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Alfalfa Hay Compressing Machine

Alfalfa is the good food source for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, gerbils, prairie dogs, cows and other herbivores. You can feed alfalfa together with vitamin and mineral fortified feed to make sure animals receive complete essential nutrient. Normally at least alfalfa can accounts for 20% of the total diet. But how to keep the best moisture level alfalfa? Compressing alfalfa into a dense bale is a good solution to keep alfalfa quality. Then alfalfa hay compressing machine is your right solution in this case.

Alfalfa Hay Compressing Machine in the market

The compressed baled alfalfa hay was fed to animals. However, compressing alfalfa hay will not affect forage quality but increase the ease of handling and shipping. Also it can minimize the storage space. So it is popular in the farm after alfalfa harvesting. Alfalfa compressing or baling is not difficult. You can have some choices for different type of compressing machines in the market. Below are some popular alfalfa hay compressing machines for sale:

1. Heavy duty baling and bagging machine

This type of compressing machine achieves compressing and bagging in one machine. Also you can have conveyor to assist you to feed materials and bag the bale at the bale exit. So it is easy to have a alfalfa hay bales with package which is convenient for direct sale.

2. Single-ram fully automatic horizontal baler

This is the traditional fully automatic alfalfa compressing machine. You can release manual work from material feeding to hopper and bundling the bale. What you need to do is to collect materials to conveyor and then wait the bales coming from the exit.

3. L-type two ram automatic horizontal baler

This automatic baler features with its flexible wire tie system. It can avoid possible problems during wire tying and twisting in traditional automatic baler. So you can improve the compressing efficiency and reduce cost and time in maintenance.

So Contact SINOBALER for your most suitable alfalfa hay compressing machine today.

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