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Aluminium Can Baler Machine

What are the benefits of aluminium can package? Nowadays, beverage and food manufacturers are using more aluminium cans as packaging material. Used aluminium cans take up the largest portion of processed aluminium scrap. Why aluminium can package is getting so popular? Why aluminium can baler is popular in cans recycling? Here are some facts showing the benefits of aluminium packing:

First of all, aluminium cans are safe to human body. They do not rust, resistant to corrosion, and protect the flavor of food well. Aluminium cans deliver 100% protection against oxygen, light, moisture and other contaminants.
Secondly, aluminium cans are lightweight and easily stacked. This provides storage and shipping efficiencies. Even though, they are light weighed themselves, they can withstand the carbonation pressure required to pack soda.
Last but most important, aluminium can is recycled over and over again without any loss to quality. Most UBC (Used Beverage Cans) scraps are manufactured back into aluminium cans.

How aluminium cans are recycled?

Aluminium is the second most popular metal, and aluminium can is the most recycled consumer product in the world. Aluminium cans recycling is a closed-loop process, the used beverage cans are mostly recycled to make new soda cans again. The major recycling procedure is as follows:
First step: recycling facilities pick up and collect used aluminium soda cans and transport to treatment center.
Second step: shredder machines shred the waste cola cans into smaller pieces. De-coater machines remove the coatings and inks on the aluminium.
Third step: furnaces melt down the small aluminium pieces into ingots.
Fourth step: rolling mills reduce the thickness of ingots to a thin aluminium sheet.
Fifth step: can manufacturer uses the aluminium sheet to make new cans

Why should we use aluminium can baler machine in aluminium can’s recycling?

Discarded aluminium cans are small and loose, hence it is easy to handle in an efficient way. A aluminium can baler machine can compress the loose and individual pieces of waste tin cans into uniform sized dense bales. Neat and tidy bales not only reduce your storage space, it also reduces your transportation cost. You can certainly load more bales into a container or truck, as compared to the loose ones.

At SINOBALER, we offer different sized baler machines to suit customers’ varied baling needs. For small operations, either the long stroke or mini balers are ideal. They are both vertical balers that compress aluminium cans into manageable bales and are both simple to operate. For large needs, horizontal balers are good choice and we offer manual-tie and auto-tie horizontal baler options depending on your baling capacity requirement. We have designed our aluminum can baling machines to suit for their job. The built in liquid drainage channel can collect residual liquid from the used cans and hence help keeping your working area clean and safe. The long stroke cylinder makes sure of fully and effective compaction of each hollow item.