven force is the most popular one. The working principle of baling machine is to compress waste materials into dense bales for easy transportation, storage as well as handling. Baling machine for sale in […]
Styrofoam actually is an expanded polystyrene foam or EPS. Furthermore, only 5% of styrofoam is polystyrene and the rest is air. Due to its low cost, light weight and many other benefits as a packaging, insulation and craft material, it has very wide applications in the world. You may claim that styrofoam is not biodegradable, […]
Cardboard packages are in different shapes and sizes. For example, they can be in bulk cargo boxes, corrugated pads, easy-fold mailers, lightweight boxes, multi-depth boxes, storage file boxes, moving boxes, side loader boxes, hazmat boxes, wine shippers, and insulated shippers etc. So they are quite good solutions in safely transfer products from one site to […]
Safety is one of the most important key points when manufacturing the baler machines. Safety horizontal baler and safety vertical baler both are basic requirements before each delivery of the machine. Each safety feature all reflects the quality of the baler. The risk of injury and death is always possible during loading materials, operating baler, […]
What is hydraulic drum crusher? Hydraulic drum crusher, also popular as hydraulic drum baler or drum baling machine. It is the kind of baler which can press the metal drums and make them flat for easy disposal or recycling purpose. Why we need to press the drum with hydraulic drum baler first? Why could not […]
Normally milk bottles can be in plastic bottles, glass jars or even paper cartons. Also if it is a plastic milk bottle, high-density polyethylene (i.e. HDPE) is its raw material. When large amount of plastic milk bottles or milk cartons are available for collection, the transportation of these hollow products become a headache. Thus a […]
What is microfiber and its applications? It is no wonder microfiber is really small synthetic fiber, because it is only 1 denier or less. For easy understanding, you can imagine it is only 1/100 the diameter of a human hair and 1/20 the diameter of a strand of silk. The common raw material of microfibers […]
What is rock wool and the application of rock wool? Rock wool also known as stone wool or mineral wool, usually comes from same minerals that exist in lava during a volcanic eruption. When making rock wool, furnace will reheat this lava rock to its molten state. Then a spinning machine will spin the material […]
What is a hydraulic briquette machine? Briquette machine has several types in the market. Each of them has different working principles for best result. For example, you can find roller type, piston type, hydraulic type and screw type briquette machines. Indicating from its name, it is quite easy to know hydraulic briquette is a briquette […]
It is no wonder that high volume industrial baler is a baling machine that can achieve super high level of baling capacity. So it is quite popular for those facilities which has large amount of waste materials waiting for compacting. General speaking, such kind of high volume baler has a variety of applications. For example, […]
What are stainless steel plates and recycling of stainless steel plates Stainless steel is a steel alloy containing at least 10.5% chromium, less than 1.2% carbon and other alloying elements. Stainless steel’s strength, resistance to corrosion and low maintenance make it an ideal material for a wide range of applications. It is rolled into plates, […]
Every day we have large amount of coffee capsules consumed worldwide. So the disposal of coffee capsules becomes a big challenge. Since coffee capsules are made of aluminum or plastic, it is no wonder that we can recycle them. But how we can recycle them in the maximum benefit of environment? Or how to recycle […]
Waste reduction and trash management in commercial facilities are also quite necessary and important in order to keep the site clean and save space. It is no wonder that space in commercial facilities means money. Thus a commercial baler as a great size reduction machine becomes a favorable investment. Internal waste management by a commercial […]
What are full eject balers?  Full eject baler refers to a particular type of baler from which the completed tied up bale is pushed fully out of the baling chamber by extending the compression ram. They are mostly horizontal balers.  What are the use of full eject balers?  Because of the 100% separation of each […]
What is corrugated offcut and Why baling corrugated offcut? Usually in corrugated board/box production factories, there are corrugator, slotters and die cutting machines. All these machineries generate offcut and trimming wastes during production operation. The offcut trimmings if left unattended. They not only make the working environment look messy, but also bring safety concern. Workers […]
A single baler is quite suitable and cost effective for small size and medium size of material baling purpose. When it comes to large quantities of recycling materials, an industrial baling system is the efficient solution. It can further cooperate with material feeding system, size reduction system, sorting system, bagging system, and sealing system etc. […]
Monofilament nets is the netting which is made from a single filament string. This kind of netting has good features since it can work very well in clear water and in daylight hours. This is because fish will hit the monofilament better because they can’t see it as well. Although monofilament netting has its disadvantages […]
Big bales normally are popular in farm and some large recycling centers. And big bale baler for sale is the right baling press machine to produce these big and high density bales. Big bales are more efficient and cost effective during gathering, handling, transporting and storing. When you have large amount of materials for collecting […]
What is coco peat and why baling coco peat?  Coco peat is a multi-purpose growing medium made out of coconut husk. It is also popular as coir pith, coir fiber pith, or coir dust. The fibrous coconut husk is pre washed, dried, sieved and made free from sand and other contaminations. Coco peat is a […]
Hemp baling can use either rounder baler or square baler. But square baler is more popular in the market because uniform square bale is easy for processing and delivery. Also square bales are packed more tightly which allows less air passage than round bales. So it is better for bale storage if it is not […]
Why baling paper?  A paper baling machine is an effective method in recycling papers. This machine compresses the waste paper and bundles it into regularly-shaped bales. For special case, a customized paper baler is also available. A compacted bale can withstand the elements so that you can just leave it exposed to the weather without […]
Alfalfa is the good food source for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, gerbils, prairie dogs, cows and other herbivores. You can feed alfalfa together with vitamin and mineral fortified feed to make sure animals receive complete essential nutrient. Normally at least alfalfa can accounts for 20% of the total diet. But how to keep the […]
Bagger baler machine is a combination of baling and bagging functions in one machine, so it is also popular as baling and bagging machine. This kind of machine is widely available in small and loose materials industries such as animal bedding industry. Of course, it is also popular in textile industry too. Bagger baler machines […]
What is staple fiber baler? Staple fiber is one of the textile fibers. The staple fiber refers to fiber of discrete length and may be of any composition. Unlike the continuous fiber such as natural silk or synthetic which also named as filament fiber, the staple fiber is the kind of staple-cut fibers. Cotton and […]
Hydraulic drum crushing machine also popular as drum crusher, barrel flattener and drum crushing baler, is a drum flattener which can compress the full size drum into a piece of drum under a hydraulic force. So it can greatly reduce the space for storing the scrap drums and make the scrap drums or barrels recycling […]
Marine waste here only refers to the waste produced on ships or shipyards. This kind of marine waste is different from marine debris or marine litter created by human and released in lake, sea, ocean or waterway. So it is easy to understand what is a marine waste press machine. It is a marine waste […]
What is duster cloth baler? The duster cloth baler is the kind of machine especially for pressing the textile like duster cloth. The main feature of a typical duster cloth baling machine is that it with the function of packing the bale in plastic bags or wrapping the bale with plastic sheet. Generally speaking, for […]
Since plastic bottles are widely available to store liquids like water, soft drinks, oil, milk and ink etc., the scrap of these large amount of plastic bottles become a big problem. Also the sizes of plastic bottles range from very small to large in different shapes and colors. But plastic bottles recycling really make great […]
To purchase a suitable baler, you can have many channels to reach it. For example, you can buy a baler from a manufacturer or factory, a brand agent, a distributor, or even an engineering company. Then you need to compare the quotes, specifications and customer service one by one. This task is not easy if […]
What is low profile baler? Low profile baler refers to the baling press machine which it fits installed under a standard ceiling and also can produce relatively high yield. Such baler almost is in vertical type and it allows you to use in very low profile operational area. Thus you do not need a large […]
Wiper bagger machine is a combination of wiper baling and bagging functions. So it is also popular as wiper baling and bagging machine. This kind of machine has two cylinders which are for material compression and bale ejection separately. The compressing cylinder pushes materials to the compressing chamber for compacting, while ejecting cylinder pushes the […]
Automatic bale packaging system refers to the automatic packing functions in either tying or bagging. These innovative all-in-one bale packaging system enhances the productivity. They make bale packaging compact, simple and in high speed. The superior performance makes them more and more popular in large size baling facilities. Different types of automatic bale packaging system […]
There are many industry cutting leftovers after manufacturing but most of these materials are not recycled or reused well. So here is the question now. How to discover the opportunities to make more efficient use of these leftovers from manufacturing? Cutting leftover baler machine is a good help in transportation of such kind of materials. […]
What are PP big bags?  PP big bags also popular as PP ton bags and bulk bags are industrial containers which aim for storing and transporting bulk goods. They are fabricated from a woven polypropylene (PP) fabric. PP material itself is moderate resistant to heat, shrinking and stretching. The woven process makes it stronger, more […]
Safety is the most important for a factory to run business in long term. Employers should provide a safety workplace which is free from possible hazards. Employees also should comply with company’s safety operation standards or guidelines. When operating a baler machine, a safety baler as well as safety operation is a must to maximize […]
Sand and recycled glass are the raw materials of glass wool. You can see glass wool rolls or glass wool slabs with different thermal and mechanical properties in the market. Glass wool is non-flammable and insoluble in water. Also it consists of air and insulates very well. So it is a quite popular insulation material […]
In the market, you will find many baler manufacturers and suppliers with hundreds of baler model numbers. Each manufacturer may have their own system to manage the models and you are not easy to learn these model numbers well in short time. Also these baler options available and differences in the capacities of the balers […]
What is a baler machine?  A baler machine is a piece of equipment that compresses loose materials into compact block. The compressed block get further strapped up to maintain its shape. We call such regularly shaped, compacted and strapped blocks bales. It is easy to store and moves around the bales, greatly facilitating storage and […]
Aluminum recycling is proven to be good to both environment and natural resource saving. Almost 75% aluminum production is in use and it thanks to the durability of the metal and its excellent recycling characteristics. Sorting system and size reduction machines like aluminum shredder and aluminum profile baler are quite helpful to efficient aluminum recycling […]
Baler is a compacting machine to compact various materials into a round or rectangular shape bale. Different structure design and power level lead to different baling capacity. High capacity baler machine is a baling press machine which can compress materials in a quick and efficient way. High capacity baler machines in the market High capacity […]
Continuous horizontal extrusion baling method is a common solution to get a dense bale. For example, horizontal balers and baling and bagging horizontal balers are such kind of typical baling machines. The working principle of extrusion baler is to produce horizontal force to form a dense bale in the extrusion chamber. This chamber hydraulically and […]
For single-ram horizontal balers, you can have either open end baler or closed end baler for different choices. An open-end single-ram extrusion baler can compress and squeeze baling materials through a long extrusion chamber. The subsequent bales are made by pushing material up against the back of the forward bale. Closed-end baler can compress baling […]
Hot selling baler machines normally are popular baling machines in the market. For each application, they have their own hot selling balers which best suits the baling requirements for this industry. Hot selling horizontal baler machines are those horizontal balers with good sales record. Hot selling horizontal baler machines in SINOBALER SINOBALER has a complete […]
Who need to buy vertical baler? Vertical baler normally is down stroke baler because its compressing force is from up to down. It features smaller footprint, more affordable purchasing cost than horizontal baler. Since vertical baler has very wide of applications, they can service many different sectors and facilities all over the world. Below are […]
Timber is also popular as lumber in North America countries. It is a type of wood that has been processed into planks and beams. Timber or lumber is a wood or firewood for structural purpose. Finished timber is usually in standard sizes for building houses and making furniture purpose. Both hardwoods and softwoods belong to […]
Rhodes grass is the common name of Chloris gayana Kunth. It is native to Africa and now it develops as an important tropical grass widespread in tropical and subtropical regions in the world. Due to its nature of drought-resistance, productivity and moderate to high quality, it is widely applicable in animal production. Rhodes grass hay […]
There are a great number of new scrap tires available around the world. Improper waste tire disposal creates many health risks and environmental risks. A proper and cost effective scrap tire recycling makes great sense. Of course, an efficient scrap tire recycling line has many recycling machines including size reduction machines like tire compactor and […]
Right and quality strapping material is one of the contributions to achieve final excellent bales. In the market, there are two main materials for bale strapping purpose. But both steel wire and plastic strapping material are their own advantages and disadvantages. So you should choose the right strapping material to fit your own material’s best […]
Corrugated cardboard is a readily recyclable material which already has mature markets for processing and manufacturing. Of course, you should make sure it is not waxed, wet and soiled because such kind of cardboard is not recyclable. Nowadays cardboard recycling is in a world cycle. From cardboard waste collection to new products with secondary cardboard, […]
What is dehydrated alfalfa? Alfalfa is widely grown in many countries around the world such as USA, Romania, Puerto Rica etc, and due to its richness of protein, it is most often used as animal food for feeding cattle, horse, chinchilla, and many other pets. Dehydrated alfalfa is a meal product resulting from the rapid […]
What is industrial cardboard baling machine? Industrial cardboard baling machine is one kind of the industrial baler machine. As we all know that, the industrial baler machine is popular in the waste recycling disposal business, because the industrial baler machine has the ability to reduce storage and transportation size. For example, we can use the […]
Plastic is very common and familiar to us because it is around our lives everywhere. But most plastic products have very short life cycle. So it is growing important for waste recycling due to the rising cost of waste disposal alongside increasing public demand for more efficient and environmentally sound ways of diverting waste from […]
Bale packing machines aim to compress and pack a wide variety of materials into dense bales for easier process in transportation and storage. Both vertical bale packing machine and horizontal bale packing machine are fine to press all kinds of recycling materials. For automatic bale packing machine, it can pack bulky materials and greatly reduce […]
Baler machines are essential to most recycling programs. Because balers can help to compact large amount of materials into a dense and shaped bales for easy and safe handling in transportation and storage. For some materials like cardboard, baler also provide extra income for recyclers. Although we can find a wide variety of balers in […]
Why baling or compacting rubbish? Rubbish is generated every day in our daily life, it can be household rubbish, industrial rubbish and commercial rubbish etc. In general, rubbish can be classified into 2 main groups – recyclables and non-recyclables. Recyclable rubbish normally covers cardboard, cartons and paper related material, plastic related material, metal related material, […]
What is low downtime baler? As we all know that, downtime refers to the time of the machine is out of action or unavailable for use. So the low downtime baler refers to the kind of baler which is with features of high quality and stability. In other words, low downtime baling press machine does […]
Steel wires from recycled waste tires Besides the rubber, fiber and nylon, steel wires take up roughly 20% of waste tires. After the waste tire recycling process, the wires inside waste tires are reclaimed. Recycling facilities can clean the extracted steel wires and make them as free from contaminants as possible. The steel wires then […]
What is automatic briquetting press machine? Automatic briquetting press machine is one kind of the horizontal baler machine. As we all know that, baler machine is available to press various kinds of materials like waste paper/cardboard/plastic , biomass material like sawdust/wood shavings/rice husk. With the pressing, the baler machine can make these loose material into […]
What’s the purpose of pet food hay?  Small pet animals like rabbits, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs etc. require a constant source of fiber to keep their body healthy. Unlike dogs and cats, the herbivores animals need constant grazing. The fiber in hay facilitates the digestive movement for maintaining digestive health. Eating hay not […]
What is BOPP plastic film baler? To figure out what the BOPP plastic film baler is, let us get more information about what is BOPP plastic film first. BOPP, as we all know that, it is the abbreviation of biaxially oriented polypropylene. BOPP plastic film is one of the most popular and most widely-used plastic […]
What is rice husk? Rice husk is the hard protecting coverings of grains of rice. During milling process, the rice hulls are separated from the rice grains. People used to consider rice husk as a waste product. So they often burn or dump into landfills. But nowadays, we are using rice husks as building material, […]
Investing a baler for recyclables can bring you significant economic benefit actually. But how to select the right baler? Single box baler and twin box baler are both available in the market. They have same working principle but the operation steps are different. Single box baler is the machine that runs feeding, compressing as well […]
Cardboard compactor can be vertical or horizontal, small size or heavy duty. So cardboard compactor price ranges from several thousand to almost million US dollars. All the cardboard compactors can compress cardboard waste into small dense bales by reducing the material volume. So you can save more space and make the transportation and storage more […]
Compact waste baler machines normally are versatile baling press machines which suit small and low height space facilities. They are fantastic space and cost saving machines for those who want to reduce big waste to small size. The process of baling itself is not so complicated. Because it only compresses loose materials into dense and […]
Vertical down packing baler machine is the most common style of balers in use. Because it has versatile baling applications and has relative low purchasing cost. This kind of vertical down stroke baler is able to produce different bale sizes and bale weights. So you can tailor the compressing chamber size per your own requirement. […]
Baling alfalfa is a normal work for every farmer who owns a cattle. Because alfalfa is the excellent feed for the cattle. How to make sure the quality of alfalfa? So it is very important to control the moisture which cannot be too low or too high. The most economical alfalfa is high in palatability, […]
Packing machines are in different forms for different applications and facilities. The best packing machine is that it can suit your facility and meet your packing requirement. Automatic packing baler machine here refers to hydraulic compacting machine which actually is a combination of compacting and packing machine. It can compress the recycling materials into dense […]
Baler guide can be either single ram or two rams. Due to the design, two ram baler can process more tough materials and is able to handle higher volume baling applications than single ram baler. So in most cases, two ram baler can be considered as two ram heavy duty baler machines. Benefits from two […]
Chaff can be the husks of corn or other seed. Or it can be chopped hay and straw used as fodder. You can see it from crops, corn stalk, rice straw, wheat straw, bean stalk, green grasses and sorghum stalk etc. Take wheat chaff for example, it is a combination of wheat stalks and bits […]
Waste recycling baler machine is available to compact versatile recyclables such as cardboard, paper, aluminum, plastic, textiles, tires, fiber and wood shavings into blocks. These blocks vary in different size and weight which depends on the compressing chamber size and hydraulic force of the baler. Waste recycling balers can be in vertical or horizontal baler. […]
Grass baling can be in different solutions. Whatever round baler, square baler and rectangular baler are all feasible. But fully automatic grass baler is the fastest and most efficient press machine. Grass baling Knowing when to bale grass is very important. Because baling too early and too late are both not ideal. Once straw is […]
Since hydraulic configuration is the most important part of the baler and we use hydraulic compressing force to bale the materials, we simply call this kind of machine as hydraulic baler or hydraulic baling machine. Hydraulic baling machines range from vertical balers to horizontal balers. From mini hydraulic baler to large fully automatic hydraulic baler, […]
Vertical channel baler machines are those compressing machines with vertical direction of press stroke. After you place the materials into the feed opening inside the machine, a compressing plate will use the hydraulic pressure to push the material downwards. You continuously throw the material until the accumulated material is enough for a tight bundle or […]
Horizontal channel baler machines are those compressing machines with horizontal direction of press stroke. When waste materials are fed into the hopper, the compressing plate compresses the material with a horizontal force until bale completion. Then bale tying and bale ejection are following up until finishing the whole baling process. Normally horizontal channel baler can […]
We often receive a size reduction request from potential customer as below: ‘ I would like to request for a quote on a mini cardboard baler because our warehouse is quite small and has limited space. We have a large quantity of cardboard that is taking a lot of space from our warehouse. So I […]
Automatic channel baler machine is the most popular size reduction machine for the compaction of large waste and recycling materials. It is ideal for the high capacity baling facilities because it can produce high density bales with minimal labor cost and efficient work. Material feeding, bale compacting, bale tying as well as ejection are all […]
Vertical cardboard compactor is a compacting machine that can vertically compress cardboard waste into dense bales for easy handling in transportation and storage. Vertical cardboard compactor uses vertical compressing force, while horizontal cardboard compactor uses horizontal compressing force. Most of vertical type cardboard compactors are in manual. But it has much less investment cost, small […]
Two type of cardboard waste baler machines are available in the market. One is vertical cardboard waste baler and the other is horizontal cardboard waste baler. Whether it is a vertical compressing force or horizontal compressing force decides it is a vertical or horizontal baler. Generally speaking, low cost economy cardboard baler belongs to vertical […]
Since waste PET bottles take up the majority of your waste stream, compressing large amount of plastic bottles really can save much space. Hydraulic plastic bottle compressor Machine machine is such a right machine to compress hollow plastic bottles into dense bales for easy handling in storage and transportation. Typical hydraulic plastic bottle compressor machines […]
When you have large amount of materials, compressing them into a bale is a good solution to save your transportation and storage cost. So bale pressing machine is the right machine to do this job. Different material can have different bale pressing structure to better suits the nature of the material. Bale pressing machine in […]
Waste paper balers have many type of different balers. Either vertical baler or horizontal baler is suitable for baling waste paper. Normally vertical waste paper baler is manual. So you need to tying the bales manually. Horizontal waste paper baler can be semi-automatic or automatic waste paper baler machine. Additionally you can also choose the […]
Oil filters baling press machine refers to the baler machine that compress oil filters into dense bales. You may be interested in some further questions about oil filter recycling. We have a simple introduction here for your easy reference. Where do the used oil filters come from?  An oil filter is for removing contaminants from […]

Hemp Baler Machine19/03/2019

The application of hemp? Hemp is a very useful agricultural commodity and a wide rang of products use it as raw material. We normally use hemp in foods and beverages, cosmetics and personal care products, and nutritional supplements as the important nutrients. We also use the hemp in fabrics and textiles, yarns and spun fibers, […]
Why we need a corn stover baler? Corn stover is a kind of biomass and it normally includes stalks, leaves and cobs that remain in fields after the corn harvest. Traditionally, we normally use corn stover as important source of organic matter and plant nutrients. So we mostly return them to the soil. Nowadays, we […]

Bale Machine06/03/2019

Since baler is used to make compressed bales for different materials, we often received inquiries from customers who request bale machines. Why customer likes to call ‘baler’ as ‘bale machine’? Because bale machine can clearly show its function of making bales. The dense bales can make transportation and storage much easy and cost effective. Bale […]
What is a paper waste compactor? Paper waste compactor is the machine that used to compress the paper waste. It is also popular as paper hydraulic baler, hydraulic paper waste baler, etc. We can see from the names that this machine is one kind of the hydraulic balers. The paper waste compactor can be divided […]
Bottle press can be in different way. Here we focus on hydraulic compressing bottle press machine. This kind of machine is mainly for pressing plastic bottles like PET bottles and aluminum cans. It can achieve a significant reduction in the volume of plastic bottles.   Bottle press machines in the market Bottle press machines can […]
There are numerous type of recyclable materials for baling and different type baler designs aims to work more efficiently. Energy cost, wire usage, manpower requirement and maintenance cost are main concerns when you choose a right baler. Electrical power and diesel power are two basic power solutions. Both electrical baler machines and diesel baler machines […]
When used tires end the life, it is a good idea to send them to tire recycling facilities. Otherwise, they occupy too much stockpile space and also have a threat to both human health and environment. An used tire baler machine is quite good solution to solve the size reduction and packing problem during tire […]
What type of baler is an automatic bale ejector baler?  There are two basic types of baling machine designs available, either horizontal balers or vertical balers. The basic difference between these two types of balers is how they compress the recyclable wastes. Vertical balers compress recyclable waste from above (vertically), while a horizontal baler compresses […]
In animal bedding and animal feed industry, many loose materials are popular as animal bedding materials. For example, you can find chopped hay or straw, haylage, wood shavings or wood chips etc. These animal bedding materials can help to have a good rest and reduce the pressure on skin, waste and heat loss. So you […]
Cotton is one of the most important commercial crops. It plays an important role in the national economy like textile industry. Cotton stalks is a good raw material for preparation of various products because it contains about 46% of alpha cellulose and 26% lignin. Cotton stalk baler is a machine that make bales for cotton […]
The wood debris after grinding or wood sanding can be further processed into a quality mulch. It is quite likely that we can recycle these wood waste and relieve the burden from the landfills. Now wood waste landfill grows a global environmental concern. Wood waste recycling makes great sense because it can save natural resource […]
Used clothes really take up space. But do you find a good way to handle these used clothes? Sell them online, give them to friends, or donate them to local shelter. All of these are good solutions. When these solutions are not available, recycling comes to the ideal solution. But how to transport these used […]
Corrugated carton is effective material for professional packaging industries. Because it is more durable than common cardboard box which may be damaged during transportation or shipping. Due to the wide applications, corrugated carton waste handling is a problem. Luckily, corrugated cartons are good recyclable material. To solve the big size in transportation and storage cost problem, […]
What is a burlap baler?  Burlap baler is a kind of baling machine which is especially for baling burlap material. Burlap is a dense woven fabric and has very wide applications. Jute, hemp or other fiber is the main material of burlap. In recently years, burlap is being used in a refined state known simply […]
Pine shavings or pine wood shavings are popular pet bedding materials. Because they are soft and smell nice. Also they have some natural insecticidal properties. For example, they can kill or repel bugs like lice. But still people are looking at more options about animal bedding. This is because the cost of pine shavings is […]
What is sheep wool baler?   Sheep wool baler is the compressing machine to bale the sheep wool. Sheep wool is one kind of the textile fibers obtained from sheep. The sheep wool has many uses. It can be available for making clothes, blankets, carpet, etc.. It is also applicable in the area of insulation […]
Baling press machine can be hydraulic or pneumatic, vertical or horizontal, small or heavy duty, and manual or automatic. All of them have some benefits and can offer some different baling solutions for different industries. But the best baling press machine is always the most suitable machine which can achieve customer’s all baling requirements and […]
Why we need cotton mesh baler? Cotton mesh baler is a compactor which used for baling cotton mesh. Cotton mesh is a common textile material, mainly used in the production of clothing, accessories and so on. It’s known for its characteristic screen-like weave. Cotton mesh is a volume taking material. Because its design is with […]

China Mini Balers03/12/2018

China mini balers feature with small footprint, easy operation, versatile materials applications and fast cycle time. Normally these mini balers have vertical compressing force and single cylinder. Operator focuses on material manual feeding, one button operation and bale wrapping. In a word, it is a small investment but considerable economic return.   The wide applications […]
Hydraulic bale press machine is a durable and efficient baling press machine for different kind of materials. The working principle of this machine is to use hydraulic pressure to compress materials into dense bales. Due to different baling requirements from different materials, the specific feature designs are required to better meet the final baling result. […]
Cardboard press machine is applicable for baling cardboard waste by compressing and tying. The main purpose of cardboard press machine is to turn the loose cardboard into a tight bulk. By this way, it can save a lot of storage space and make the transportation more convenient. Cardboard press machine normally has two types of […]

Paint Drum Crusher22/11/2018

There are basically two major types of paint packaging, plastic and tin-plated steel can. Both types of packaging are recyclable. And today we will focus on the recycling of steel paint drums as well as related paint drum crusher machines. The mostly used paint container is tin-plated steel can. The thin layer of tinplating provides […]
Packing aims to protect products for easy transportation, storage, resale or end use. Actually a large quantity of recycling materials are all kinds of packages like steel, aluminum, cardboard or paper, plastics etc. Packaging machinery covers a wide range of machines for different packing functions and solutions. A packing baler machine is a machine that […]
Rags press bagging machine is for producing compact bales of rags. This machine is a better alternative to the conventional cardboard box or plastic bag packaging. Because it features with compact design and ease of operation. Also you can benefit from transportation cost saving and storage space saving by a using a rag press bagging […]
What are the benefits of aluminium can package? Nowadays, beverage and food manufacturers are using more aluminium cans as packaging material. Used aluminium cans take up the largest portion of processed aluminium scrap. Why aluminium can package is getting so popular? Why aluminium can baler is popular in cans recycling? Here are some facts showing the benefits […]
Square baler machine here refers to the baler which can produce square bales. For industrial purpose baler machines, most of them are square balers. But for contractors and farmers, round balers are more popular because round baler is much lower in purchasing cost.   The advantages of square baler machine – Square bales have more […]
Hydraulic scrap baler can be vertical hydraulic baler and horizontal hydraulic baler by classification. Most of these hydraulic balers have several baling applications. Some hydraulic balers have specific features to suit certain materials’ better baling. So what is the best baler for you? In a word, the baler which can produce your ideal bale size […]
Flax remains under cultivation for linen fiber in many countries especially in Europe. Linen yarn is spun from the long fibers found just behind the bark in the multi-layer stem of the flax plant. Before linen yarn manufacturing, you should determine the thickness of the yarn based on the grade of linen in production and […]

Baler Equipment25/10/2018

Baler equipment has a very wide range of applications. From farm machinery hay balers or straw balers to different materials waste balers in recycling centers, all of them have function to compact loose materials into dense bales. These bales are very easy to handle, transport and store. Different baler purchasers have different baling output and […]
Cardboard baling machine for sale in the market has many different options. But how to find your own affordable, efficient and durable cardboard baling machine? Here are some tips for your reference: First of all, please identify your baling requirement and financial budget. We always highlight that you must know your baling requirement quite well. […]
Horizontal balers normally have more space requirements but they are able to have much higher baling output than vertical balers.  For example, most large fully automatic balers are horizontal balers and they can meet large size of baling requirement as well as high output. Horizontal baler price is ranged from thousand USD to hundred of […]

Baler For Textile12/09/2018

Baler for textile refers to the baling machine which especially suitable for baling used clothes, rags and other textiles. It is a growing market which requires dense textile bales for saving the transportation cost to developing countries for re-use. Of course, used clothes require no damaging in textile baling. Also baling should keep used clothes […]
Drum crusher for sale is versatile. There are manual drum crusher or automatic drum crusher. According to motor driven power, you can see electric motor drum crusher, diesel motor drum crusher and gasoline motor drum crusher in the market. Of course, you can also select portable drum crusher or non-portable drum crusher. Anyway, please choose […]
Waste can be in different sizes and shapes. Waste strip is one of the most common shape. You can easily find textile waste strips, plastic waste strips, rubber waste strips as well as paper waste strips. Of course, landfill is not a good choice both for economy and environment. How to dispose waste strips in […]
In China, almost every family has their own car especially in Coastal provinces. Car tyres scraps are the tyres which is no longer for use because of wear or irreparable damage. Also there are other waste tyres from trucks, jeeps and bicycles etc. The problem is these tyre waste really occupy large volume and they […]
We have rich waste plastics resources in China. It is in very low cost. Recycling of these waste plastics is a good solution both for economy and environment. Plastic baler machine as a necessary size reduction machine in whole plastic recycling line, helps to improve plastic recycling efficiency as well as saving the transportation cost. […]

Baling Straw26/07/2018

Circular economy, environmental protection as well as the construction of ecological protection system are all the trend of future development. It is estimated that about 9.52 billion tons of straw are produced in China’s agricultural production every year. Because renewable energy is the important energy for China to achieve sustainable development. Straw biomass power generation […]
Scrap paper price is an important factor to domestic paper balers selling. When there is a huge scrap paper price increase, it can stimulate scrap paper baling business. Then there will be a big paper baler demand in the market. Of course, paper balers for sale cannot meet the immediate increase for new balers. So […]
Baler Customs Declaration here only refers to China exporters export baler machines to all the over the world and they declare the goods baler to local Customs. And baler Customs Clearance refers to the destination port goods clearance when baler machines arrive in a LCL shipment or FCL shipment.   Baler Customs Declaration in China […]
Cardboard recycling involves cardboard waste collection, sorting, handling, loading and unloading, warehousing as well as transporting. Of course, finally paper mill receive these cardboard waste for new paper production purpose. During whole cardboard recycling, many recycling machines like cardboard recycling baler help to make whole recycling more efficient and cost effective.   Source of cardboard […]
Portable baler machine is a mobile baling solution for a variety of materials. From small portable balers to heavy duty portable balers, they all provide a mobile waste compaction solution and allow for easier storage and transportation. From general waste baling to some specific material baling, portable baler machine always has good market due to […]

Baling Presses13/06/2018

Baling presses machines are the important size reduction machinery for whole waste handling systems. Or they are the necessary cost saving during the waste delivery and storage. In a word, what do baling presses do? Baling presses help to produce high density well shaped bales for different materials. They are environmentally sustainable and also can […]
Compressed bales can be in different materials and shapes. Baler or Compactor can produce the compressed bales in desired size and weight. These dense bales allow for easy and efficient handling, transportation and storage. So they give baler or compactor purchaser the maximum return on investment.   The shapes of compressed bales Bales can be […]
Sugarcane trash or cane trash has similar calorific value as bagasse but it has lower moisture content and dry quickly. It is an excellent biomass resource for the conversion of heat and electrical energy. So it is a good boiler fuel during the sugar-milling season and good resource for power generation at sugar mills. This […]
Vertical baler is an industrial baling machine that use vertical compressing force to compact and bind materials into a compact and cubic bale for easy handing, storage and transportation. After vertical compression, you can use steel wire or plastic strapping material to bind the bale to maintain the compact shape. Normally vertical baler has single […]
Corn cob is popular as cob of corn or corncob. It has many uses. So it is a valuable material for recycling. Corn cob baler machine is a compressing machine to compact loose corn cobs into tight bales for easy transportation and storage. It is a great size reduction machine in corn cob recycling.   […]

China Balers14/05/2018

China has thousands of baler suppliers. China balers including both vertical balers and horizontal balers are now all over the world. From mini baler to fully automatic horizontal baler, you can always find China balers in different recycling facilities and internal waste management sectors. The competitive price as well as reliable quality make China balers […]
China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection has banned imports of 24 types of solid waste materials. It includes soda bottles, mixed paper, recycled steel and newsprint. This makes the raw material shortage to the industries who need these waste for production. Of course, the great benefit is to enhance the domestic waste recycling. Take paper waste […]

Baler Manual09/05/2018

Baler manual is a operation guideline to better understand this baler machine and corresponding knowledge. So it is very important for the operator who use the machine firstly. The correct operation and maintenance can improve the baler performance and save maintenance cost in future.   What contents baler manual have? Normally baler manual has below […]
Recently, the price of cardboard scrap is rising again. Paper mills in the country is increasing the scrap paper collection price. This attracts many people involve in the waste paper collection and recycling business. The individual collectors collect the paper scrap from Community and sell them to recycling center for baling. Cardboard waste compactor is […]

Baler Operation28/04/2018

In order for you to operate the baler machine correctly and achieve the best possible baling results, it is better that you can study and understand the correct baler operation before operating the baler. In SINOBALER, we always send the user manual to our customer for each delivery. So customer can easily find machine information […]
Waste tyre recycling aims to recycle scrap tyres into valuable materials like rubber powder or rubber pellets, and nylon fiber etc. Since waste tyres really occupy large space and it is very difficult to move due to its high rebound nature. So it is quite necessary to use a waste tyre baler for sale to […]
What is ceramic fiber or ceramic wool? Actually it is a good refractory material which has a heat-resistant property. Aluminum silicate is its main ingredient. But it also contains various polycrystalline fibers and molten glass. Since ceramic fiber is excellent for insulation, many businesses that involve operations or manufacturing processes that generate or use high […]
Vertical balers aim to compress all kinds of materials into dense bales. So you can expect a storage space saving and transportation cost saving from the using of vertical balers. This machine also helps waste recycling in a more cost effective and efficient way. We often received inquiries from potential customers for different kind of […]
China Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) proposed to ban the import 24 types of plastic scrap into China. So PET, PE, PVC and PS are all among this range. What is the result? The plastic scrap sales to China will shrink definitely and world plastic scrap sellers need to seek new end users. For domestic […]
Seaweed is a source of proteins. It can also be applicable in animal feeds, fuels, and pharmaceuticals etc. The complete seaweed harvest value chain system can be planting, harvesting, drying, densification, transportation and utilization. Baling and pelleting are two common densification methods. Using a seaweed baler machine in seaweed baling process is quite efficient.   […]
FIBC is short for flexible intermediate bulk container. FIBC bag is a flexible fabric bag which is for industrial container purpose. It is also good container for storing and transporting different kind of products. Since it has wide applications, the demand of FIBC bags is not small. But how to handle the large amount of […]
Carpet off cuts actually are valuable raw materials. But if you are aware of recycling, landfill is the common solution and you need to pay the increasing disposal cost as well as related taxes. So recycling these carpet installation off cuts is an ideal way to save your cost. The use of a carpet off […]
China was the world largest scrap buyer before year 2018. United States, Europe and many other countries had the scrap industry especially serving for China. Scrap cardboard, scrap paper, scrap tires, scrap plastics, scrap metals and other waste materials are largely imported to China previously. Many scrap baling press manufacturers have their scrap balers in […]
Box plant is to produce corrugated board and make it to different sizes of boxes. The generation of corrugated scrap really takes up too much space and also has high risk of fire. How to deal with these scrap in a cost effective and efficient way? This is why so many box plants need a […]
The process of producing sunflower kernels implies dehulling sunflower seeds and separating them from their husk or shell. Then you can collect the sunflower shell separately and produce sunflower pellets. Sunflower husk pellets are the by-product of sunflower oil extraction process. Sunflower oil factories always has big quantities of sunflower husk pellets. If you have […]
Cardboard is the most common waste material processed in SINOBALER baling machines. Empty cardboard packaging contains a lot of air. So a cardboard baler or cardboard compactor for sale is really helpful to compact materials into dense bales. This cardboard compressing machine can greatly reduce the size in transportation and storage.   Case study of […]
Single chamber baler machine is the most popular design in the baler market. From mini marine baler to heavy duty dual ram baler, single chamber baler is always the basic and most popular design due to its simple and easy operation.   What is the advantage of single chamber baler compared to multi-chamber baler? The […]

Buy Baler Machine14/03/2018

Baler is an important size reduction machine. The decision to buy baler should see the cost to benefit ratio. If cost is much higher than benefit, why you make the investment decision. If benefit is greater than cost, it is a good deal to invest a baler.   Why you need to buy baler? Some […]
For Pet food and supplies company, it is quite efficient if they can use a baling machine to produce bagged hay in certain weight like 2 kgs size. So mini hay baler for sale is the ideal solution for those chopped hay.   Type of mini hay baler for sale in the market Mini hay […]

MSW Baler Machine08/03/2018

Municipal solid waste has a very wide range which is too numerous to list. From food waste, used clothes, paper scrap, cardboard boxes, plastic films and bags, PET bottles to aluminum cans, you can imagine the variety of waste materials. How to handle these municipal solid waste? MSW recycling is the ideal solution. MSW baler […]
Loose materials like hollow plastic bottles are lightweight but they really occupy too much space. So it increases the cost to transport and store these materials. Recycling is definitely ideal solution for the waste materials. But cost and benefit analysis is always a consideration. For internal waste management, most people choose to invest a vertical […]
Corrugated boxes can be stock boxes, air freight cargo containers, cube boxes, file storage boxes, flat boxes, heavy duty boxes, tall boxes and side loading boxes etc. These boxes are widely available in packing, delivery and transportation period. Most of these boxes are just one time consuming material. So if these boxes can be recycled or […]
The prices of corrugated paper and cardboard are on the top level in 2017 compared with previous years. This is the result of two main reasons. First, China prohibits the import of scrap paper. So it greatly reduces the number of raw materials. Hence the cost of raw materials increases a lot. Second, China enhances […]
Environmental protection is a common topic but more and more people and companies are in action. For example, as a Fast food pioneer company, McDonald recently announced that by 2025, the company will adopt sustainable packaging and substantially reduce packaging waste. Their goal is to make everything from cups, straws, wrappers and takeaway bags to […]
Hydraulic scrap baling press machine is an integration unit of steel frame, hydraulic system and electrical system. Different baling requirements will need different system design for each part. Manual vertical baler is much easier than fully automatic horizontal baler. Because their technology and design of hydraulic system is quite different.   Hydraulic system in hydraulic […]
With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, vertical cardboard baler plays a more significant role during the cardboard waste recycling. Because paper mills use the cardboard waste to manufacture new products. Domestic vertical waste cardboard balers have constantly innovation to improve the baler performance.   Main features of vertical cardboard baler machine Vertical cardboard baler is […]

New Baler For Sale13/02/2018

New baler is an investment. So cost and benefit analysis is what we should consider before making decision to purchase a new baler for sale. So here is the question about how to choose a new baler for your own specific baling requirement?   How to choose a new baler for sale in the market? […]
Big balers for sale normally refers to large fully automatic balers or other structure high output balers. There are different kind of materials big balers in the market. Big cardboard baler, big vertical tire baler, big hay baler or straw baler, big plastic bottle baler are in hot sale. Why big balers are more and […]
Cans can be aluminum cans, steel cans and iron cans. Obviously, the cost of steel cans is lower than that of aluminum cans. However, the benefits of aluminum cans are that they are recyclable. Even though the domestic recycling system is immature, the recovery rate of aluminum cans can still reach about 85%. Steel cans recycling […]
PET bottle recycling is a not a new thing today. But it is not an easy process. Take Coca-Cola for example, the plastic bottle bottom and caps are made of HDPE but the bottle itself is made of PET. Japanese separate the bottle and caps in different recycling. But most of us do not know […]
The amount of Express is constantly increasing. How to deal with these huge packaging scraps? The Express industry starts to seek solution for the recyclable materials like carton. Cainiao Network cooperates with China Environmental Protection Foundation and launched the ‘back to box program’ all over the country. They set the carton recycling station in more […]
Baling press machine is to help save the transportation cost or storage cost by compressing materials into much smaller size. How to choose the most price favorable baler machine? So you should know better about the factors which affect baling press machine price.   Know better about your baling requirements before purchase There are so […]
Recycling balers for sale can be manual baler, fully automatic baler, metal baler or manual-tie baler etc. The handling materials covers a wide range including cardboard and paper, plastic containers, plastic films, plant fiber and animal fiber, tires, old clothes, cotton, metals, wood shavings, sawdust, rice husk, hay and straw, and other solid waste.   […]
For the environment protection consideration, China refuses to import 24 types of trash products which mainly is plastics ,cardboard and paper waste. Previously China is the world’s largest raw material recycling center and largest waste materials importer. About 30-40% of cardboard and plastic scrap are imported to China. Now this new policy affects the entire […]
Stevia is a popular natural sweetener. It has very wide applications in food, beverage, medicine and cosmetic industry. When stevia is harvested, there are three main processes to be handled. They are drying, stevia leaves and stems separation, and baling and packaging. Wrong and bad processing will affect the stevia quality and preservation of steviol […]
Baler as an efficient size reduction machine in packing and transporting for recyclers, is making an increasingly important role in waste recycling world. With the development of waste reduction sense enhancement and waste handling and recycling technology, high production baler or high output baler seems more and more popular in the market worldwide. Of course, […]
Vertical compactor is using a vertical compaction to compress the dry and wet materials. So it is ideal for the location where space is tight. Vertical compactors are versatile and most of them are easy to operate.   The difference between vertical compactor and vertical baler Both vertical compactor and vertical baler can help you […]
There are billions of pairs of new shoes worldwide every year. Most shoes end up in landfills after they have been worn. So this creates a lot of pressure to the environment year by year. How to reuse or renew old shoes? Waste free technology and methods are exploring. Footwear offcuts can be further as […]
Hydraulic oil for baler is necessary for good working of a hydraulic baler machine. Because all kinds of pumps, valve components, cylinders, pipes and filters are all working under hydraulic oil. So it is very important to ensure that baler machine’s hydraulic system is operating properly. Maintaining a proper oil level with high quality all […]
Kenaf fiber is a bast fiber or wood fiber. This fiber has been the source of textile fiber for those products like rope, twine, bagging and rugs. It safeguards the environment which can be increasing safer and friendly for our health and sustainable future. As the raw materials, kenaf fiber bales are very easy for […]
As the waste recycling development, waste size reduction is a great concern during the whole recycling process. For example, you have huge amount of cardboard in the collection center and need to deliver them to paper mills. But how to make the transportation cost effective and efficient? Baler machine for sale is an ideal solution […]
We often received inquiries from potential customers. They request to suggest the most feasible bailing press for cardboard. Normally they will send us the bale size and baling output requirements. But how to choose the most suitable baler for cardboard? SINOBALER has some good tips for your easy reference:   Original cardboard size For example, […]
Waste recycling becomes a world topic. Almost all the countries have some encouragement policy and measures to encourage any possible waste recycling actions. The scale of the waste recycling also becomes bigger and bigger. As such, big bale press machine as an important size reduction machine is more and more popular in the baler market. […]
Baler is a machine to compact materials into dense bales. The main purpose of purchasing a baler is to save cost on transportation and storage. So higher density bale is more popular and cost effective for a baler investment. This is why high density baler machine is so popular in the market.   High density […]
Closed door baler machine also refers to horizontal closed door baler. This kind of horizontal baler features with a closed end and also popular as closed end baler. It offers a broad selection of waste materials’ baling solutions. Also it can make denser bales compared with open door baler machine.   Closed door baler baling […]
Recycling your scrap materials is not a new topic. But how to recycle the waste materials in the most cost effective and efficient way? This is the question we always have to ask and answer. Because we cannot let the landfill to be the only solution of the waste. Hence many recycling machines like heavy […]
Every day there are huge amount of worn tyres are taken off cars and trucks. So the disposal of used tyres is a significant problem all over the world. UK is a typical country in this case. PAS 108 sets out to provide a specification to produce tyre bales which potential customers can produce a […]
As a professional baler manufacturer, SINOBALER often received questions from our potential customers or existing customers. Do you have a speedy delivery baler? So let us discuss more about speedy delivery baler machine.   What is a speedy delivery baler machine? Speedy delivery baler means this baler machine are already in a delivery status or only need […]
Footprint baler normally is popular as small footprint baler machine. These balers take up far less space than horizontal baler machines. So they are easy to move and sometimes you can move it only with the trolley.   Why footprint baler is so popular in the market? First, footprint baler takes up little space. So […]
Most feather is from poultry slaughterhouses. You can found large amount of feather there. Feather especially poultry feather has many non-food industrial applications. So do not dispose it as waste directly. We can further recycle it and use it in a better way. Feather baler is a compacting machine to save your transportation cost and […]
Beer cans are the most popular packaging materials in the beverage packaging industry in the world. These beer cans feature with attractive, lightweight, easy to carry as well as easy to use. The world consumes billions aluminum cans which accounts for about 15% of total aluminum consumption. We all know aluminum is natural resource. So if […]

Cardboard Bailers12/12/2017

Cardboard bailers are a frequent search terms. However cardboard bailers actually refer to cardboard balers. Sometimes it is only a typing problem.   Cardboard waste collection in 2017 China Waste recycling industry is a barometer of economic. Because when the big economic environment is down, it is also down. This year a variety of scrap […]
While people are using more and more plastic products, plastic waste is just like tidal water flowing into all aspects of our life. In 2015, more than 3 million tons of plastic products were produced in the world, of which 28% came from China. Disposable plastic bottles are one of the most urgent plastic pollution […]

Oil Drum Crusher08/12/2017

Oil drum is a cylindrical container for transporting or storing bulk goods especially oil and fuel. Normally it is made of steel or hard plastic. 55 gallon drum in the USA and 44 gallon drum in the UK are the popular capacity. Whatever steel drum or hard plastic drum scrap, they are both good recyclable […]
Wool has a good market and of course sale of wool is popular in the worldwide. As you know original wool is in loose status and not easy for direct sale, transportation and storage. So wool bale is the best solution. Of course wool press machine for sale is the right machine to compress wool into […]

Plastic Balers04/12/2017

Plastic waste is very common to all of us. Plastic’s flexibility makes sure it can handle large volumes of plastic packaging. From soft plastic packaging to hard plastic packaging, plastic packaging is always around our life and also in different industries. The question is how to handle these huge plastic waste efficiently, simply and conveniently. […]
Wood chip is the solid article from the cutting or chipping of the wood and it has many usages. For example, it is a good source for making animal bedding. Also it is a good material to make landscape mulch. Due to its small and loose nature, the compressing is necessary to reduce the space […]
Trash can be waste or burden to both economy and environment. But if you know waste recycling, you can find ways to turn your trash into cash. Trash baler machine is a good help in your trash waste collection and transportation.   Waste collection and waste separation Waste collection is the start of the waste […]
November 11 now is China’s or even the world’s biggest online shopping event. Almost all the online businesses join this event. It creates huge sales revenue each year. Take Alibaba for example, 2017 Singles’ Day sale generates a new record of 168.2 billion yuan that equals to 25.3 US dollars in sales. It is 40 […]
Horizontal baler machine can be closed end baler or open end baler. Both closed end baler and open end baler can process a wide variety of materials and make tight bales. Closed end design ensures very dense bales especially for baling hollow products like PET bottles.   Closed end baler machines in the market Almost […]
Alpaca fiber has many benefits over synthetic fiber materials. So it is a more eco-friendly choice if consumers prefer to wear soft, warm, durable and natural garments. Alpaca fiber baler is a good size reduction machine to pack alpaca fiber into bales for easy transportation and storage.   Why alpaca fiber is so popular? Alpaca […]
All we know baler is a good size reduction machine to compress materials into dense bales. Many industries need balers for saving transportation and storage cost. And small baler for sale is especially popular since the investment is not much but you can have a good baler for compacting purpose.   Small baler for sale […]
Mill size baler machine is a hydraulic industrial down stroke baler. It makes dense and recycle-ready bales. So you can send these bales directly to paper mills for further recycling. Mill size balers are normally medium size vertical baler machines. It can produce 60-500 kg bale weight for OCC. Of course, sometimes a 650kg OCC […]
PET is a common materials for making packaging products such as PET bottles and containers. PET bottles are widely available for packaging a lot of food products and other consumer goods. Every day we have so many empty PET bottles after use and these becomes PET bottle waste. So PET bottle recycling is necessary for both […]
Cardboard waste is a common waste. There are many different kind of cardboard balers in the market. From small cardboard baler machines to large cardboard baler machines, cardboard baler is always an important compacting machine in cardboard recycling. Small cardboard baler is very useful in some cardboard collection facility to save transportation cost or storage […]

Vertical Balers31/10/2017

Vertical balers are one of the most popular baling machines in the waste recycling world. Vertical baling machines are the most affordable baler. They are ideal for baling so many different kind of materials. So you can found them in all kinds of industries.   Most popular vertical balers in the market Vertical cardboard baler […]
Traditionally rice straw and rice husk are treated as wastes. They are either dumped into rivers or burned in the field. So this can cause GHG emissions, contamination and pollution. Now with the technology development, rice residues can have better collection and utilization processes and management by using better practices. For example, mushroom and energy […]
Hydraulic baling press machine is a popular baler for industrial purpose. This kind of baler machine can handle a wide range of materials’ baling. Also the output of this machine can be very small or very large. SINOBALER as one of the top hydraulic baling press manufacturers in China, offers many different structure baling press […]
Tin or tin cans are common container to store different kind of goods like foods, beverages, oil and chemicals etc.. It can be either steel can or aluminum tin can. These tin cans are valuable materials and also they are recyclable. So tin recycling or tin cans recycling make great sense for both environment and […]
Waste paper is a good raw material source of new paper production. So here the question is how to collect waste paper to paper mills in a cost effective and efficient way? Waste paper baling machine is a good help. Different structure and output waste paper baling machine price is different. So you should choose […]
Haylage has higher moisture content and normally stored in a sealed plastic wrap. How to bale and wrap it? Haylage baler for sale is your good solution.   Do you know the difference between hay and haylage? Haylage and hay are both from grass or silage. The difference is the processing method. Haylage has a […]
Every year there are so many new balers sold in the worldwide. The great demand of waste recycling for baling purpose is increasing. So now used balers for sale also have a good market.   Why used balers for sale is so popular in the market? Industrial balers are good size reduction machine to compress […]
About 35% solid waste is paper waste. So paper waste recycling is one of the most popular waste recycling in the world. Paper baler is also popular as paper baling machine, paper baling press and paper compactor. It can compress various paper waste like office paper, newspaper, magazines into compact bales that are easy to […]

Balers For Sale18/10/2017

There are so many different balers for sale in the market. How to choose a right baler for your own baling requirement? How to identify the baler quality? You should have an ideal about these questions well before purchase.   What are the popular balers for sale in the market? Previously baler is popular as […]
UBC here refers to used beverage containers or cans. So there are many scrap aluminum cans, plastic and glass beverage containers and steel cans every day. How to handle these UBC waste? Absolutely UBC recycling is the best solution for both waste reduction and environment protection. Because UBC recycling can convert waste materials into reusable […]
Baler machine is not a new machine to the waste recycling world. It is a compressing machine to compact loose materials into tight bales for easy transportation and storage purpose. Normally final bales are in three status. First is bale tied by steel wire or plastic wire. So you can call this kind of baler […]
Some farms has a requirement of baling tons of flower stems in each month. The purpose of stems baling is to extract water from flower stems and make the transportation easy. So stems baler or flower stems baling press machine is really a good machine to compress stems into dense bale and achieve the target […]
Waste tires recycling is popular in the worldwide. It is dramatically increased the number of waste tires diverted from landfill disposal and sent to beneficial end uses. The whole tire recycling process needs a complete range of recycling machines like tire baler for sale and tire shredder.   Why we should recycle waste tires? – […]
Raw jute is a soft, long and shiny vegetable fiber. It is a golden fiber due to its versatile nature and can be spun into coarse, strong threads. Jute is in great demand due to its softness, length, cheapness, lustre and uniformity of its fiber. So it is one of the most affordable natural fibers […]
About 70% of aluminum cans are in recycling. And aluminum cans are in high demand. Most of aluminum cans are holding beverages like sodas, beer and energy drinks. So the aluminum industry gains billions of dollars profit from the recycling. This really saves enough energy and resource. But how to recycle aluminum cans waste? Many […]
PET bottle is one of the most popular recycling materials in the waste recycling world. The whole PET bottle recycling line normally starts from PET bottle bales. But how to make these dense PET bottle bales? PET bottle press machine or baling press can help.   What is a PET bottle press machine or PET […]
Cardboard waste is huge and cardboard recycling is one of the most popular waste recycling in the worldwide. Baler machine aims to compress materials into dense bales for easy transportation and storage. So cardboard baler is very important size reduction machine in the transportation to paper mills or recycling centers. Cardboard baler can be from […]
Balers can be vertical balers or horizontal balers. Horizontal balers compress the materials with a horizontal force while vertical balers do it with a vertical force. Horizontal balers have many benefits over vertical balers. For example, horizontal balers can have much higher output and wider material applications. Most fully automatic baling machines are all horizontal […]
Hydraulic baler machines are very popular in recycling world nowadays. They can compress various materials into dense bales for easy transportation and storage. So they can save a lot in transportation and storage cost. Different materials may need a different baler machine. Also different baling output requirements should match a different baler machine. All the […]
Shavings bagger is also popular as shavings bagger, shavings bagging machine, and shavings baler. There are many different kind of shavings bagger for sale in the market. Wood shavings bagger, wood chips bagger, rags bagger, sawdust bagger or rice husk bagger are the most popular machines. This kind of machine is ideal for small and […]

Paper Compactor26/09/2017

Waste paper is in huge amount. So there are many middleman in the market to collect and resell these waste paper for a good price. Normally these waste paper are presented as paper bales. Because waste paper bales are much easier in storage and transportation. This is why waste paper compactor is so popular in […]
Cardboard waste is very familiar to us. All of us need it to protect our products from knocks and bumps during the storage or transportation. But how to handle these huge cardboard waste? Of course cardboard recycling is an ideal solution. Cardboard compactors as important size reduction machine in cardboard recycling save a lot space […]
Bagging press machines are quite popular in baling and bagging some materials like used clothes or rags, wood shavings, sawdust and rice husks etc. This kind of machine combines both baling and bagging function in one machine. So it is very convenient to achieve size reduction and packaging purpose at the same time. For labor […]

PET Press Machine22/09/2017

PET is short for polyethylene terephthalate. It is widely used in fibers for clothing, containers for food and liquids, combination with glass fiber for engineering resigns, and thermforming for manufacturing purpose. Synthetic fiber almost accounts for more than 60% in PET production. Plastic bottles is the second which accounts for about 30% of the demand. […]
Barrels are quite familiar to all of us. Barrel can be steel barrels, fiber or paperboard barrels, or durable plastic barrels. These barrels are commonly used for transporting oils, fuels, chemicals or some dry goods. How to deal with these barrel scraps? So barrel press machine can help. It is especially ideal for the size […]
Wiper press bagging machine is a popular textile packing machine. There are different type of wiper bagging presses in the market. Different bag size, capacity and automation level decide the final machine price and structure. You can also equip a material feeding system like conveyor for easy and efficient feeding.   What is a wiper […]
Vertical balers are welcome for many businesses due to its low price and small footprint. These size reduction machines can decrease the labor time and manpower necessary to dispose the scrap waste or save transportation cost. There are many different kind of vertical balers for sale in both domestic and international market. So you should […]
Waste baler is also popular as waste baling machine, waste baling press or waste compactor. It is a size reduction machine for many waste materials like scrap cardboard and paper, plastic bottles, plastic films, used clothes, rags, used metal drums and other scrap metals etc. This machine is widely used in waste recycling for baling […]
Unlike the vertical balers that process or compress materials under a vertical downward force, horizontal balers work in a different way. When materials are fed into horizontal baler hopper and hopper is full, a ram will compress the material under the horizontal force until the bale is complete. In most cases, horizontal baler has conveying […]
Many people know mini baler as mini hay baler. Here we talk about the hydraulic mini balers for sale in non-agriculture areas. These mini balers are popular in some small facilities with limited space. Or it is ideal for someone who just start new business.   Why mini balers for sale are popular? Mini balers […]
Cardboard is very familiar to us. Almost everyone uses or needs it in daily life. With the rapid development of online transactions, cardboard packaging is one of the most popular one in goods delivery. Of course, these cardboard packaging are one time consuming for most people. We all know cardboard can be recycled. But how […]
Tissue paper is a lightweight paper. The recycled paper pulp is the main source material of tissue paper. Every day we have so many waste tissue paper. How to recycle them in an efficient and cost effective way? Then waste tissue paper baler machine is a good solution.   The types of tissue paper Tissue […]
Centella asiatica is also popular as gotu kola. It is an annual herb mainly popular in China, Japan, Indonesia, Australia and India. Centella asiatica leaves are important herb in the traditional medicine systems. Now many medical practitioners from USA and Europe also have great interest in its possible health benefits. How to transport or handle […]
What is scrap baler machine? A scrap baler machine is a baling machine that used to compress all kinds of waste materials into compact bales. So people can be easy to handle, transport and store these compact bales. Bales can be round or rectangular / square bales. Balers can be farm machinery or industrial balers. […]
What is block making machine? Most people will say concrete block making machine. Yes, it is most popular to make all types of construction material such fly ash brick, concrete block, interlocking brick, interlocking block, interlocking paver etc. But here we only focus on the horizontal automatic block making machines which are suitable to make wood shaving […]
Coco fibre is a natural fibre which is extracted from coconut husk. Most of them are long 4-12 inches in long and they colored brown and white naturally. It is 100% natural product and this is recyclable green products. Some countries like Sri Lanka and India are large coco fibre producer. Almost 90% of coco […]
What is auto tie horizontal baler? Auto tie horizontal baler is a horizontal baling machine designed for high productivity and ease of use. The key features are fully automatic feeding, compressing, wire threading, wire twisting tying, wire cutting and bale ejecting. It is capable of large scale recycling without need for excessive labor.   Why […]
What is wood chip? Wood chip is a small chip of wood. It especially refers to ones which flakes off when felling a tree or splitting a log. Wood chipping is the process to make wood chips with a wood chipper. But how to deal with wood chip packaging? The wood chip baler machine can […]
Baler machine can be vertical baler or horizontal baler. Normally vertical baler is more suitable for small or medium amount of materials’ baling purpose. Horizontal baler is more suitable for medium or large amount of materials’ baling purpose. Of course, not all horizontal baler for sale are big machines. There are still some small horizontal […]
Secondhand clothing still has many solutions for better use or recycling. The baling machine for used clothing is a great help in whole used clothing recycling or just transportation. It can compress used clothing into dense bales. Also it can be packed with a plastic bag or plastic sheet for keeping clean.   Why people […]
What is a sawdust press machine? Sawdust press machine is a size reduction machine that is used to compress loose materials sawdust into a tight press or briquette. This makes large amount of sawdust easily to transport or store. There are many different kind of sawdust compressing machines in the market. Here we only focus […]
Hydraulic waste paper baling press machine is a baling press machine to compress waste paper into square dense bales for easy transportation and storage. This paper baling press machine is driven by hydraulic system. So it is popular as hydraulic waste paper baling press machine.   Paper recycling importance – Industrialized paper making has an […]
What is a hydraulic baling press machine? Hydraulic baling press machine is compressing machine which is driven by hydraulic system. Normally a hydraulic baling machine is comprised of three major parts which are the machine body frame, the electric system and the hydraulic system.   What is the type of hydraulic baling press machine? Hydraulic baling press machine can […]
What is shoddy baler machine? Shoddy baler, just as its name implies, is a defective and fake machine which with low quality and   poorly craftsmanship like most the shoddy products.   Why there are shoddy baler machine? Under the hot competitive circumstances, some baler machine manufacturers improve their sales with the help of constant innovation […]
What is a small square baler? Small square baler is a kind of baler machine. The specialty of this machine is that the bale of the small square baling machine is small block. After compaction, the bale does not need to be tied with plastic/steel wires or pack with plastic bag. It is already very […]
OCC refers to Old Corrugated Cardboard. The post-use corrugated packaging material typically refers to as OCC. OCC is a very useful packaging material for easy transportation of many different types of products. Everyday OCC is generated. How to recycle OCC in a cost effective way? OCC baler machine is a good help.   What is […]
What is a wood shavings bagging machine? Wood shavings are good materials for animal bedding or used as mulch in gardening. It is a safe, clean and highly absorbent material. Since wood shavings are in a very loose and small particles, it is quite necessary to compress them into square bale and then pack the […]
What is a scrap baling press machine?  A scrap baling press machine is a piece of equipment that compresses loose materials (such as cardboard, plastic bottles etc.) into compact block. The compressed block gets further strapped up to maintain its shape. We call such regularly shaped, compacted and strapped blocks bales. It is easy to […]
The word “plastics” previously comes from the Greek word “plastikos”, which means ‘to form’. Plastics make up about 10% of our waste stream. Plastic recycling quite make sense for both environment and natural resource. Many plastic recycling machines like plastic waste compactor are helping the whole recycling more cost-effective and efficient.   Are plastics recyclable? […]
Paper waste almost constitutes the largest single component of the municipal waste stream.  With the development of E-commerce and environmental protection, paper packaging is much more popular in the worldwide. How to deal with these huge scrap paper waste? Paper recycling is the ideal solution for both environment and economy. Many waste recycling machines like […]
Lunch sheets are mostly in plastic films. Normally they are single use plastic sheets given at supermarkets. After single use, they will be ended up in landfills polluting the environment. What is worse is that traditional plastics will not break down in more than 500 years. We cannot imagine these white pollution is continuing in […]
It is our duty to consider recycling all available recyclable material.  One of the easiest recyclable items of daily use is cardboard.  It can be easily and efficiently recycled with a cardboard baler. Yes, cardboard baler for sale is the ideal hunting ground for those who wish to recycle the huge quantities of cardboard received or […]
Biscuits, whether plain, salted, cracker hard or creamy and soft are among the earliest and most common food item of man. Biscuits has different kind of wrapper. The most important materials used to package biscuits are plastics and paper. Customers tend to associate firm tight wraps with biscuits. They feel that floppy film packs may […]

Baling Equipment06/07/2017

What is baling equipment? Baling equipment is also popular as baler, baling press or baling machine. This machine can compress materials into dense bales for easy transportation or storage. It is a compressing machine that widely used in recycling business or factories which need a waste reduction. You can found it in aluminum profile factory, plastic […]
What is Miscanthus and why you need a Miscanthus baler? Miscanthus is also referred to as Elephant Grass. It is a large grass that can grow more than 3.5 meters tall in one growth season. It is a perennial plant which grows repeatedly every year without the need for replanting. Due to its advantages of […]
Why do they need garbage baler? The garbage, we are dumping as waste is earning a lot of money in real life. Whatever the waste can be a broken plastic chair or some junk metals, there are a lot of companies ready to buy them for a good price. But, do you know these garbage […]
Leather baler is a compacting machine which is widely used in leather recycling. The main function of leather baler is that it can make the loose leather scraps into a complete tight bale. Then it is convenient to deliver and ready for the next recycling process. It is an indispensable and critical step in the […]
Cotton baler is a hydraulic cotton compactor. It is characterized by its new structure, high technology, high rigidity and stability, good-looking appearance and energy saving. This cotton baler is widely used in baling and packing cotton, chemical fiber, hemp, wool, grass and medicinal materials for convenient storage and transportation.   Why we need a cotton […]

Steel Drum Crusher22/06/2017

Packaging is an important part of every manufacturing. You need to give same attention as you give to manufacture and to market. One of best packaging or container that we are talking about is gallon steel drum. These steel-made drums are available in different sizes. Out of them, 55 gallon steel drums are mostly used. […]
What is baler machine? Baler machine is also popular as baling machine, baling press machine or even compactor. It aims to compact similar types of waste materials into dense bales. This machine makes transportation and storage more convenient and cost effective. Baler machines are normally made of steel and with hydraulic system to bale many […]
Carton is a widely used packing material which made of cardboard, Kraft or corrugated fiberboard. We can see it everywhere in our daily lives, such as milk box, express box, juice box, etc. Carton press machine is ideal for recycling all kinds of waste and used cartons. Since the number of waste cartons keeps growing, the carton […]

Textile Compactor06/06/2017

What is textile compactor? Textile compactor is also popular as textile baler. It is a machine that uses to bale and pack the textile like new/used clothes, fibrous material, clothing scraps, carpet, etc. It is very versatile, not only in the recycle business and also in the textile company. No matter the new or used […]
Why we need waste paper baler? Waste paper baler is a paper compactor machine which is used to compress and bale the waste paper like office waste paper, paper scraps, as well as old newspaper into a cube. Use the waste paper baler machine to make the waste paper which in loose condition to a […]
Why we need chrysanthemum leaves baler? Chrysanthemum leaves baler is widely used in baling and packing chrysanthemum leaves for long time storage and transport. To know this kind of chrysanthemum leaf baler machine better, we have to learn chrysanthemum leaves first. This plant is originated from East Asia. The taste of chrysanthemum leaves a slightly […]

Plastic Compactor17/05/2017

What is a plastic compactor? Plastic compactor is also known as plastic baler which is a compressing machine used to reduce the size of waste plastic materials like plastic films and plastic bottles. This plastic compactor normally powered by hydraulic pressure. Both vertical plastic balers and horizontal plastic balers are available with different press force and compression […]
What is a scrap baling machine?  Scrap baling machine, as it is name, it is a kind of baler or compactor especially for baling all kinds of scrap materials. To know this kind of scrap baling machine better, we have to know the scrap first. What is scrap? Since there is a word “waste”, why […]
Herbal medicine baler is a herbal medicines baling press machine. It is widely used in baling herbal medicines like plant’s seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or flowers. After baling, they will be transferred to the pharmaceuticals company which will use these herbal to make herbal medicine like pills, oral liquid to cure disease.   Why we […]
What is dry pepper baler? Dry pepper baler is a kind of baler machine that be used to compact and pack the dry pepper/dry chili pepper. Normally the dry pepper baler is a horizontal type and with the function not only can bale the dry pepper but also can pack it with bags. So It […]
What is SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel)? Solid recovered fuel is popular as SRF. Also it is a fossil fuel replacement which has a calorific value and be used as fuel in the production of cement, lime and other materials. It is also a high quality and high calorific fuel produced predominantly from commercial and industrial wastes. […]
What is LDPE? Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) is the most common type of plastic sheeting. LDPE is very flexible. Color is natural milky or translucent. The impact strength is high and impact resistance is good. Both chemical resistance and water vapor barrier are good. Stress crack is good but gas barrier is poor. The density is […]
What is a plastic wrap baler? Plastic wrap baler is a kind of compactor machine especially for baling thin soft packaging materials like plastic films. The advantage of this kind of plastic wrap baler is that it can make it easily to compress materials to a package bale that can be easily stored or transported. […]
New balers are typically baler used to bale various types of waste, such as office paper (OCC), cardboard, old newspaper (ONP), plastic (bottle, films, scraps), metal sheet, beverage cans. These new balers are made of steel with a hydraulic system to compress the loss material into a tight whole piece to stored and transported. Some […]
Carton is becoming one of the most widely used packing materials today. Especially with the prosperity of the E-commerce industry, the use of carton box increase greatly. The shopping mall on line usually use the carton box to pack and protect the product, delivery the box to customer through express company. Taobao is China’s biggest […]
Single box baler is also known as single box baling machine, single box baling press, one box baler or single chamber baler. It refers to the baling machine that only has one chamber to process the baling task. Most of the vertical balers and horizontal baler are single box baler machines. This single box or […]
Woven sacks or woven bags can be laminated or unlaminated. They are bags or sacks consisting of one or more piles of fabric consisting of woven polypropylene strip. These polypropylene or HDPE woven sacks or bags are commonly used for packing of a wide variety of products, which includes chemicals, fertilizers, cement, urea, minerals, resin, […]
What is tetra pak cartons? Tetra pak cartons or tetra pak packages are made up of 75% paperboard, 20% polyethylene and 5% aluminum. This three materials are layered together to protect the contents from heat, light, oxygen, air, dirt and moisture. Since tetra pak cartons are lightweight and easy to transport, they have an increasing […]
HDPE bottle refers to a high-density polyethylene plastic bottle. Normally they are heavier plastic containers like milk containers, laundry detergent bottles, bleach bottles, shampoo bottles, and motor oil bottles etc. It is widely used in our daily life and become increasingly important to recycle this kind of plastic.  Hence adding a HDPE bottle compactor or […]
Cola is one of the most popular drinks in the world. The world famous beverage company Coca-Cola, it sells 19,400 bottles per second around the world. How to deal with the corresponding large quantity of used cola cans? The cola cans baler machine is playing the increasingly important part in the recycled business. If you […]
Corn silage is a high-quality forage crop that is used to feed diary, beef cattle or horse on farms. Its popularity is due to the high yield of a very digestible, high-energy crop, and the ease of adapting it to mechanized harvesting and feeding. To produce high-quality corn silage, it is important to do a […]
Many people have a good habit that they prefer to drink a cup of milk prior to going to bed. Or they like to drink milk during breakfast. Paper cartons, glass jars and plastic jugs are three popular milk packaging materials. How to dispose the large amount of milk cartons scrap? Hence milk carton recycling […]
Why we choose aluminum for beer cans packaging? Aluminum beer cans is one of the most common way for the beer packaging. Every year people can create huge amount of aluminum beer cans waste. How to handle these large amount of waste in an efficient way? So aluminum beer cans baler is a good help […]
People create many different kind of waste trims every day. How to recycle these waste trims for reuse or proper disposal? Hence many waste recycling machines are helpful in whole process. Waste trim baler machine is one of the most important and popular machines.   What is the type of waste trims? Waste trims can […]
Paperboard is paper-based material which is thicker than normal paper. It is lightweight and easily to be cut and formed, but it is also strong. So it is widely used in packaging together with cardboard. Paperboard is also a good recyclable material. In paperboard recycling, many recycling machines like paperboard baler machine are available to make […]
Carpet padding is also popular as carpet cushion. It is the foundation for every residential carpet installation and plays the important role in the performance of new carpet installation. Carpet padding is placed underneath your carpet, helping to minimize the stress on your flooring, reduce noise, increase cushion for your feet, and control and minimize stains […]
Comber noil is a waste product of cotton. Noil is the short fiber from combing wool or spinning silk.  There are increasing demand for comber noils and flats. Hence comber noil recycling is already in process. How to store comber noil and transport comber noil? So comber noil baler is a good help.   Why […]
Sawdust is also popular as wood dust which is produced from cutting, grinding, drilling, sanding from wood. It can be used to make particleboard as it is composed of fine particles of wood. Also it can be used to animal bedding materials. Manufacturers use this in many ways. Since sawdust is a small particles of wood, […]

Drum Press Machine20/03/2017

When there is an excess availability we use drums directly from the source. In the other case, we obtain the needed and store for future use. The stored items should be cared for not to lose the actual quality from the source. Among the different methods of storing, the storage using the drums has been […]
Jeep SUV or jeep car is very familiar for us. Many people like it very much. How to deal with the scrap jeep tires? If the waste jeep tires are illegally dumped or stored improperly, it will have a threat to public health and safety. Hence this is very bad to our environment. If you […]
Lucerne is suitable for naturally alkaline and free-draining soils. It is much better suitable for the production of silage for daily cows, cattle or sheep. For specialist use it may be made into hay for the equine market which is alfalfa. Lucerne cutting, raking and baling are the three important process. Lusern baler or lucerne baler is the […]
Jumbo baler machine normally refers to large powerhouse balers which can compress large, thick or hard materials into tight bales. For ferrous materials, scrap metal recycling baler is a typical jumbo baling press machine. While for non-ferrous materials, fully automatic horizontal hydraulic baler can be considered as one of jumbo baler machines.   SINOBALER Jumbo […]
More and more people, more and more garbage! All we know landfill is an easy solution but will be no longer the best solution for this planet. Recycling becomes the popular as it saves natural resources as well as environment friendly. There are many different waste materials and many popular waste materials already have their […]
The agricultural fields employ the usage of several activities, which tend to create a lot of waste materials. The usual waste materials generated in an agricultural field include hay, excess grass, straw, crop, marsh hay, and many others. These can be treated in a proper manner to maximize the utilization of the agricultural waste materials. […]
Many small or large-scale industries make use of compactors, which are efficient machines for the treatment of waste materials. Also they enhance recycling of the waste byproducts. The compactors are also popular in several names like balers, baling machines, baling presses, as well as compressing machines. They make use of the energy-efficient techniques to reduce the […]
What is RDF and RDF line? Refuse derived fuel (RDF) is a broad fuel concept which consists of many different wastes including commercial, post-industrial and post-consumer waste. Plastic packaging materials like plastic film, PET bottles, paper industry rejects, high-caloric plastics, wood waste, and other mixed waste are common input materials to produce alternative fuel pellets. […]
All we know nonwoven fabric is one of the oldest and simplest textile fabric. Nonwoven fabrics are products made of parallel laid, cross laid or randomly laid webs bonded with application of adhesive or thermoplastic fibers under application of heat and pressure. Nonwoven fabrics use some percentage of recycled fabrics and oil-based materials. The strength […]
Do you have a whole box of old jeans or denim clothes? Most of them will say yes or at least they have some denim related stock. Do you ever wonder how to deal with these waste jeans or old denim clothes? Actually we can recycle waste jeans or denim clothes in many different ways. […]
What is stretch wrap? Stretch wrap is a kind of plastic film and commonly made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), low density polyethylene (LDPE), linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), or polypropylene (PP) resins. They often pack products together for internal delivery and external shipping purpose. Stretch wrap is a common waste typically in large quantities […]
What is forage? Forage is the plant materials that are eaten by animals especially grazing livestock such as cows and horses. It can be pasture, crop residue or immature cereal crops. It also can be available in a loose plant cuts for fodder. The main activity of a forage baler is to compress such as plants. […]
What is Polyethylene film? In today’s competitive marketplace, packages manufacturers are under increasing pressure to satisfy varied. Plastic film, in many instances, has allowed manufacturers to meet varied marketplace demand by enabling them to do more with less. Plastic bags and plastic wraps make up the category “plastic film”. This includes everything from grocery and […]
Copper is the most commonly popular material in plumbing and piping, as well as in electric and building industries as concerns wires, house ornaments, rain gutters, sewage systems, and so on. Recycling scrap copper  is good for the environment. When sorting out your copper tubing scrap for recycling, scrap copper tubes baler is a good help. What […]

PET Scrap Baler18/01/2017

PET or PETE is a technical name of our daily used product polyethylene. It also has a scientific name Polyethylene terephthalate. The name can be less known to us but it has multiple uses of our life.  In domestic needs as well as in commercial use, his product becomes very famous since a long time. […]
Aluminum, cardboard box, paper waste, plastic bottles, waste tires, rags and other metals are common recyclable materials. But only aluminum is 100 percent recyclable as it is a durable and sustainable metal. Most of the rigid aluminum packaging recovered from the waste stream is used to manufacture new aluminum packaging. Recovering aluminum from recycling not […]
Waste materials are created and increased day by day. How to recycle them to further uses? This question is answered by many different solutions. Waste recycling baler is one of the solutions in waste recycling industry. What is a Recycling Baler? A recycling baler is an electronic baling machine in waste recycling industry. It is […]

Small Balers04/01/2017

Small balers are mostly popular in small scale recycling facilities. It is with small footprint and most of them are vertical balers. Due to its limited space requirement, it is also a popular and necessary baling machine for each ship. Do not let its size deceive you. Small balers are evidence that big things come in […]
What is the difference between hydraulic powered garbage compactor and pneumatic powered garbage compactor? The incessant use of the natural resources poses a threat to their depletion at a faster rate. Moreover, when the resources are consumed fully and are unfit for further use, they are either burned off or are dumped in the landfills. This […]
Paper Baling System – A Dependable And Cost Cutting Way To Recycle Used Paper Today with the help of advanced technology almost every place of work whether it is government or private, low or medium or big are making their places free from paper and using the electronic devices for keeping data. This useful step […]
Understand the Difference Between Square Baler ( Rectangular Baler ) And Round Baler ( Cylindrical Baler ) Ever thought of the utilization of the waste grass or the agricultural waste like hay, paddy, flax straw and grass? The best treatment method of the agricultural waste materials includes the use of balers. The balers are effective […]
How Can Businesses Earn Benefits with the Use of Barrel Compactor? With the growing population and pollution levels, it is a high time that we start looking for alternative ways to reduce the waste production and save the Earth’s natural resources. Mostly, the wastes come from the industrial, agricultural and domestic use of various materials. […]
Is Scrap A Headache For Your Industry? Every industry produces tons and tons of waste on a constant basis. The waste includes steel pieces, aluminum pieces, plastic, paper, cardboard, rubber, cables, as well as paper etc. The disposal of this waste possesses a real challenge for these industries. Because their transportation to the dumping site costs a […]
Make Use of Big Baler to Minimize Waste Generation How the world wishes dearly to get rid of the waste materials? Waste production is a serious concern governing the entire world’s population due to the hazardous effects it has on our planet. The huge amount of waste the human civilization has to deal with is […]
Baler is a revolutionary invention in recycles industry. In every industry, balers left their importance since years. There is almost every product can be baled with this machine. And among all of them paper or cardboard is a famous one in baler industry. This might be available in domestic areas as well as industrial areas either […]
Solid waste compactor, what are they? What is a solid waste? Why we need a solid waste compactor? Whatever things we throw out in the garbage are the one named as solid waste. It can be anything from a small needle to that of the rusted iron bars. They are the cause of the land […]
As the human civilization has grown, it keeps on leaving its trails for the future generations. One of the most prominent effects left by the humans on this planet is the increasing amount of pollution, which is also supposed to have devastating effects on the upcoming generations and the Earth. However, to curb the menace […]
Don’t store PET Bottles – Reuse them by a PET Bottle Baling Machine PET which stands for polyethylene terephthalate. This is also known as PETE. This is the one which is available in every industry more or less. They use it for packaging, decoration, temporary field and much more. Among all of them, PET bottles are […]
How often have you wondered what to do with the cans left after a party night? Has the disposal of juice cans always been a troublesome work for your restaurant?  Do you want the emptied soda cans in your home should take less space in the dustbin? Well, Aluminum can compactor is all that you […]

Paddy Straw Baler11/01/2017

Gaea, Magna Mater, Mother Earth, Terra Firma, call it what you wish, is precious to us.  The land on which we live provides food for the table and fodder for the stable. Once the crops are harvested the residual straw that remains on the soil has to be removed in quick time and the earth […]
When you look at the topic a lot of you have wondered what is a freaking plastic baler? They are the plastic baling machine which is used in reducing the size and shape of the plastic waste that are used for plastic recycling. These plastic balers have a lot of demand across the world. A […]
It is a common phenomenon to observe people getting confused between the related terms ‘baler’ or ‘bailer’. Though they might sound similar and pronounced exactly in the same manner, yet these are completely different things. They both have specific functions and compositions to offer as the services to the world. Let us have a review of what […]
Wheat straw is a product of agriculture, which is an actually dry plant of a wheat tree. Every year people let the grains and stalks left on the field. After drying the plants the cereal plants used for making of fuel, basket, cow shed and last but not the least as a food of livestock. […]
Business without garbage or rubbish cannot imagine. Before start a business all must go through many environment examinations. In every manufacturing, retail or any other business left the huge amount of garbage to our surrounding every year. So the need to clear garbage became an unsolved problem. Many business entities solve this problem in their […]
The agricultural lands make use of the efficient technique of baling the waste products or the hay materials to maximize their productivity and outputs. The hay products like the grasses and shrubs including alfalfa and clover; are baled or recycled using the alfalfa baler by many farmers nowadays. Many farmers make use of the technique […]
Single cylinder baler or single ram compactor, what is it? In a waste management, cost cutting plays the important role like in any other fields. Lots and lots of techniques and strategies have been introduced and followed to promote effective cost cutting. Waste reduction is one such technique which is proved to be successful and […]

Green Fodder Baler13/11/2016

Green Fodder: Farmers use green fodder to feed their cattle that include cows, chicken, pigs, etc. It is a kind of food that farmers have to make for them that is not the typical grass and hay on which they feed. Green fodder carries a great importance for the domestic livestock. So green fodder recycling […]
What is a baler? A baler, in general, is a machine, which helps in reducing and recycling the waste materials like a plastic, paper, metals. They reduce the total size of the waste materials, thereby reducing the transportation charges and storage cost. So CE certified baler is a popular baler which proves the baler quality. […]
Granulated Paper: It is a kind of paper that has a rough surface and used in different fields. As we can understand from the name, it has small granules on it that make it rough. Many companies use it to pack different articles like sugar and tea as a sugar bag or tea bag whereas […]
Technology and science have been advanced to a greater level. Therefore, It is the need for machinery in any industries including the waste management. Grinders, balers and lot more machines have been introduced and used up to date. Vertical waste compactor and horizontal waste compactor have a unique and important place among all the others. […]
Double the Waste, Double The Box: Wastage can be found in any form, metal scraps, plastic waste, paper waste and so on. They have been increased alarmingly in the recent past. The problem is not the waste but the disposal of them. A lot of machinery have been developed and implemented for converting them. Double […]
Beverage Can: Different sodas, teas, and beverage companies use beverage cans that are made of metal and are hard. Beverages Can have used overall the world at large scale. However, has anyone noticed that where they go once people use them and throw them away? Or how do different companies use them again by recycling? […]
Hank: Hank is a part of yarn whereas yarn is a long string of interlocked fibers used in various ways like knitting and sewing. Hanks have different sizes depending on the material used. Companies sell yarn in the form of a hank as it has a specific length and weight. In this case, hank yarn […]
What is a Baling Machine? A baling machine is a machine that helps in making the bales. A bailing machine is a useful and a handy appliance that people use at larger scale. The ideal bailing machine is the one that has reasonable baler capacity. This baling press machine helps to compress the size of […]
Introduction – Vessel garbage compactor: Some mini waste compactor is manufactured especially suited for use within marine environments. i.e. vessels. We always called them vessel garbage compactor, marine baler or marine garbage compactor.   A good vessel garbage compactor Vessel garbage compactor can be fixed on the ship in order to meet wastes disposal of logistics and […]
Waste Minimization Solution – Drum Compactor As the world is advancing towards technological applications in almost every field. There has also increased the need to maintain a balance for the same. As innovations keep taking place, there is a heightened need to curb the waste generation and the exploitation of the Earth’s natural resources. Each […]
Fiberglass and Fiberglass Baler: Fiberglass is a material made by mixing of different components or composite material and used widely in different fields. In other words, you can say that composition of individual glass fibers in different forms. Automotive industry uses fiberglass these days in making different parts of the vehicles especially sports cars. As […]
Large Baling Machine: A bailing machine is a useful and a handy appliance that people use at larger scale. This machine helps to compress the size of different waste products. For example, waste of rubber products occupies a lot of space, and one wants to move them from one place to another. He will only […]
Baler machine is a machine that people use to wrap tightly different products made from different materials like rubber, paper, cotton, etc. The baler helps to reduce the size and prepares different articles to transport or for shipping and storage. Different baler machines are useful in the process of recycling as they compress huge bulk […]
Rubber Baler Rubber is a material that has a certain lifetime, after that it expires. After its expiry, the rubber starts to break down in pieces whether it a tire or something other product made of rubber. At this stage, a certain rubber product is of no use. The only way to utilize the expired […]
Wasting the waste The labor usage has been decreased at a considerable rate compared to the last decade. This is due to the innovation and development in the technology. There are even machines for removing and recycling the waste. One among such is the scrap cardboard baling machine, which helps in reducing the transportation stress […]
Our day-to-day activities lead to the generation of a large amount of waste. Some of it can be easily degraded while some others are not easily decomposed. The biomass waste is the one, which can be decomposed easily. However, such kind of waste gets generated by us on a daily basis in large amounts and […]
When we crush the sugar cane to get the juice, the fibrous substance that left behind is bagasse. Bagasse looks as waste but it is of a great importance. People use it in different ways and get many benefits. One can use bagasse in making pulp and biofuel. Another surprising benefit of this fibrous matter […]
With the widespread increase in the amount of waste being generated, there is a heightened need to curb the same. Owing to the rising population and pollution levels, the human race has completely depleted the natural resources, many of which are on the verge of getting fully famished. This puts a great burden on the […]
In last century, the production of many non-biodegradable products has picked up. The consumption of such products has also picked up at a very fast pace. Now the environment faces another sort of problems. The production of non-biodegradable wastes from production houses and consumer households has skyrocketed many times over. The problem of waste management […]
Fully automatic horizontal balers are more and more popular for large amount of waste compressing purpose. Because it is more efficient and cost saving in labor. Automatic single ram baler is the most common automatic baling machine in waste recycling world. But how does automatic twin ram baler work? SINOBALER manufactures both automatic horizontal balers and […]
Fully automatic baler is the ideal baling solution for big amount of waste materials compacting purpose. If you have large amount of waste materials or your worker labor cost is very high, fully automatic horizontal balers for sale is always your right choice. Automatic horizontal balers for sale in SINOBALER SINOBALER as the top end China […]
Baler for sale in different baler manufacturers has different type of balers for your choice. They may have different designs in structure and different component brands. SINOBALER as a reputable baler manufacturer, offers a complete line of baling machines for sale. Waste baler for sale in SINOBALER Based on different waste baler for sale by […]
In many manufacturing businesses, a big amount of money is paid to deal with the internally generated waste like scrap packaging, production scrap, etc.  So we have very good reasons to use cardboard baler. To reduce the transportation and storage cost for those waste, it is very necessary to invest a cardboard baler to neatly […]
Industrial wiping rags are mostly recycled from scrap textile such as bedsheet, towels, bathrobes as well as second hand clothing. After selection of suitable texture of material, the textile material will be cut into wiper sizes. It is ranging from 30cmx30cm to 50cmx50cm with any labels, buttons and zippers removed. Such wiping clothes absorbs different […]
Why flax shavings baler is popular in flax shavings recycling? Flax is a type of annual herb and natural plant fiber. And it mostly grows in cooler areas in the world. This plant is widely used to be made into textiles and linseed oil. In addition to this, flax shaving bedding has become a bi-product to […]
There are many specific baler related common terms or phrases that baler suppliers or users commonly use. Here is a list of such common terms with our explanation and hope this glossary is also helpful to you if you are new to baling machines: Baler related common terms  – Different baler names • Vertical baler: […]

TMR Feed Baler10/08/2016

Why we need a TMR feed baler and how to choose a right TMR feed baler? TMR is the abbreviation of Total Mixed Ration which is the food for dairy cows. It is quite a mature feed technology that mixes coarse material, high concentrated food, mineral substance, vitamin, protein supplements and other feed additive together […]
Why should mattress be recycled? Why you need a mattress baler in mattress recycling? According to statistics from Nationwide Mattress Recycling, in the United States alone, there are nearly 4.5 million mattresses and 4.5 million box springs getting discarded every year. In the past, old mattresses are disposed in landfill, but due to mattress’ bulky […]
Tetra Pak is the popular packaging container you can find in supermarkets which are used to pack juice, beverage, milk, and other similar liquid food. This kind of packaging can isolate from the light and oxygen completely. It also protects the food inside the container from being contaminated by bacteria, so it is aseptic packaging. […]
Why we need a water cooling system baler or air cooling system baler? One major problem associated with hydraulic baling machine is overheating. Heat is generated by energy losses and it also could kill the hydraulic system. When the hydraulic oil’s temperature reaches 82°C, most rubber seals will be damaged and oil degradation speed is […]
With the fast pace of work and life in modern society, more and more people choose take-away food or drink which generates large volume of soft packaging waste. When throwing these waste into recycling bin, it is important to distinguish whether the rubbish belongs to recyclable range or non-recyclable range so that you can throw […]
Whether you just purchased a new baler or just made a decision to buy a baler, you should think about the baler installation preparation and get everything prepared before the machine arrives at your facility. The delivery time for the baler may be short and may be long depending on different situations and baler type. […]

Stockroom Baler24/06/2016

Stockroom baler also called warehouse baler, internal waste management baler or stock room compactor, refers to the small footprint baling machine applied in convenience stores, supermarket, office developments, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, department stores, drug stores and even vessels. Most stockroom balers are vertical balers for small footprint and low ceiling purpose. Stockroom baler greatly reduces […]
Cardboard is the most recycled materials in the world and cardboard baler is widely used in cardboard recycling. How to select a good cardboard baler manufacturer or cardboard baler factory for your cardboard baling purpose? Here are some tips about how to choose a right cardboard baler factory? Point 1: manufacturing experience and technical strength […]
How to recycle cardboard with hydraulic cardboard balers for sale? Six steps to show how to recycle cardboard with hydraulic cardboard balers for sale Step 1: select a professional baler manufacturer Baler manufacturers are around the world but different baler manufacturer has their own strength and weakness. European and American baler manufacturers are featured with high […]
Baler safety is always the first and most important thing to be considered when operating and maintaining a baler. How to prevent injuries or accident when you are using a baler? Here are a few tips about baler safety that we would like to share: 1. Must keep all the machine safety guards in place […]
Once some clothes get worn or out of fashion that are no longer be used, there are a few ways to reuse or recycle old clothes. Some recycling machines like clothing baler can help during old clothes recycling. 1. Old clothes can be donated to charities or some poor places like schools in some remote […]
A baler machine compresses loose recyclable materials into dense and regular shaped bales. Baling brings multiple benefits to the recycling business. The neat and tidy bales not only reduce storage space, but also saves transportation cost because after baling more materials can be loaded into a container or truck, as compared to the loose ones. Baling machines […]
Using a cardboard baler to compress your cardboard waste into tight bale is definitely a good baling solution for cardboard recycling in transportation and storage. How to choose a right cardboard baler for your cardboard baling purpose? Cardboard Baler Bale Size and Bale Density are important in your decision to purchase a right cardboard baler. […]
Mini baler or small baler is the ideal baling solution for small-scale recycling business. It has less cost and less space required. So normally it is a manual baler. Such mini baler or small baler can also be applied in many waste materials incl textile, cardboard, paper and plastic etc. Small baler machines in SINOBALER […]
People who are involved in recycling industry and waste management business may confuse the waste compactor and waste baler difference. Sometimes they regard waste compactor and waste baler as same one because both of them have the compressing process to reduce the volume of materials and save transportation cost. But what is the difference between […]
 What is two ram baler? Two ram baler is also called dual ram baler, double ram baler, two cylinder baler, dual cylinder baler or double cylinder baler. It refers to the baling machines equipped with two cylinders. We can also have vertical two ram baler or horizontal two ram baler. It has wide applications incl tire baling, […]
SINOBALER as a professional baler manufacturer, often needs to check with each customer for their power supply requirement in each baler order. Customer can decide which power supply they need and we will apply the required power supply in our baler manufacturing. 380V baler is the most popular one in our baler selling history. 400V […]
What is the stock baler? With years of experience, most baler manufactures will consider to have some popular model balers in stock. In Sinobaler, we always try to have some hot baler models for stock baler. For example, we prefer to have some regular marine balers in stock. This can meet the very short delivery […]
Cardboard is one of the most popular recyclable materials in the world. Baling cardboard into compact bale is an important step during the cardboard transportation and storage. As such, cardboard baler or cardboard compactor is your right cardboard baling machine to choose. Before making a decision to invest a cardboard baler, cardboard recycler should be […]
Material feeding is the first step to make bales in a baling press machine. Feeding by hand is a very slow and labor cost way. It is usually used for vertical balers and small volume of waste material handling. However, most recyclers need efficient ways of feeding instead of manual feeding. SINOBALER baler feeding systems […]
Plastic bottle is almost everywhere in our daily life. Water, soft drinks, milk, cooking oil, medicine, shampoo, motor oil, ink etc. are normally packed with plastic bottles or containers with various sizes. There are many different types of plastic material made into plastic bottle depending upon application, such as HDPE, LDPE, PET, PVC, PP etc. […]
Baler quality is always No.1 concern of buyer when deciding to invest on a baling machine. Baler Machines usually are of high value and it is a long term investment that will serve for many year, so it is very important to make sure investing on right machines. How to identify baler quality? As a […]
When you have a baling requirement, will you choose to buy a customized baler or standard baler? A customized baler is a baling machine that baler manufacturer tailors baler incl specification and components based on customer’s unique needs. A standard baler is a baling machine that is within baler manufacturer’s current product range and regular […]
Due to the feature of high resistance and durability, steel wire is a most common type of tying material for baling machines in anywhere of the world. However, if not operating properly, steel wire may get broken during baling process or after bales are made, which subsequently increase recycling cost. To save cost, recyclers are […]
A baler (also known as baling machine) is a piece of equipment which is used to compress loose recyclable materials into regular shaped and dense bales facilitating storage and logistics handling. There are two basic types of baler machines available which are vertical baling machine and horizontal baling machine. The fundamental difference between these two […]
Occasionally, we have customers asking us “Do you have any used balers or refurbished balers?” Yes, the question ‘buy new baler or refurbished baler’ should be answered when customer has a baling requirement. Lower cost is the main advantage of buying an used baler or disadvantage of buying a new baler. However, there are more […]
With all the countries in the world becoming a global village, international tourism and trading are getting more and more popular. As a result, air transportation has become one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. Like any other industrial sector, the airline industry is also confronted with many environmental problems. According to NRDC’s (The Natural Resources […]
Rice husk is a waste product from rice milling industry. It is the outer shell of the rice and takes approximately one fifth of the rice by weight. Each year, the rice production worldwide amounts up to 700 million tons, and it generates rice husks approx. 140 million tons per year globally. With so high […]
Chip is a kind of quite popular snack food especially with children. And we know its package mostly is made of metalized film. But do you know why using metalized film to pack the chips and if it is recyclable? Metalized film recycling actually is necessary and we should learn to recycle these metalized film […]
When using conveyor to feed balers, most people will think of horizontal balers. It is true that vertical balers are usually with front loading door and need to be fed manually, but a vertical baler can also be built to work together with conveyor feeding system by making some modifications. As an experienced baler manufacturer, SINOBALER […]
Schools are just like small cities and towns generating large amount of various types of waste every day, from paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic, glass to organic waste and E-waste. Implementing waste recycling/ management programs in school have many benefits. First of all it helps protecting our environment. Secondly, schools need to pay for waste […]
If you are using an old baler press, and considering replacing with a new one, but not sure whether it is really a need to buy a new one as it is a big investment. What to look at if an old baler needs to be replaced? Here are some tips for you which may help […]
A baler is quite a necessary investment for recyclers. Because loose recyclable material usually takes up big storage or transporting space and are lightweight, you need a machine to compress these waste material into dense and uniform bales so as to reduce the volume and therefore save your cost as well as maximizing your profit. […]
When you are choosing a location for installing a new baler for your facility, you need to consider some factors which can help you build up a more streamlined recycling process. Here are some tips to show the things to think about before determining baler location. 1. The ground material needs to be firm enough […]
We often use these three words in recycling field and use them interchangeably. But in fact, they are not exactly meaning the same thing. You should know Cardboard, OCC and the corrugated difference. Cardboard which is most commonly used actually refers to the rigid and thick paperboard like packaging boxes. Corrugated material is referring to […]
Nowadays, to support efficient working processes in various corporations or organizations, substantial amount of resources including material or energy is used. In the meantime, large amount of waste is generated subsequently. According to statistics, more than 50% of the rubbish comes from offices and factories. Firstly you need to know what office waste is available […]
The universal waste recycling symbols are three folded arrows that form a triangle, with the head of one arrow pointing to the tail of the next. It was designed in 1970 by Gary Anderson, a student of University of Southern California, as part of a contest tied to the first Earth Day. The triangle in the […]
Waste is generated up to 1 kg per guest per night in most hotels. This is a huge amount when multiplied by the number of hotels all over the world and the number of guests. For a long time in the past, the hotel industry has considered themselves to be apart from other types of […]
If you are generating a considerable amount of recyclable waste daily or monthly, it would be a good idea for you to invest on one or more baling machines which can help press your waste material into uniform and compact bales so that you can spend much less on freight to transport these bales to […]
Nowadays, when you are shopping in supermarkets or grocery stores, you will often be asked by the cashier:” do you need a plastic bag?” or “ would you like paper or plastic bag?” It seems a simple question, but actually it would be a difficult choice for some people who has great environmental consciousness. People […]
Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)—more commonly known as trash, rubbish or garbage—consists of everyday items that are discarded by the public, such as food and kitchen waste, paper, glass, bottles, cans, toys, Tetra Packs, fabrics, clothes, batteries, electrical appliances, TVs, computers, construction and demolition waste, medical waste etc.. This waste stream comes from our homes, schools, […]
Sinobaler, as a baling machine manufacturer, we often receive such kind of question from our clients who are just starting to run a small-scale recycling business. What baler to choose for small-scale recycling business or a start-up recycling business? Steps of what baler to choose for small-scale recycling Well, usually you could firstly judge whether you […]
Generally speaking, a hydraulic baler is comprised of three major parts which are the machine body frame, the electric system and the hydraulic system. This article will focus on baler hydraulic system maintenance. Because it plays an important role in making sure of smooth and long-last operation of hydraulic baling machines. A baler’s hydraulic system […]
Almost all plastics are recyclable. According to its specific chemical components or resin type, plastic can be classified into many types. Recyclers need to sort out the plastic types before recycling. To make recycling much easier, SPI has established and published a coding system of numeric resin identification in 1988. That is a triangle shaped […]
Cardboard box, also named carton, is one of the most common packaging materials in our daily life. It is one of the easiest items to be reused or recycled. e.g. for moving your personal belongings from one place to another, for packing new appliances, turning them into many practical and creative home decors. If you […]
Sisal hemp is a common type of agave plants. It is a kind of perennial leaf fiber crops. Sisal fiber is the natural fiber derived from the leaves of the agave plant. This kind of fiber is fairly stiff, coarse and inflexible, and currently is widely used in various industrial fields. Sisal has the characteristics […]
Cardboard or paper tubes are widely used for holding toilet paper, paper towels, fabric, plastic tape, or even used as mailing tube, gift wrap. Do you know how to reuse or recycle these cardboard tubes after you use up the wound material? Cardboard tube recycling or paper tube recycling really make sense. Nowadays, many recycling […]
In our daily life, we can find metal scraps everywhere, from food containers to beverage cans, from door/window profiles to kitchen wares. Do you know what metal scrap can be recycled? What metal scrap can be recycled? You can recycle most of these metal scraps instead of throwing them away. Aluminum and steel are the […]
When talking about waste recycling, we are often asked for suggestions on how to make the waste recycling more profitable and more environment friendly. But how to improve waste recycling? Here are some tips which may help you: 1. Know what can be recycled and what can be accepted As you know, not all waste […]
Baler is a machine that takes in loose materials and compress them into a block which is further strapped up to maintain the shape. Such regularly shaped and strapped blocks are referred to as bales. They are easy to be stored and moved around with pallets and forklifts, greatly facilitating storage and logistics processes. Categorized by […]
Fertilizer bulk bag is typically made from Polypropylene and used as low cost packaging material. It is good for transporting fertilizer in various forms such as granules, pellets, powders, flakes thanks to its features of moisture-proof, mould-proof, flat surface, easy to pile up, light and so on. Sometimes, these fertilizer bulk bags are also named […]
Waste tires are always called “black pollution”. As a great number of waste tires are generated every day, it results in vast scrap-tire disposal sites in many cities. Scrap tire disposal will cause many problems to the environment as well as human beings’ health. The abandoned tires stored in the disposal sites after long time […]
Stevia plant is a small herb of South American origin, almost all the parts of the plant tastes sweet, but mainly it is concentrated in its leaf part. Stevia leaves have been used to sweeten teas and beverages throughout South America for centuries. With no calories, no carbohydrates and very little bitter after taste, stevia […]
Cottonseed hull is the outer covering of cottonseed. It is one of the by-products of cotton seed oil extraction process. Being low in protein, calcium, phosphorus and energy and high in fiber, cottonseed hull serves as an excellent digestive sources for livestock. It is one of the best roughages used to add bulk to diets […]
What is the paper type? There are many types of paper in waste recycling industry. According to its different functions, it can be classified as for example printing paper, writing paper, drawing paper, electrical insulating board, cigarette paper, industrial and technical paper, packaging paper, etc. Also we can often see many professional abbreviation for certain […]
Along with the increasing growth of population and GDP, the production and living garbage also increases rapidly. The large amount of urban waste generated becomes a big headache. Garbage disposal technology to solve the living garbage becomes a more and more important. To recycle these urban waste not only can save the space of landfill, […]

Baling Silage14/05/2015

In agriculture field, baling silage is a very common technology of volume reduction. The forage silage technology is to silage the chopped forage under the condition of seal and hypoxia, and then let it ferment and keep the forage juicy, and keep it long time stock. What is the advantages of baling silage? There are […]
A grocery store is a retail store that primarily sells food like meat, fresh produce, dairy, baked food as well as canned and packaged food. Whilst a supermarket is in larger scale, offering a much wider selection of both food and non-food items such as clothes, kitchenware, household cleaners, pharmacy products, pet supplies, etc. How […]
Plastics can be found everywhere in our daily life. You can find plastics in packaging, building and construction, transportation, medical and health, electrical and electronic, agriculture, and sports and leisure etc. Since most of plastics can be recycled, it is increasingly used in many aspects. Plastic recycling is more and more popular. So it is […]
Cardboard recycling plays a major role in waste recycling field. People all understand the importance of cardboard recycling but few people know how cardboard is recycled or the processes of cardboard recycling. 8 Steps of cardboard recycling Step 1 – answer the question “which cardboard can be recycled” Most cardboard can be recycled but not […]