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Aluminum Scrap Baler Machine

What is aluminum scrap baler?
Baling machine is very common equipment in aluminum recycling field. We use this machine for compressing aluminum scraps. Auminum material has a lot of features. For example, low density, non-toxic, excellent electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc. And these features make the application of aluminum very wide. A lot of industries use aluminum products. For example, construction, transportation, household appliances, etc.. As a result, we generate large amount of Al scraps every day. Aluminum scraps mainly include Al profiles and Al extrusions. These scraps after baling become high density blocks. And thus transportation becomes more convenient and less costly.

Why we need an aluminum scrap baler?
Aluminum is one of the most typical metals. Waste aluminum products occupy a lot of space. Hence, using a baling press to compress aluminum scrap greatly reduces scrap volume. Compression ratio can reach more than 5:1. And bale density can reach above 350kgs/m3. With a baler, you can save a lot on transport cost. Without an aluminum scrap baler, reycling plant won’t find it profitable to recycline Al. Also, handling aluminum bales is much easier than loose aluminum scraps.

How to operate a baler for compressing aluminum scrap? |
1: place the scrap inside the machine’s chamber
2: operate the machine to move down the cylinder for pressing
3: Repeat steps 2 until bale height reaches your expectation
4: tie the bales and eject out the bale
We can either build the hydraulic pack seprately or on top of the machine. Advantage of the former is can better protect machine from vibrating. While the advanctage of the latter is smaller footprint.

Aluminum scrap baler in SINOBALER
Heavy duty dual-ram baling machine is mostable suitable for aluminum scrap. It is vertical type and very robust. Also, it is with very high pressure force like above 120T. Moreoever, the dual ram structure well protects the rams from getting deformed. For details, please refer to

If you also look for a shredder, you can refer to