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Aluminum Chips Baler Machine

Why recycle aluminum chips?

Aluminum is an incredibly “reusable” material, and also because it is so versatile. You will find aluminum everywhere, from containers, vehicles, computers, cookware, transmission housings, radiators, buildings, engines,window frames, walls, ceiling etc. With the massive use of aluminum, there is a large quantity of aluminum scrap generated. Then recycling of aluminum produces significant cost savings over the production of new aluminum. It also benefits environment as recycled aluminum uses only 5% of the energy that would be needed for making new aluminum. An aluminum chips baler is a useful size reduction machine in aluminum’s recycling process.

How to choose a suitable aluminum chip baler? 

SinoBaler is a specialized hydraulic baler manufacturer in China. We recommends our heavy duty dual ram vertical baler to handle your scrap aluminum chips. This is a substantial aluminum chips baler machine with dual ram design available in seven different options. They can produce bales in size 1100*700*(300-950) mm or 1520*760*(450-950) mm. Also hydraulic driven chamber door is optional for you to promote work efficiency compared with the traditional hand wheel door opening/locking device. You can choose from either single door or multiple doors opening design.

For larger aluminum chip baling needs, horizontal balers are ideal choices. These horizontal aluminum chips balers are with top loading hopper, also you can easily load material with conveyor or forklift. Recycling centers often use a horizontal baler to compress aluminum chips scrap before sending them to the aluminum processing center. 

Buying aluminum chip baler from SINOBALER

Sinobaler is very experienced with exporting our balers abroad. Also all our machines are CE certified. With decades of experience with the aluminum chips baling, we can help you choose which type and size aluminum chip baling machine is best for your needs. So if you have any aluminum chips baling questions, simply contact us, and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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