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Animal Bedding Baler

With the widespread increase in the amount of waste being generated, there is a heightened need to curb the same. Owing to the rising population and pollution levels, the human race has completely depleted the natural resources, many of which are on the verge of getting fully famished. This puts a great burden on the Earth’s natural resources and the survival of the wildlife. Hence, the scientists from across the world are constantly trying to come with solutions for the minimization of the waste generation. Animal bedding baler is a good baling solutions for animal bedding materials.

Concept of Animal Bedding Baler

The concept of the animal bedding has become widespread in the recent years owing to the following reasons:

  • Re-utilization of the waste materials: As the amount of the generation of waste increases, it owes to be minimized. The process of landfilling and burning puts a considerable burden on the Earth. Hence, to curb the same; the concept of re-utilizing the waste materials has been invented. These waste materials can be converted into some other form or size to be utilized for some other purpose. The biodegradable wastes like wooden materials and other decomposable waste items are converted to the animal beds with the use of animal bedding baler.
  • Recycling: The use of the animal bedding baler enables the process of recycling. As the wastes are utilized for some other purposes, this enhances the recycling of these materials. In this way, the pressure on the Earth’s natural resources is lessened. This, in turn, saves the Earth from further depletion.
  • Advancement of Animal’s Life: In addition to the recycling benefits of the waste materials, the process of animal bedding with the use of animal bedding baler also enhances serves as a blessing to the life of the animals. The beddings developed by the use of the balers are made comfortable enough for the animals to thrive on.


The Application of Animal Bedding Baler

The process of animal bedding is carried out by the use of balers, which can process different types of materials including the following:

  • Straw waste materials like those obtained from cereal grains. The only limiting factor to the use of the bedding using these materials is that they can be prone to molds and can be dusty.
  • Wooden materials like the wood shavings, wood chips, and the sawdust can also be used for the bedding purpose by the use of animal bedding baler. These are, however, less prone to the molds. The only disadvantage of using these materials is that they cannot be easily composted.
  • Paper materials like the shredded paper particles, which provide the benefit of being absorbent. The animal bedding baler can use a composition of the mixture of several materials along with the paper to enhance the product.
  • Other materials also can be used for the bedding purpose by the use of the animal bedding baler. These materials include plastic, clay products and moss to enable the production of effective animal bedding.


Two type of animal bedding balers in SINOBALER

Scale Weighing Horizontal Bagging Baler: it equips with a scale function but needs manually feeding.

Heavy Duty Horizontal Bagging Baler: If you would like to feed material automatically, you need to choose heavy duty horizontal bagging baler type because this type can be connected with in-feed conveyor for automatic feeding.

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