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Water Cooling System Baler vs Air Cooling System Baler

Why we need a water cooling system baler or air cooling system baler?

One major problem associated with hydraulic baling machine is overheating. Heat is generated by energy losses and it also could kill the hydraulic system. When the hydraulic oil’s temperature reaches 82°C, most rubber seals will be damaged and oil degradation speed is accelerated. Whatever water cooling system baler or air cooling system baler, a suitable cooling system brings a number of benefits as below:

1. Extended lifespan of hydraulic oil and other components
2. Longer lifetime of the hydraulic system
3. Increased hydraulic system’s availability and efficiency
4. Improved equipment productivity
5. More machine operating time and fewer shutdowns
6. Reduces service and repair costs

What is the difference between water cooling system baler or air cooling system baler?

Air and water cooling systems are the two most common cooling options for hydraulic balers. Air-cooled systems use flowing air to dissipate heat. The merits of air cooler are more compact design, simple maintenance, no water-contamination problem, minimized corrosion possibility. But the downside of air cooling system are more expensive price, higher noise and affected cooling capacity by ambient temperature.

Water cooling systems use water to remove heat. Compared to air-cooled systems of equivalent capacity, water-cooled systems are cheaper. They’re also quieter and has better cooling consistency as the variations in ambient temperature basically won’t affect its cooling capacity. However water cooling system takes up some extra space as it requires a separate cooling tower and consumes clean water. Other demerits include risks of water-contamination, erosion and higher maintenance requirement.

How to choose a water cooling system baler or air cooling system baler?

The optimal cooling option is decided by taking in consideration of various aspects, such as user’s working environment, ambient temperature, adequacy of water supply, budget for the baler machine etc. While you are not sure which cooling option is better for you, please feel free to contact SINOBAELR for a professional recommendation.

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