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Aluminum Alloy Frame Baler

Baling aluminum is an important part of many businesses’ recycling efforts. This is because aluminum is an incredibly “reusable” material, and also because it is so versatile. You will find aluminum everywhere, from buildings, engines (particularly cylinder blocks and crankcases, as they don’t add as much to the weight of a vehicle), window frames, walls, ceilings, and a myriad of other places. That’s not to mention everything made with aluminum alloys (which are metal that is predominantly aluminum.). Aluminum alloy frame baler is a good help in handling large amount of aluminum alloy frames.

The popularity of this building / manufacturing material – combined with the desire (and profitability) involved in recycling it - means there’s a lot of aluminum scrap in almost all commercial / manufacturing industries. But that’s not all. The versatility of aluminum means that the scrap takes on a myriad of shapes and sizes. It poses an issue for those that deal with the scrap. Simply put, a scrapyard cannot plan for any one configuration of aluminum. There could be sheets, bars, engine blocks, furniture, etc – all of which need to be compressed by a baling machine. So any baling equipment needs to be able to handle almost anything fed into it.

Aluminum Alloy Frame Baler in SINOBALER

SinoBaler recommends our heavy duty dual ram vertical baler to handle your scrap aluminum. This is a substantial aluminum alloy frame baler machine with dual ram design available in seven different options, and can produce bales in size 1100*700*(300-950) mm or 1520*760*(450-950) mm. Hydraulic driven chamber door is optional for you to promote work efficiency compared with the traditional hand wheel door opening/locking device. You can also choose from single door or multiple doors opening design. If the standard baler models cannot meet your requirement very well, customization is always available to tailor a machine that suits your specific baling needs.

Sinobaler can help you choose which size baling machine is best for your needs. Below are some technical specifications and other information for you to peruse. In addition, if you have any baling questions, simply contact us, and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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