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Steel Drum Crusher

Packaging is an important part of every manufacturing. You need to give same attention as you give to manufacture and to market. One of best packaging or container that we are talking about is gallon steel drum. These steel-made drums are available in different sizes. Out of them, 55 gallon steel drums are mostly used. These cylindrical containers are used for the huge amount of shipping. For industrial use, these bulk-sized gallons are proved as an ideal container. These containers are mainly used for transporting of chemicals, oils, foods, liquor, raw materials etc. 55 steel gallon drums have of 33.5 inches height and inside dimension is 22.5 inches diameter. These large drums are made to carry approx 200 liters on contents. The benefits of this type of barrels or drums are very common and dependable. They are manufactured to be applicable to the product that will be carried in. Its nature of rolling, open headed usage, two-headed usage, reuse facilities made it more famous. Steel drum crusher baler is a good solution for waste steel drums.

Why to use 55 gallon steel drum crusher?

These huge usages of steel gallon make human being to use it and after the certain time it becomes useless and needs to destroy them. But these large dimensioned drums are big in sizes and that demands a large place to store them. If you can’t use those drums you need to find the way to destroy them or recycle them. This job of crushing big gallons is next to impossible without taking help of 55 gallon steel drum crusher. They are designed to crush the drums within a couple of minutes by giving huge pressure by the machine itself.

Types of 55 gallon steel drum crusher

There are many crushers available depending on work culture, sizes, prices, motor types etc. Remote drum crushers are also available in a market. Here some of 55 gallon steel drum crusher’s types are mentioned like Hydraulic drum crusher, Portable Hydraulic drum crusher, manual drum crusher, Pallet rack drum crusher, Stackable Drum rack crusher etc. Some of them combine with wheels so that it can be moved as per requirements. Some of them have the capacity of crushing one at a time, some have the capacity of two and some have a capacity of many numbers of crushing at a time. These can be operated manually, semi-manual or fully automatic. This user-friendly machines are helpful for lower your wastage numbers in very short time.

Benefits of 55 gallon steel drum crusher

A 55 gallon steel drum crusher is designed with the technology of crushing the whole drum in very small size. So that can be the move to desire place against the very low carriage. Though wastage gallons are used for maintaining traffic, crafting, artificial drain etc., but to reuse of this steel gallons to make the same product again is very valuable and significant too. Because in business point it is highly appreciated to lower the manufacturing cost by reuse the same material, more of it we all aware of the limitations of nature.

So, if you have the business of steel gallons or using this 55 gallon steel drum as the carrier of your product, you must have an ideal 55 gallon steel drum crusher of your own. To know more about the machine or to find the right machine according to your use contacts us.


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