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ABC Baler Machine

What is ABC baler?

ABC baler refers to aluminum beverage can baler. It is used to press the aluminum beverage cans into compacted bales. ABC baler has different types, such as vertical type, horizontal type, manual type, semi automatically type, fully automatically type, etc. Also each type of them has different models based on machine sizes, press forces, outputs, etc. When we are looking for an ABC baler, we need to consider the quantity we need to handle to confirm the capacity of the machine and the bale size/weight we expect to confirm the size of the machine. If you do not large quantity of aluminum cans, a vertical long stroke baler is quite suitable because combines baling and draining in one step and also it is cost effective.

For some ABC balers, the bales produced by them can even stand up by themselves and without tying. As we all know that, most of the aluminum beverage cans bales need to be tied with steel wires in case of breaking up after compacting. For the ABC balers which are with the features of tying free, they are normally with three cylinders and can press the aluminum beverage cans in three directions. 

Why we need ABC baler?

ABC baler is the necessary compacting machine in aluminum recycling. Aluminum is a valuable recyclable material. The aluminum is the leading material of nonferrous metal in many aspects, such as reserves, output, usage amount, etc. The cost of getting the aluminum from the ore is very high and the process also consumes a lot of energy. So the recycling of aluminum material and its finished products is of great significance to save resources, shorten the production cycle, protect and improve the environment.

Since aluminum beverage cans are hollow material, using an ABC baler for compacting can save the space for storage and the cost during transportation. 

During the process of recycling, a very important process is re-melting the aluminum beverage cans. Feeding the aluminum beverage can bales into the gas-fired rotary furnace for melting directly can greatly improve the efficiency.

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