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Swivel Twin Lifting Chamber Baler

  • Swivel Twin Lifting Chamber Baler
  • Swivel Twin Lifting Chamber Baler
  • Swivel Twin Lifting Chamber Baler
  • Swivel Twin Lifting Chamber Baler
  • Swivel Twin Lifting Chamber Baler
  • Swivel Twin Lifting Chamber Baler
Recycle clothing, used clothes, textile waste, fabric textile, rags etc.


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The Swivel Twin Lifting Chamber Baler stands out with its cutting-edge and contemporary design within the range of Sinobaler’s textile balers and used clothes balers. Its state-of-the-art engineering sets it apart as a versatile and efficient solution for textile waste management. It goes by various names, including Lifting Chamber Baler, Chamber Opening Baler, Swivel Twin Baler, and Twin Box Baler.

This innovative baler features two interconnected baling chambers attached to a central pivot. Distinctively, this baler boasts a twin-chamber structure that operates in synergy with a central pivot. One chamber takes charge of efficient material loading, while the other performs the crucial tasks of baling, compressing, and strapping. This synchronized dual-chamber mechanism ensures an optimal balance between loading and processing, revolutionizing work efficiency in the textile waste baling process. As each bale reaches its desired compression, a responsive signal triggers the automatic lifting of the chamber. This ingenious feature promptly signals the completion of the baling cycle and signifies that the bale is ready for subsequent wrapping and strapping, reducing downtime and streamlining the operation.

What truly sets the Swivel Twin Lifting Chamber Baler apart is its ability to leverage the best attributes of both the Lifting Chamber Baler and the Twin Chamber Baler. This amalgamation creates a groundbreaking solution that redefines industry standards. The result is a machine that not only excels in efficiency and effectiveness but also prioritizes user-friendliness and labor optimization.

For textile waste exporters or dealers in pre-owned clothing, this baler offers an expedited and simplified approach to producing meticulously wrapped and cross-strapped bales. The Swivel Twin Lifting Chamber Baler represents a seamless convergence of innovation and practicality, ensuring that your baling process aligns with the demands of the modern waste management landscape.

Baling Application:

This versatile baler is suitable for secondhand clothes, towels, used shoes, rags, fabrics, textile fibers, and other textile waste.

For inquiries about our pre-existing model or to explore custom baling solutions tailored to your specific needs, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Be sure to also explore our range of shredders to complement your waste management strategy.

Model Bale size Bale weight (for used clothes) Throughput Strapping
Length Width Height

700 mm

(27 inch)

400 mm

(16 inch)

300-700 mm

(12-27 inch)

25-80 kg (55-176 lbs)

25-30 bales/hr

PET strap, steel wire, hemp rope, etc.

Main Features

arrow feature Dual-chamber Structure
for carrying out loading and baling synchronously to increase working efficiency
arrow feature Lifting Chamber
for easy operation and promoting work efficiency
arrow feature Cross Strapping
for making tight and neat bales
arrow feature Availability for Bale Wrapping
either plastic bags or sheets can be used as the wrapping material, protecting the textile material from getting damp or stained
arrow feature High-density Bale
Platen keeps on pressing until pressing force reaches the maximum pressure value pre-set, making sure the material is thoroughly pressed
arrow feature Electric Controlled
for easy operation, simply operating on buttons to run the machine