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Agricultural Film Baler Machine

What is agricultural film? 

Agricultural film is a thin sheet of plastic film for filming or covering things in the agricultural industry. Farmers use agricultural film to film up silage and hay bales. They also use agricultural film to mulch fruits and vegetables in the fields, as well as cover the greenhouses. Using agricultural film helps farmers cut costs and better preserve their harvests. There is a big amount of waste film, and an agricultural film baler is a helpful machine during waste agricultural film’s recycling. 

Why should we recycle agricultural film? 

Improper disposal of waste agricultural film produces harm to the environment, which is widely known as “White Pollution”. White pollution not only affects nature’s beauty but also leads to health hazards. Landfill is not a long term solution, because the degradation cycle of current plastics is at least 200 years in general. Furthermore, most agricultural film is made from polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) and are recyclable. It makes great sense to recycle waste agricultural film.

Why use agricultural film baler? 

The silage films, sheeting, bags and other agricultural film wastes are bulky. It is troublesome and costly to handle and transport if not compressed. An agricultural film baler machine can compress the loose and bulky agricultural film into uniform sized dense bales. Neat and tidy bales not only reduce storage space, but also reduces transportation cost, facilitating the further recycling process of agricultural film. 

Buying agricultural film baler from SINOBALER

SINOBALER provides various types and sizes hydraulic baling machines for handling agricultural film waste. We cover the full range of vertical and horizontal bale presses large or small. You can choose a suitable model based on your expected bale size or bale weight, as well as based on the volume of waste agricultural film. We can also customize machines to suit client’s specific requirements. If you are looking for agricultural film baler, contact us for the optimal baling solution for your needs. 

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