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Aluminum Extrusion Profiles Baler Machine

Aluminum extrusion profiles are very common in industrial automation applications such as automated motion applications on process lines and industries throughout manufacturing. These profiles are versatile and ideal for use in building automation applications such as frames of the doors or windows, because they feature with high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, long service life, etc. More importantly, aluminum extrusion profiles are high recovery material. So large amount of scrap aluminum profiles are good recyclable materials for manufacturing new aluminum products. This is why aluminum extrusion profiles baling plays its essential role in size reduction. Because aluminum extrusion profiles baler is the compacting machine to press the waste or used aluminum extrusion profiles into compressed bales for easy handling and cost saving in transportation and storage.

Aluminum extrusion profiles baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER have two type of baling machine especially suitable for aluminum extrusion profiles. One is heavy duty dual-ram baler and the other is L-type two ram automatic horizontal baler.

Heavy Duty Dual-ram Baler is one type of vertical balers but it is with strong press force. Unlike the common vertical baler which with only one cylinder for pressing, the aluminum extrusion profiles baler is designed with two cylinders. So it is easy to understand that it can be with large pressure from 80 tons to 200 tons. Also the two rams design can keep the balance of the platen well and can protect the platen and rams from getting distorted. The opening of the chamber door is also customizable.

L-type two ram automatic horizontal baler is one type of fully automatic horizontal balers with flexible wire tie system. Compared with the heavy duty dual-ram baler, this machine is with much bigger capacity since the whole process is automatic. The normal L-type two ram automatic horizontal baler can press the material in two directions. But when it comes to bale aluminum extrusion profiles, it is better to equip an extra pre-pressing system on the machine to make sure tightness of the bale.

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