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Aluminum Can Press Machine In Aluminum Can Recycling

Cans can be aluminum cans, steel cans and iron cans. Obviously, the cost of steel cans is lower than that of aluminum cans. However, the benefits of aluminum cans are that they are recyclable. Even though the domestic recycling system is immature, the recovery rate of aluminum cans can still reach about 85%. Steel cans recycling is not feasible because the cost of recycling may be higher than remanufacturing costs. Iron cans are short hard jars and almost no recycling for it. Overall, aluminum cans scrap are valuable and most recyclable material in cans recycling. Many recycling machines like aluminum can press machine and aluminum can shredder are helping whole aluminum can recycling more efficient and cost effective.


Aluminum can recycling status in China

Aluminum cans are consumable container and they become waste after using. Therefore, China produces at least 160,000 tons of waste cans each year. In addition we import a small amount of waste cans from oversea countries. So we have a total amount of about 200,000 tons of cans scrap in China each year. Although most of the cans can be recycled, but the recycling is in spontaneous status and did not form a scientific system. Also there is no simple and economical solution to separate the different composition from aluminum cans. A complete and efficient aluminum cans recycling line is not available in China because it is not cost effective. Aluminum scrap is not enough and the collection is too local. Currently we only re-melt the whole aluminum cans to obtain the aluminum ingot aiming to contain more alloy components. So this kind of aluminum recycling is not completely efficient.


Aluminum can press machine in aluminum can recycling

Normally aluminum recycling has four steps: shredding or granulating, removing paint, baling, and melting. Aluminum can press machine is to compress aluminum cans into dense bales. Normally the imported aluminum cans are in dense bales. For domestic recycling, in order to increase the smelting recovery rate of aluminum, it is necessary to minimize the surface area of waste cans and reduce the burning loss. Therefore, packing and compacting aluminum cans into dense bales is a good solution. Here we need aluminum can press machine or aluminum can baler machine.


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