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380V Baler or 415V Baler, Which Power Supply You Decide

SINOBALER as a professional baler manufacturer, often needs to check with each customer for their power supply requirement in each baler order. Customer can decide which power supply they need and we will apply the required power supply in our baler manufacturing. 380V baler is the most popular one in our baler selling history. 400V baler, 415 baler, 220V baler or any other power supply baler, you decide!

How to choose power supply (like 380V baler) when buying a new baler?

Different countries and different workshops have their own power supply requirements. SINOBALER has exported our baling machines to over 90 countries. We have much experience to know which country carries what kind of power supply. But we still need to have a double check with each customer for power supply confirmation.
380V/50Hz/3Phase baler are the most popular one and they can be applied to many countries in the world, for example United Arab Emirates, Spain and Russia.
415V/50Hz/3Phase baler is also common and they can be applied to some countries like Malaysia, Australia and United Kingdom.
440V/50Hz/3Phase baler can be applied in some countries like India.
220V/60Hz/3Phase baler can be applied in some countries like Mexico.
240V/60Hz/3Phase baler can be applied in some countries like Canada
For United States, there are several power supply balers. For example, 208V/60Hz/3Phase balers, 220V/60Hz/3Phase balers, 240V/60Hz/3Phase balers and 480V/60Hz/3Phase balers.

Will the new baler price be different for different power supply?

Normally the price for different power supply balers are almost same. For some customized power supply components, the customized price may be a bit different.

How is the new baler delivery time for different power supply?

Normally the popular power supply balers’ delivery time will be shorter than other customized power supply balers. Because baler manufacturer always has some stock for regular electric components. Also it is easy to source popular supply power components like 380V/50Hz/3Phase motor.

What power supply details should be provided when purchasing a new baler?

Baler manufacturer needs to know the nominal voltage, frequency of current and number of wires to make a new baler.

If you have any electric power supply questions for your new baler, please feel free to contact us at and our professional electrical engineer is ready for help.

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