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Aluminum Can Baler For Sale

About 70% of aluminum cans are in recycling. And aluminum cans are in high demand. Most of aluminum cans are holding beverages like sodas, beer and energy drinks. So the aluminum industry gains billions of dollars profit from the recycling. This really saves enough energy and resource. But how to recycle aluminum cans waste? Many recycling machines like aluminum can baler and aluminum can shredder can help. The aluminum can baler for sale in the market is a necessary compacting machine for transportation convenience and cost saving purpose. Aluminum can shredder is a size reduction machine to shred aluminum cans into small pieces.


Aluminum cans recycling in daily life

Previously most grocery stores can take aluminum cans and give you the refund directly. Now it is easy to find people to collect these aluminum cans scrap. Aluminum cans recycling can save almost 70% energy for producing new aluminum cans. So recycling aluminum cans is a way to make money.


Aluminum can baler for sale in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has several type of aluminum can balers for different baling requirements. Mini aluminum can baler is the smallest baler and baling output is not much. So it is only suitable for a recycling start or some spaces with very limited space like vessels. Long stroke aluminum can baler is the most popular vertical aluminum can baler machine. The long stroke design can make sure the compressing is thorough so that aluminum cans can be baled into the dense bales. Manual-tie horizontal baler is a good choice for medium size baling requirements if you do not have enough budget for fully automatic horizontal baler. For large amount of aluminum cans baling, the two-ram automatic horizontal baler is your ideal option.

So just tell us your exact baling requirements. SINOBALER professional engineering and sales team will tailor your need and recommend the most suitable baler machine for you within 24 working days.