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Alfalfa Hay Baler Machine

Baling alfalfa is a normal work for every farmer who owns a cattle. Because alfalfa is the excellent feed for the cattle. How to make sure the quality of alfalfa? So it is very important to control the moisture which cannot be too low or too high. The most economical alfalfa is high in palatability, digestibility and protein. Harvesting alfalfa with as little leaf loss as possible is the key to making premium hay. Using an alfalfa hay baler to bale the best moisture level alfalfa is a good solution to keep the quality.

The process of alfalfa harvest, cut and baling

Normally alfalfa needs about 28 days to grow up and mature. You can have many ways to cut alfalfa. For example, using a sickle mower to lay down the alfalfa and a disc bind to put alfalfa in a window are both fine. After cutting the alfalfa, you need to wait for a few days to let it dry out. Then you can choose a baler which can be round baler or rectangular baler to bale the alfalfa hay.

How to select the right baler? The baler which can retain leaves as many as possible in the bale is a good choice. Normally round baler is more aggressive than rectangular baler. So there are more loss by round baler because they repeatedly tumbling and wrapping the package. Also high density bales have more economical trucking and storage. It is better to leaves alfalfa hay bales a couple of days to allow them to dry a little more. Of course, farmer will balances alfalfa harvest labor cost, baling equipment cost and storage cost in whole process.

Alfalfa hay baler machines in SINOBALER

The most popular large alfalfa hay baler in SINOBALER is the fully automatic horizontal baler. You can choose both single-ram automatic baler and L-type two-ram automatic baler. If you only have medium size of baling output needs and want to bag the bale, our baling and bagging machine is also a good option.

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